Destiny 2 Error Code Cat but No Update

While accessing Destiny 2 after the update, a lot of players may be facing some issues if the update is  not a significant one and there are not any new features within. One of the errors that the players face is Error Code CAT. This error is not related to the bug or the game’s servers.

What does the Error Code CAT mean and how to fix this error? If you are now encountering the error code CAT in Destiny, you shouldn’t worry, as this post will show you a guide to fix the Destiny 2 error code CAT. Let’s see our post below!

Destiny 2 Error Code Cat but No Update

What Is the Cause of the Error Code CAT?

Currently, Destiny 2 has released a patch update that promises to solve some of the impending issues occurring in the game. You will find the Destiny 2 error code CAT when you launch the game. In other words, the error code CAT can happen if you try to launch the game without updating it to the latest one first.

You may think that the update has introduced a new error and messed up the game. The Destiny 2 Error Code CAT will be seen in a very specific circumstance as the game has gone down for maintenance and the servers are back online.

You definitely will see the CAT error when trying to launch the game after an update. Overall, the error code CAT is caused by the conflict between the client and the server version of the game.

The Steam Client will commonly auto-start the update or queue it for you to download. However, if you cannot see the update on the Steam Client, it will likely be caused as you were running the client when the update was pushed. To fix it, you can try to reboot the Steam client and you can see and download the update.

How to Fix the Destiny 2 Error Code CAT?

The Destiny 2 error code CAT will occur on any platform including  PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Since the error code CAT is caused by the game update, the only one way to fix this issue is to update the game.

Instead of fixing the issue, a lot of people may wait for the developers to give the solution. Sometimes, the developers are working on updates and rolling out the same after a few days. Because of that, the error code CAT may appear on your screen during that time.

The easiest and fastest way to fix the Destiny 2 error code CAT is to simply stop the game and let the update complete. If the game does not still launch, it may be possible it’s undergoing server maintenance, where the best action is to only wait for the servers to come back online.

Another way to fix the error code CAT is by restarting the game and waiting for the update to finish. Its system will automatically enter the correct CAT code. However, if the game does not launch after double-clicking, that’s because the game’s server is down for maintenance. Then, the players will be able to wait until the servers are back online.

Ways of Updating the Destiny 2 to Fix the Error Code CAT in Each Platform

Depending on which platform you use to play Destiny 2, there will be different ways to fix this issue. Here they are:

    • Microsoft

If you’re using Microsoft, you can manually update the game by going to the Microsoft App Store. Once you are at Microsoft App Store, you can just press the three dots located in the top right. You can select the Downloads and Updates. Then, choose the ‘Get Updates’ option.

As an alternative way, you can head toward ‘My Collection’ if you use the Xbox PC App. From here, you can choose Destiny 2 and choose ‘Update’. You can also toggle the option in My Collection to turn on automatic updating.

    • Xbox

To manually update tha game on Xbox, you can just go to ‘My Games and Apps’ from the home screen. After that, you can select ‘Manage and Updates’. Now, you can look for Destiny and choose it. Last, you can select the option that says ‘Update’.

After the Update is completed, you can then launch the game. If you still have the issue, you can try to restart your console. Go to Settings à Systems à Updates to turn on automatic updating. Make sure the ‘Keep my Console, Games & Apps Up to Date’ option is selected.

    • PlayStation

You may also need to update the game manually if the game has not automatically updated. To do so, you can head toward the ‘Games’ tab section on the home screen. You can then scroll over to Destiny 2. Then, hover over tha game icon.

You can also use your controllers to choose the ‘Options’ and then select ‘Check for Update’. After the update is completed, you can launch the game. If you’re still facing the issue, you can try to restart the console. You can go to your ‘System Software and Update Settings’ to turn on automatic updating and select ‘Download Update Files Automatically’.

    • Steam

On Steam, you also need to manually update the game by going to your games library. From there, you can see that there’s an update and you need to download. You may need to choose ‘Download’ and wait for the update to install.

After the update is completed, you can launch the game. If you are still facing the issue, you can restart Steam and go to the ‘Download Manager’ and choose ‘Only Auto-Update Games’ to turn on automatic updating.

Okay, that’s the step-by-step to update the game on each platform. Make sure to follow the steps to update the game, depending on which platform you’re using to play Destiny 2.

It’s important to note, the error code CAT will appear continuously on your screen if you don’t upgrade the latest version of the game. The game server commonly auto-updates to the most current version when you start the game, though this is not always the problem.

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