Dark Souls 3 Weapon Tier List PVE & PVP

Aside from having the most gorgeous skill to play Dark Souls 3 game, the equipment option, especially weapons, will also influence your gameplay. Of course, choosing the best and recommended weapons is a must-do for you. Thankfully, this game really offers plenty of weapons to mix and match that you can use for combat.

Before you are able to choose the best weapon, you should know the tier list first. Indeed, the tier list will give you a list of recommended and non-recommended weapons. With the good selection of the weapons, you totally will deliver the gameplay as well as possible. So, let’s see the Dark Souls 3 Weapon tier list below!

Dark Souls 3 Weapon Tier List PVE & PVP

Here’s a Tier List of Dark Souls 3 Weapon

S – Tier

The weapons in S -Tier  are the best of the best weapons that you should choose in Dark Souls 3. Trying to get one of them and use it for combat.

Weapon Name Type
Estoc Piercing Sword
Black Knight Glaive Halberd
Gundyr’s Halberd Halberd
Gotthard TS Straight Sword
Carthus CS Curved Sword
Washing Pole Katana
Oni and Uba Katana

A – Tier

The weapons in A – tier can be categorized as the good weapons. You can also choose them and use them in combat.

Weapon Name Type
Long Sword Straight Sword
Lothric Knight Sword Straight Sword
Anri’s SS Straight Sword
Moonlight GS Greatsword
BK Sword Greatsword
Hollowslayer GS Greatsword
Astora GS UGS
Carthus Shotel Curved Sword
Storm Curved Sword Curved Sword
Dark Sword Straightsword
Barbed SS Straightsword
Claymore Greatsword
Twin Princes GS Greatsword
Pontiff Curved Sword Curved Sword
Uchigatana Katana
Chaos Blade Katana
Exile GS Curved GS
Rapier Piercing Sword
Red Hilted Halberd Halberd
Halberd Halberd
Glaive Halberd
Dragonslayer SS Spear and Pike
Gargoyle FS Spear and Pike
Lothric Knight LS Spear and Pike
Ricards Rapier Piercing Sword
BK Greataxe G Axes
Claws Fist and Claw
Dragonslayer Spear Spear and Pike

B – Tier

The weapons in B – Tier are still good. However, you can try to choose and use the weapon in B – Tier if you have no the weapons in A – Tier even S – Tier.

Weapon Name Type
Broadsword Straight Sword
Lothric’s Holy S Straight Sword
Wolf Knights GS Greatsword
Farron GS UGS
Lorians GS UGS
Dagger Dagger
Bandit’s Knife Dagger
Corvian GK Dagger
Irithyll SS Straight Sword
Morion Blade Straight Sword
Sunlight SS Straight Sword
Profaned GS UGS
Lothric Knight GS UGS
Falchion Curved Sword
Sellsword TB Curved Sword
Warden TB Curved Sword
Crescent Moon Sword Curved Sword
Murakumo Curved GS
Pike Spear and Pike
Partizan Spear and Pike
Four-Pronged Plow Spear and Pike
Crescent Axe Halberd
Lucerne Halberd
Winged Knight Halberd Halberd
Witch’s Locks Whips
Old Wolf CS Curved GS
Carthus Curved GS Curved Sword
Irithyll Rapier Piercing Sword
Thrall Axe Axe
Butcher Knife AXE
Dragonslayer Axe G Axes
Yhorm’s GM G Axes
Great Club G Hammer
Large Club G Hammer
Spiked Mace G Hammer
Demon Fist Fist and Claw
Tailbone Spear Spear and Pike
Drang TS Spear and Pike

C – Tier

The weapon is C – Tier is not a bad choice. They can be an alternative when you cannot use the weapons in B – Tier.

Weapon Name Type
Tailbone SS Dagger
Rotten Ghru Dagger Dagger
Brigand TD Dagger
Shortsword Straight Sword
Wolnir’s Holy Sword Straight Sword
Cathedral Knight GS UGS
Greatsword UGS
Zweihander UGS
Shotel Curved Sword
Scimitar Curved Sword
Astora SS Straight Sword
Executioners GS Greatsword
Bastard Sword Greatsword
Firelink GS Greatsword
Flamberge Greatsword
Storm Ruler Greatsword
Dancer’s Enchanted Swords Curved Sword
Bloodlust Katana
Dragonslayer Axe Axes
Greataxe G Axes
Great Machette G Axes
Demon GA G Axes
Reinforced Club Hammers
Mace Hammers
Warpick Hammers
Darkdrift Katana
Black Blade Katana
Crystal Sage’s Rapier
Man Serpent Hatchet Axes
Battle Axe Axes
Eleonora Axes
Winged Knight TA Axes
Demon Fist Fist and Claw
Rotten Gru Spear Spear and Pike
Astor’s Spear Spear and Pike
Spear Spear and Pike
Winged Spear Spear and Pike
Immolation Tinder Halberd
Great Scythe Reaper
Blacksmith Hammer Hammers
Drang Hammers Hammers
Club Hammers
Morne’s GH G Hammers
Smoughs Hammer G Hammers
Old King GH G Hammers
Pickaxe G Hammers
Caestus Fist and Claw
Great Corvian Scythe Reaper
Pontiff Knight GS Reaper
Notched Whip Whips
Whip Whips
Spotted Whip Whips

D – Tier

The weapons in D – Tier are a bad choice for you. Better for you to try choosing and using the weapons in the previous tier.

Weapon Name Type
Clerics Candlestick Straight Sword
Broken SS Straight Sword
GS of Judgement Greatsword
Drakeblood GS Greatsword
Rotten Gru CS Curved Sword
Painting Guardian’s CS Curved Sword
Heysel Pick Hammer
Dragon Tooth G Hammers
Parrying Dagger Dagger
Handmaids Dagger Dagger
Harpe Dagger
Mailbreaker Dagger
Gargoyle Flame Hammer G Hammers
Vordts GH G Hammers
Yorshka’s Spear Spear and Pike
Soldering Iron Spear and Pike
Saints Bident Spear and Pike
Golden Ritual spear Spear and Pike
Great Mace G Hammers
Great Wooden Hammer G Hammers
Manikin Claws Fist and Claw
Greatlance Spear and Pike

F – Tier

These weapons are the worst and unusable. You have to avoid using them in the game as they cannot give any benefits.

Weapon Name Type
Scholar’s Candlestick Dagger
Dark Hand Fist and Claw

5 Best Weapon in Dark Souls 3 for PvE and PvP

The best weapons commonly will be useful and reliable if they are used either in solo/ cooperative mode, PvE, PvP, or also a combination of both. Because we cannot show you the Dark Souls 3 weapon for PvE and PvP, instead, we’ll show you the best weapons that you can use either in PvP mode or PvE mode.

Here they are:

  1. Lothric Knight Sword

Lothric Knight Sword

It can be obtained in the High Wall of Lothric,  the Grand Archives and Lothric Castle.

  1. Hollowslayer Greatsword

Hollowslayer Greatsword

Get this best weapon once defeating the Curse-Rotted Greatsword. You can also get it by crafting through Soul Transportation with the Soul of the Ritten Greatsword and 1,00 souls.

  1. Astora Greatsword

Astora Greatsword

You can loot this weapon off a corpse in the graveyard near the Cleansing Chapel.

  1. Claymore

Claymore dark soul 3-

You can get this best weapon at the High Wall of Lothric. It’s also dropped by enemies wielding claymores in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

  1. Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

You can get this weapon in The Ringed City DLC. To get it, you should defeat the Ringed Knight near the cathedral.

Well, those are 5 best weapons in Dark Souls 3.

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