Curse of Binding Minecraft Guide

Curse of Binding is a new treasure enchantment added to Minecraft in patch 1.11 that lets you curse an item in the game. You need to find the Curse of Binding through fishing, looting chest or also trading with villagers, as the treasure enchantments are not available through the use of the Enchantment Table.

As a rare enchantment, the Curse of Binding does not offer many benefits to the player. Many players suggest using this enchantment for trolling purposes, as you can force others to wear Armor that has Curse of Bindung, so they cannot remove it. So, let’s see our post below to find out everything about the Curse of Binding enchantment!

Curse of Binding Minecraft Guide

Using the Curse of Binding, Here’s How!

As a book enchantment, you can apply it to your armor manually. When applied, this treasure enchantment will bind your items to you. It means that you will not be able to remove that item from your armor slot. This enchantment will also  prevent removal of a cursed item from its armor slot.

For instance, when you are playing the game in Survival mode and you apply the Curse of Binding to your Chestplate, it will be impossible for you to remove that Chestplate from your player. As we’ve mentioned, this is a Curse Enchantment, so it will not give you many uses for the players.

After a cursed item is worn by a player in Survival Mode, the item cannot be removed until the player dies or the item breaks. You can then add the Curse of Binding enchantment to any piece of armor such as leggings, chest plates, helmets, boots or elytra using an enchanting table, game command or also anvil.

The Curse of Binding will take effect, and then you cannot take the item off,  after the cursed item is worn by a player. Level 1 is the maximum level for the Curse of Binding Enchantment. It means that you can only enchant an item with up to level 1 of Curse of Binding, and nothing higher for this enchantment.

Even though the Curse of Binding does not give many benefits to players, there are some applications in which the Curse of Binding enchantment will be more beneficial.

First, it may be possible for you to find an upgrade to your current armor in a survival mode, as this is a treasure enchantment. Although this is not ideal if you look for something like iron armor,  a survival game may cause you to think twice about not wearing the cursed armor. Moreover, the diamond armor with the Curse of Binding has only one drawback, so you cannot take it off to enchant it or also repair it later.

Second, the Curse of Binding enchantment also has wide applications for Minecraft mapmakers. It aims to have non-removable armor which can benefit mapmakers who want players to get certain items equipped every time.

Third, the players who are feeling vicious will be able to set up dispensers with leather armor enchanted with the Curse of Binding. In other words, the players without armor will be stuck in the worst grade of armor until the leather armor breaks or the player dies.

Getting the Curse of Binding, Here’s How!

As we’ve mentioned, the Curse of Binding is a treasure enchantment that can only be obtained by fishing,  looting the treasure chest and also by trading villagers for Enchanted Books. Because of that, it makes the Curse of Binding as one of the rarest enchantments that are available in Minecraft.

Moreover,  the treasure chests contain chest loot that is the chests that you can find in generated structures such as Temples, Villagers, Pyramids, Outposts and more. You can attempt to apply the Luck of the Sea Enchantment when it comes to fishing that increases your opportunity of finding treasure.

Applying the Curse of Binding, Here’s How!

In the case of applying the Curse of Binding, you are able to add it to your armor in Minecraft with an anvil. You can then put your armor piece in one slot. Then, place the Curse of Binding in the other to pull out your armor with the curse attached.

Aside from that, you can also craft an Anvil in Minecraft. To craft it, you can place 3 Iron Blocks in a Crafting Table along the top row. Then, put 3 Iron Ingots along the bottom row and an Iron Ingot in the centre slot.

Here are the items that you can create with the Curse of Binding:

    • Enchanted Book
    • Diamond Helmet
    • Diamond Chestplate
    • Diamond Leggings
    • Leather Boots
    • Chain Helmet
    • Chain Chestplate
    • Chain Leggings
    • Golden Helmet
    • Golden Chestplate
    • Golden Leggings
    • Golden Boots
    • Netherite Helmet
    • Netherite Chestplate
    • Netherite Leggings
    • Iron Helmet
    • Iron Chestplate
    • Iron Leggings
    • Iron Boots
    • Turtle Shell
    • Dyed Leather Cap
    • Dyed Leather Pants
    • Dyed Leather Boots
    • Leather Tunic
    • Leather Pants
    • Elytra

Okay, those are all items that you can create by using the Curse of Binding. So, make sure to create the item that you want with this treasure enchantment, so that you can equip yourself in the game with complete items. In the case of creating the items, make sure to create the items as well as possible.

Removing the Curse of Binding, Here’s How!

Keep in mind that you cannot remove the Curse of Binding from your items. Well, the only one way to remove it is by having your armor reach 0 condition or by dying in-game that causes it to break. The fastest way to remove the Curse of Binding is to place all your items in a chest, spend any experience that you have and then die.

It will cause the enchanted item to drop. However, you will need to wear the armor until it finally breaks if you are playing the Hardcore Minecraft. Additionally, there was a previous bug in which you can remove the Curse of Binding by repairing your armor in a Crafting Table. But, it has been fixed in the latest release.

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