Complexity Valorant Female and Roster

The popular game called Valorant keeps getting exciting. This one is not only for males. Right now, females also take a big role. The developer of the game, Riot Games, has put the female representation in Valorant esport as a main concern. They encourage the organizations such as Cloud9, TSM and Complexity to take a part in making it successful.

As one of America’s best and longest standing esports organizations, Complexity is clearly big. In order to compete with the upcoming competition called Valorant Champions Tour or VCT Game Changers Series 3, they announced that they have signed a GX3 female Valorant roster that people might know from the past Valorant tournaments for women only. The team finished second in the July event called Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Game Changers Academy. It is such a great team and it is named as one of the top women’s Valorant teams in the world.

Complexity Valorant Female and Roster

For those who are not really familiar with GX3, this was founded in 2002 by one of the members named Alice Lew or Alimonstr. She was the former professional player of Counter Strike and has won ESWC six times. She has worked to make her team get its own name and to be known among the Valorant community. She has the aim to advocate female empowerment.

Alimonstr said that she and her team strive to leave a lasting legacy on the esports world both competitively and culturally. She said that signing with a reputable and supportive organization like Complexity will not only equip the team with tools to enhance their performance but also a platform to kick start important industry conversations about instilling change.

Aside from Alimonstr, GX3 consists of Aniemal (Annie Lee), Maddiesuun (Madison Mann), and akal4ACE (Lacey Dilworth). Aniemal is not only a part of GX3 but is also currently a Valorant streamer and a content creator for Complexity. Maddiesuun was a part of the first all female Fortnite team called Team Bumble by Gen.G’s and she has a lot of experience in competing professionally and monitoring the younger gamers. As for akaL4CE, she might not have many experiences but she has a raw talent and she has shown an immense competitive potential that has earned her place in the GX3. In addition to these four, there is actually another team member that will be revealed later.

With a team that consists of both Alimonstr and Maddiesuun who are widely known among the esports community, Complexity is hoping for the best for them. The organization is aiming to give a contribution in giving women a chance. They will try their best to take actionable steps to help get rid of toxicity and team up with the charitable organizations in the future.

GX3 is named as the 10th active roster for Complexity across nine games, which is excellent. Every member of the team will earn access to the performance, health, and wellness tools at the headquarters of Complexity called the GSPC or GameStop Performance Center. In addition, they will also be facilitated with Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chairs when competing and training so they can do everything comfortably.

As stated before, Complexity is not the only organization with the female Valorant roster. TSM also has the female roster that consists of Cath (Catherine Leroux), LunarKats (Katherine So), mle (Emily Peters), Zoe (Zoe Servais), and Athxna (Mirna Noureldin). Among these fife, Cath has the best resume and she has achieved a lot of things in another popular game called Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO. She has previously joined Dignitas and then moved to CLG Red. Athxna and LunarKats are also popular and have earned a lot of achievements in the same game as Cath. Everyone in the team is an asset to TSM Valoant. The founder and the CEO of TSM named Andy “Reginald” Dinh said that TMS wanted the best players to build out their competitive Valorant presence and they found the team. He said that Cath is a veteran leader who has shown clear dominance in various matches since 2017. Athxna is also good at showing real prowess as a game leader. As for the rest, they have raw skill and potential for this team. Each of them is different and offers something unique to the table. The team has been joining in a few tournaments, including FTW Summer Showdown and Gen.G Valorant, proving grounds. Both LunarKats and Zoe reached the semi finals and finals in the event after that.

Guild Esports is the latest esports organization that announces the female Valorant roster. The team was previously known as Project X. From now on, they will be known as Guild X. Unlike the male Valorant team that consists of all Swedish roster, the female one is an international affair and it includes the players from the United States and Russia. They all include Cinnamon (Klaudia Beczkiewicz), Smurfette (Yagmur Gunduz), Glance (Anastasia Anisimova), and Kim (Sophia Benfakir).

Cinnamon said at the announcement that when they started looking for an organization to join they wanted somewhere that took them and their development as competitors seriously. She added that the Guild gave them total reassurance on that and that they would be able to create a legacy there. They are all so excited about Guild’s commitment not just to them but to the future of Valorant esports scene and they want to inspire more and more gamers to join in through the academy.

The CEO of Guild Esports named Kal Hourd said that since they launched their mission has been simple, which is to identify the most exciting talent in esports and bring them into the organization to give them everything they need to fulfill their potential. The team called Guild X is the definition of that and he sees in them all the attributes to success.

Despite being relatively new, Guild X have won the Women in Games Community Cup. After the event that has been mentioned before, they will take their part as the representation of the Guild at the all female VCT Game Changers EMEA tournament.