Codes for Southwest Florida Roblox 2021

On the platform of Roblox, you might have played a role playing mode game called Southwest Florida. Yeah… This is a game that is set around the Bonita Springs area. Within the game, there are a bunch of things that you can explore including getting a job, owning the vehicles and others that you can enjoy during your stay in southwest Florida.

To enrich your experience in playing the Roblox Southwest Florida, you can take advantage of the codes. However, you need to use the codes before they expire. Are you also looking for the working Roblox Southwest Florida codes? If so, let’s see our post below!

Codes for Southwest Florida Roblox 2021

Active and Working Codes for Roblox Southwest Florida

Recently, the developer of Roblox Southwest Florida has only released one active code. What is the code?

    • Fall: If you redeem this code, you will earn $50k and Hayunai Sonata N-Line.

Well, the ‘Fall’ is the only code that is currently released by Roblox Southwest Florida. We’re sure that the developer will then share more active codes, as they always release the Roblox Southwest Florida regularly and frequently. So, be patient and wait for the latest codes!

However, you need to avoid redeem those codes listed below, as they are expired. Here are they:

    • 100MIL: By redeeming this code, you would earn $150,000 IGC and a free Mustang GT500 (In Game Coins)
    • 50MIL: By redeeming this code, you would earn $100,000 IGC (In Game Coins)
    • RUFFLES: By redeeming this code, you would earn $150,000 IGC (In Game Coins)
    • 25MIL: By redeeming this code, you would earn $100,000 IGC (In Game Coins)
    • REVAMP: By redeeming this code, you would earn $50,000 IGC (In Game Coins)
    • EASTER: By redeeming this code, you would earn $150,000 IGC (In Game Coins)
    • 10MIL: By redeeming this code, you would earn $100,000 IGC (In Game Coins)
    • SORRY: By redeeming this code, you would earn $300,000 IGC (In Game Coins)
    • HAPPYNEWYEAR2021: By redeeming this code, you would earn $100,000 IGC (In Game Coins)
    • HAPPYHOLIDAYS: By redeeming this code, you would earn $50,000 IGC (In Game Coins) and also a free car
    • 1MIL: By redeeming this code, you would earn $150,000 IGC (In Game Coins) and a free Toyoto Camry
    • 100K: By redeeming this code, you would earn $100,000 IGC (In Game Coins)

Well, that’s a list of expired codes for Roblox Southwest Florida that you should avoid.

How to Redeem the Roblox Southwest Florida Codes?

Even though you do not get the active and working codes for Roblox Southwest Florida, you may need a guide of how to redeem those codes. However, redeeming the Roblox Southwest Florida is pretty easy for you, as long as you know how to do it.

To redeem the Roblox Southwest Florida codes, you have to launch the game first. Then, click on the ‘Play’ button to load the game world. Select the ‘Settings’ button located on the left side of the screen. After that, click on the ‘Twitter Codes’ to input the working codes.

It’s highly recommended for you to copy and paste the Roblox Southwest Florida in order to avoid the wrong input or also typos. Make sure not to type the codes manually.

How to Get the Latest Roblox Southwest Florida Codes?

Because the active and working code for Roblox Southwest Florida is only one available, you may want to get more latest codes for this game. However, you probably need to wait until the developer of the Roblox Southwest Florida releases some new codes to the game later.

But, you may also need to diligently look for the latest news of Roblox Southwest Florida, due to most Roblox game developers commonly releasing the code on their social media. To get more latest Roblox Southwest Florida, you can attempt following the social media channels of Southwest Florida developers.

Here are the social media of the Roblox Southwest Florida developers:

    • Twitter: @StrigidDev. This is the official Twitter account of Roblox Southwest Florida developers where they usually release the new codes.
    • Discord channel: Strigid Development. On their official Discord, you will get a lot of information, but they do not release the new codes here.

How to Play Roblox Southwest Florida?

If you really love to play an adventure game in Roblox, Southwest Florida is a great choice for you. This is a choose your own adventure roleplay styled game. The setting of this game is around the Bonita Beach Area that provides a large variety of unique activities that will suit all players.

Southwest Florida also provides a large selection of jobs for individuals to roleplay that ranges from Cafe Workers to Criminals to Club Employees, and the possibilities will be  endless. Southwest Florida is recently in beta and actively undergoing a lot of updates. The beta version also fixes this to create an enjoyable roleplaying environment.

Southwest Florida allows you to earn money by choosing one of many jobs on the available list. In this case, each job will have a unique set of ranks and also pay rates. Getting promoted with all jobs will give you the next rank. It also has a corresponding paycheck which can vary depending on what gamepasses you own.

Here’s a list of jobs that you can occupy:

    • CVC Pharmacy Employee
    • Cafe Worker
    • McBloxxers Employee
    • Bank Teller
    • FinTech Employee
    • Criminal
    • Apartment Concierge
    • Convenience Store Employee
    • Police Officer
    • Rift Driver
    • Unemployed
    • Mirage Employee
    • Seaside Bar & Grill Employee
    • Dealership Employee
    • Firefighter
    • Hospital Worker
    • Paramedic
    • Sheriff (Gamepass)

Here’s how to use the controls:

    • ‘V’ is used to toggle walk/jog, hold “Shift” to run
    • ‘E’ to upshift (‘X’ on Xbox)
    • ‘Q’ to downshift (‘Y’ on Xbox)
    • Use the ‘Shift’ key to control clutch while shifting (Use the ‘RB’ on Xbox)
    • While accelerating, hold left-CTRL to wheelie on a bike
    • Cops & criminals should enable PvP (bottom right) to do damage

Moreover, the Roblox Southwest Florida also added about 17 new vehicles into the game including a few remodels and limiteds. A lot of driveable vehicles can range from SUV’s to vehicles that are only obtained by using a Twitter code and even motorcycles.