CNN 10 Review for Teachers

Every teacher surely wants for their students to succeed. They will try to do everything that can help their students in achieving their dreams. Fortunately, there are a ton of ways that they can do for these students, especially with the advanced technology.

Just like teachers, the other parties also want the younger generations to succeed. One of them is CNN. One of the things that it has done is to provide the thing for students to learn. The name of this thing is CNN 10. With this, the students can learn from the 10-minute video. Besides, the teachers can also take advantage of it as the students will be smarter and have more knowledge.

If you are one of the teachers, you can also ask your students to consider CNN 10 to study a lot of things. Before anything, it is better for you to check out the review below so that you can tell whether it is good or bad for your students.

CNN 10 Review for Teachers



    • Grades: 7-12
    • Subjects and skills: Social studies, communication and collaboration
    • Best for: Media literacy, digital citizenship, evaluating media
    • Price: free
    • Platforms: Website

CNN 10 is the name of one of the features featured in the official website of CNN. With this, both middle and high school students can get news. The news is shared in the form of video. Every video is 10minute long. All the videos are able to be found on the CNN 10 homepage. Not only that, they are also able to be found on the YouTube page of CNN’s official account. On the page, the video of the day is shown followed by recent videos.

The main feature of CNN 10 is the daily news report reported by the popular broadcaster who is known for his high energy named Carl Azuz. This one is posted from Monday through Friday from August to May. All the segments include the news of the day. Besides, there is also background information. Every story has its own transcript. For the Friday stories, there is a weekly news quiz that consists of a total of 10 questions. All the questions cover the stories of the week. These students are free to print the quiz if they want.

How do teachers teach with CNN 10? With CNN 10, the teachers can ensure that their students know the current events without having to give them extra information or give them comments. This tool can be a starting point to do a lot of activities. For example, the teachers can post a discussion question of the day about the news topic. Then, ask their students to form a small group and talk among themselves about the way the story affects them. Just ask them to select a story that they find interesting and learn about it deeply. When the students are at home, ask them to watch some chosen videos and facilitate related projects in class. In order to promote collaboration and to give the students the opportunity to show their creativity, the teachers can ask these students to create their own news broadcasts about curricular goals. In addition, they can also promote media literacy by asking the students to compare the coverage done by CNN with the other coverage about the same stories done by the other media.

Pros and Cons

    • Pros:
      It covers solid, quick coverage of current news and the stories that are interesting.
    • Cons:
      It is full of ads, making the students distracted or linking them to unrelated or inappropriate content.


From Common Sense reviewer:

    • Melissa Power, a media specialist or librarian:


“In addition to world news, episodes include human-interest stories and an occasional 10-second trivia question. The news is delivered in a high-energy style that’ll appeal to teens.”


“The 10-minute broadcasts make an effort to stick to facts and avoid commentary. Though you’ll need to create your own lessons and supplemental materials, it’s a worthwhile addition to media literacy education.”


“CNN 10 is straightforward and clearly laid out. All videos include transcripts and offer closed captioning (including translation). You can also choose to participate in its YouTube community.”

From community:

    • Missy F, a classroom teacher:
      “I really enjoy using CNN 10 as a teaching tool in my class because it reinforces some of the topics we are covering in the 6th grade standards. One example is BREXIT. CNN 10 keeps my class updated on what is going on with this situation. I also enjoy that it is made for students rather than adults. It is “kid friendly” and leaves out the adult content. We also do it whole group because the students cannot access it on their one to one chromebooks.”
    • Eric L., a classroom teacher:
      “I use CNN Student News in my 8th grade American history classroom on a regular basis. We don’t watch it every day but some weeks might watch it twice or three times if we have a little bit of time at the end of class. My students enjoy it enough that they will ask if we can watch it if we haven’t watched it in a couple of days. The stories are engaging and good mix of national and international news. I have found that we often make connections to the American history curriculum to things discussed in CNN Student News shows we have watched.”
    • Theresa S., a classroom teacher:
      “Excellent! Next year I will be teaching world history and plan to use it again at the start of each class!”
    • Lori C., a classroom teacher:
      “Most of my students are engaged and enjoy watching the different stories. I like that the stories vary in topic and subject. The kids really like the 10 Second Trivia.”
    • Kristine N., a classroom teacher:
      “I love that this is available free, with no commercials, to students. I appreciate the way it connects kids to the news in a student friendly format. They love the 10 second trivia and the puns.”

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