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While you are enjoying your time playing the game named Old School RuneScape or when you are having a time on the community or forum, you might see a thing called Cerberus. What is that? Find out everything by reading the entire post.

About Cerberus

Cerberus is the name of the hellbound boss with 318 level. This one normally lives in her lair, beneath the Taverley Dungeon. Its lair is located in the cave entrance in the north east part of the hellbound area.

About Tbow

About TbowTbow stands for Twisted Bow. In the world of the game called Old School RuneScape, the Twisted Bow refers to a reward from the Chambers of Xeric. This one needs a Ranged level of 75 to wield. Any kind of arrow is able to be fired by it, including dragon arrows. It has a high value as it has the unmatched power against the monsters with a high magic level like Commander Zilyana.

Just like another bow named Crystal Bow, Twisted Bow has an attack range of 10 tiles. Due to the fact that each attack has a minimum of 10 range, there is no benefit of the long range. Nevertheless, it is still useful to gain Defense XP.


    • Release Date: January 5, 2017
    • High Alchemy: 2,400,000 coins
    • Low Alchemy: 1,600,000 coins
    • Destroy: Drop
    • Store Price: Not sold
    • Exchange Price: 1,184,155,363
    • Weight: 1.8 kg
    • Drop Rate: Unknown
    • Drops From: Unknown

Attack Bonus:

    • Attack Stab: +0
    • Attack Slash: +0
    • Attack Crush: +0
    • Attack Magic: +0
    • Attack Ranged: +70

Defense Bonus:

    • Defense Stab: +0
    • Defense Slash: +0
    • Defense Crush: +0
    • Defense Magic: +0
    • Defense Ranged: +0

Other Bonuses:

    • Strength: +0
    • Ranged Strength: +20
    • Magic Damage: +0%
    • Prayer: +4

Passive Effect:

Compared to the other bows with a set strength, Twisted Bow works differently. Basically, the higher the Magic level of the target is, the higher the accuracy and the damage of the bow. Here is the formula of the accuracy modifier:

accuracy, with the cap at 140

Below is the damage modifier:

damage , with the cap at 250 outside the Chambers of Xeric, and 350 within.

For your information, the maximum hit with the Twisted Bow outside of the Chambers of Xeric is 89 with the Dragon arrow and 99 Ranged. It is when using all damage boosting items and effects.

The thing named Twisted Bow is usually used to fight the bosses and the strong monsters that are accurate and have powerful magic attacks. These strong creatures include Commander Zilyana, Brutal black dragons, Chaos elemental, and the mages and Jads in Inferno and Fight Caves. Aside from these bosses that have been mentioned before, it is also effective to be used for some bosses with exceptionally high magic levels even if they are not using it as a combat style like Giant Mole.

On the other hand, the Twisted Bow is so-so if it is used against the monsters with a lower magic level. The damage and the accuracy outputs will be not that good. It is actually worse compared to Toxic blowpipe. The thing also applies to the other players in PvP cases.

Combat style:

    • Combat style: Accurate

Experience: Ranged and Hitpoints
Boosts: Accuracy and damage

    • Combat style: Rapid

Experience: Ranged and Hitpoints
Boosts: Attack speed by 1 tick

    • Combat style: Longrange

Experience: Ranged, Hitpoints, and Defense
Boosts: Atttack range by 2 squares

Cerberus and Tbow

Cerberus and Tbow
Some people have been wondering if Twisted Bow is effective to be used for Cerberus. If you are wondering about the same thing, there are several videos that you can find on the popular sharing videos named Youtube. One of the best channels that you can visit is called Mend. This channel has a guide video about Cerberus with Twisted Bow. This one was shared on December 29, 2018. Since the first time its release, it has gained 20,847 views and 53 likes.

According to the video, using Twisted Bow is the best way to kill Cerberus. As the preparation, you will need to bring the Ranging potion. One is fine but if you want to stay for a very long time, bringing two is recommended. Aside from the Ranging potion, you can also bring some other things, such as Anglerfish. For the things to wear, you can wear Turquoise slayer helmet, Armadyl chestplate, Pegasian boots, Archers ring, Amethyst arrow, Necklace of anguish, Barrows gloves, Assembler max cape, Spectral spirit shield, Bronze dart, and so on. If you want to be guided how to kill the Cerberus by using the Twisted Bow, it is better for you to watch the entire video because the visual works better so the chance of you understanding everything is high by watching the video.

The second channel that you can try to visit is called Smallexplamp. This channel has a video about the Twisted Bow at Cerberus. Basically, the intention of making the video is to test how good the Twisted Bow at Cerberus is. According to the video, Twisted Bow is pretty decent at Cerberus and it is such a shame that this one is a bit underrated. If you want to know the details, please visit the channel and watch the video.

In case you have something to ask, do not hesitate to leave a comment on the comment section under these videos. Even if the owner of the channel does not reply to you, the other viewers might be kind enough to help you. In addition, you can also visit the communities or forums related to the game to find out the answer of your question. You can try to make a discussion and hope for the others to join.

Apart from these two videos, you are recommended to dig more on Youtube so you can decide if the Twisted Bow is really effective at Cerberus before trying it. You can also dig the community and ask the members about their opinion. After you are sure, you can try to use it against the Cerberus.

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