Can You Leave Turnips Outside? in Animal Crossing

To earn a lot of Bells faster, you can take advantage of selling Turnips through the stalk market. This is a feature that comes back to the game to allow the players selling turnips to earn a profit. Even though the stalk market has a high risk and a number of problems within, but it’s a highly rewarding venture for players.

The turnips can be sold and purchased through Daisy Mae, even though the price of turnips will fluctuate every Sunday. Before you sell the turnips, you may need to store them in a very safe place to avoid the theft to steal your turnips. However, there are a lot of players who store their turnips outside, is it safe?

Can You Leave Turnips Outside

Can You Store Turnips Outside?

In the case of storing turnips outside, it’s all about your resignation. It means that if you are not worried about your friends and other players stealing your turnips, you definitely can store the turnips outside. It would be better for you to set your fence, as visitors cannot steal them because of fencing.

When you decide to store turnips outside, you may need to bury your turnips in the ground. However, this is the most effective and efficient way to avoid your turnips getting rot, as there’s nothing that can happen if you bury them. If you do this method, make sure to always remember where you bury the turnips around.

Keep in mind, your turnips will rot after one week. So, if you lose track of them once you put them in the ground, you cannot get your fresh turnips. Moreover, burying your turnips in the ground is the most common-sense option, especially if you buy and have a large number of turnips.

Can You Store Turnips In Your Home Storage?

Big NO! You cannot store your turnips in your home storage, just like what you do with the fruits. However, you can toss your turnips on the floor inside your home. When you store in this place, it will be safe for the week and will not rot.

You should know that your turnips will rot and go bad, if you have turnips and jump to or past the following Sunday. Instead, you can time travel with your turnips safely during the week you purchased them as long as you only jump a day or 2 ahead. Keep in mind, you cannot go back in time with your turnips.

To spot whether your turnips go bad or yet, you can smell and look at the raw turnips. If your turnips have an off smell or also appearance, you can throw them. You also need to discard your turnips if mold appears.

What Are Effective Ways to Store Turnips?

If you have so many turnips, you may  be looking for effective ways to store your turnips as safely as possible. As you know, your turnips will easily rot if you leave them after a week. Before you can sell them, you will need to store them in a very safe place.

You definitely have to sell your turnips before the following Sunday on any other day, as Timmy and Tommy will not buy them on Sunday. So, how to store your turnips effectively? Let’s have some methods that you can use to store your turnips effectively and efficiently!

Here are the best storage strategies to store your turnips:

Strategy 1: Store your turnips on the floor

The first time you take the turnips inside your home, you should store them on the floor in one of your house’s rooms. You cannot store them in your house’s inventory. However, putting your turnips on your house floor is not the most aesthetically pleasing way, as turnips have an ugly color and shape.

Otherwise, if you are interested in design, you can create a fun turnip-themed room to specially store your turnips inside your house. However, this may be a good long-term strategy if you are totally dedicated to the Stalk Market.

Strategy 2: Bury your turnips in the ground

As we’ve mentioned, burying your turnips in the ground can be one of the effective and efficient strategies to store them long-term. When you take this method, make sure to bury them in the ground where you can remember it a lot.

If you forget your buried turnips, you will get your turnips rotted and bad, so you cannot sell them through Stalk Market. Certainly, you really waste your bells to buy them, but you cannot sell them and get nothing. So, if you want to bury your turnips, make sure to always remember the spot.

Strategy 3: Create cool island design around your turnips

If you have a plan for keeping a lot of turnips, you can design a part of your island with turnips. You can also create turnips shrines in which you can praise the fickle god of the stalk market. However, the best thing that you can do with your turnips is to get creative, as it will give you the most fun of the things that make it frustrating.

Okay, those are some best strategies that you can take to store your turnips safely. For more information, you can store approximately 60 turnips that will take up a considerable amount of space. If it’s possible, the dedicated stalk market traders want you to have a whole room for turnip storage.

Can You Plant Turnips?

You cannot plant the turnips, as Animal Crossing does not allow you to plant turnips. The turnips can only be obtained by purchasing them at range price from 90 – 110 bells. However, you can only buy the turnips in a stack of 10.

If you have played Animal Crossing for a long time, you might know that the initial version of Animal Crossing allowed the players to grow turnips from seeds, but for the latest version of this game, there’s no option to plant the turnips.

Moreover, it also makes sense when you’re planting turnips, other players will easily pick your turnips, as planting the turnips will be done outside, right?