Can You Drink Too Much Coffee in ACNH

The big 2.0 update of Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH came with a pigeon barista named Brewster. He is in charge of managing a café called The Roost. This cafe is located in the museum of the island, which is different compared to the previous games in the series where it is a standalone location.

With this addition, you will be able to relax and enjoy a coffee with both friends. At the café, feel free to have some quality time with the other villagers, both those who are already on your island or the ones that you invite with amiibo support.

café called The Roost that is managed by Brewster

As mentioned before, there is a café called The Roost that is managed by Brewster. Just like any other attractions, this character also has to be unlocked first. In order to unlock this pigeon in this game, it is a must for you to visit Blathers first that is found in the museum. The idea of adding a café will be mentioned by him. However, the location of his friend Brewster is unknown. The only hint given by him is that he loves Gyroids. Is Brewster is not mentioned by Blathers, then you will have to open up more of your museum and further establish your island, including donating a minimum of one item for every area of the museum and having K.K. Slider visiting your island following a three star island rating. Not only that, you might also need to get a specific number of donations across all museum wings. Please try your best completing above and go back to Blathers and hope for the best.

To be able to find the Brewster in the game once he is mentioned by Blathers, you straight on a Kapp’n boat tour, the place where Gyroids can be found. Then, go to the pier of the island where Kapp’n will be waiting. To be taken to an island, please pay some Nook Miles to him.

On the Kapp’n island, you will be able to find Brewster wondering around. If you are thinking to go to meet Brewster by going to a Kapp’n island immediately without having to see Blathers first, then you are wrong because there is no way for Brewster to appear without it. Due to the fact that there is only a chance of you using a Kapp’n tour once a day, you are recommended to do so first to find Brewster as soon as possible.

Once discovering Brewster, talk to him and when you are done, go back to your island. On your island, you will have to go to the museum to give Blathers the good news. At the time, you will be aware that Brewster is making his way here forthwith.

It should be noted that Brewster and the café will not show up immediately. It is also unlikely for them to appear the next day as the museum where the café is located will be closed for renovations. Please wait for the day after that to get the café opened. The statement means if you confirmed that Brewster will be coming to the island on a Thursday, you are suggested to visit the café at least on Saturday.

After getting renovated, the museum will be reopened and the café will show up the stairs and to the left, as shown on the sign that is found next to the doorway. There will be multiplayer and amiibo inviting featured by the café. Your focus should be to develop your relationship with Brewster to make it possible for you to unlock the new features.

Can You Drink Too Much Coffee in ACNH

At first, the thing that is offered by Brewster is very little. On a stool, you can sit and order a coffee that costs 200 Bells. How much coffee that you can drink? It is allowed to drink coffee too much? According to EuroGamer, there is no limit as you are able to keep returning as many as you like. Even though you drink too much coffee, Brewster will still stay without saying a thing. While it sounds hopeless, you are encouraged to keep trying by visiting Brewster and having a coffee once each day. Actually, thing will get better day by day. The thing includes ordering take away coffee, the option to blow on your drink to cool it down, offer of adding pigeon milk to the coffee, and being gifted coffee beans and recipes. It can take between three and seven days for all the things mentioned before to happen. Once again, do not give up and visit Brewster every day to make him open up to you.

If you are wondering whether you can invite your friends and the other villagers to The Roost, fortunately, you can. In the café, some villagers will make appearance, just like in the museum, Nook’s Cranny and the other locations on the island. Remember that it is random. What makes it difference is that the likes of Isabelle can also appear from time to time.

It is actually possible for the other players to use your café in the game as long as they are using online multiplayer. Just like any other places, when the café is built, finding the museum on the map has to be done. Then, make their way over and situate themselves there. If you are dreaming for certain villagers or the other characters to show up in the café, they are actually can be summoned by using amiibo figures or cards, which is possible by using the amiibo station that is located on the left side of the café. By following the step, there is also a possibility for them to invite the other characters. For instance, when you invite Mabel, she might invite her fellow Able sisters named Sable and Labelle; when you invite Kapp’n, he might invite a few characters such as Leila, Grams and Leilani; when you invite Joan, she might invite someone like Daisy Mae.

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