Can Baltoy Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

You may come here because you wonder whether or not Baltoy can be shiny in Pokemon GO. Well, to know this answer, you are able to read this article until the end. So, let’s find out whether Baltoy can be shiny or not now.

Baltoy Can Be Shiny in Pokemon Go

If you wonder whether or not Baltoy can be shiny in Pokemon Go, the answer is yes. Baltoy is able to be shiny in Pokemon Go. According to the DBLTAP, Baltoy becomes the star of Spotlight Hour this Tuesday, September 14th 2021 from 6 pm to 7 pm. As a trainer, you are able to encounter this Pokemon in droves and it permits you to be able to find its shiny color palette.

Can Baltoy Be Shiny in Pokemon GO

In January 2020, Baltoy was released with the desert-themed Hoenn release. The shiny form did not see a release until that year’s Psychic Spectacular in March as explained in the DBLTAP. Shiny Baltoy must be easy to differentiate from its normal color palette. The main body of it which is tan takes on a more yellow hue and the red accents that it has turn turquoise.

Because there is Spotlight Hour, so trainers who want to catch a shiny Baltoy are lucky. However, the normal chance to catch a shiny pokemon is low. Nevertheless, you are able to increase your chances artificially because of the frequency of spawn for the featured Pokemon. According to the DualShockers, there is Double XP which will be available for getting a Baltoy during the Spotlight Hour on September 14th, 2021.

What Are The Differences Between A Shiny Baltoy and A Normal Baltoy?

You may be curious about the difference between Baltoy and Shiny Baltoy. Well, Baltoy has a much more brown colour palette and it has a lighter shade of brown for the body. It also has salmon pink accents around the eyes and stomach.


Now, how about Shiny Baltoy? This Baltoy has a much brighter palette. You will see that this Baltoy has an almost yellow tint and around the eyes and stomach, there is a turquoise accent.

shiny Baltoy

How to Encounter A Shiny Baltoy in Pokemon Go

According to the Screenrant website, here are the ways to encounter a Shiny Baltoy in Pokemon Go.

    • Running after each encounter

You do not need to capture every Baltoy that you encounter to find a Shiny Baltoy unless you want the candy. Let’s say that it is not Shiny, so the thing that you have to do is just run away and try the next one. By doing it, it will save a lot of time between encounters.

    • Incenses

The spawn rate of all Pokemon in the area will be increased with it. If there are more Baltoy that spawns, there will be better chances for you to find its Shiny form.

    • Lure Modules

It is the same as Incenses where this item can increase the rate of spawn of all Pokemon in the area. It is recommended for you to use this item when you are playing with a friend. It is because you are able to shift the responsibility between who activates the Lure Module.

    • Fast Capture Trick

You need to use the Fast Catch Trick if you are looking to collect double XP and more Baltoy candy. With it, you are permitted to skip the capturing animation while also giving you the rewards of catching the Pokemon.

The chance for you to encounter a Shiny Baltoy in Pokemon Go is 1 in 500.

The Date and Start Time of Pokemon Go Baltoy Spotlight Hour

When will the Pokemon GO Baltoy Spotlight Hour take place? It is on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021. The lime is limited where it takes place from 6 pm to 7 pm local time. It means that no matter where you live, the event will start at that time.

In September 2021, this is the first Spotlight Hour.

Preparing for Baltoy Spotlight Hour

It is important to prepare this Spotlight Hour because this event only happens in 60 minutes. Here are the preparations that you can do according to Dexerto.

    • You have to use your Pokecoins to purchase at least two Incense.
    • You need to clear out space in your Pokemon Storage Box for all the Baltoy that you will capture.
    • You have to bring a lot of Pokeballs with you so that you are able to capture a lot of Pokemon.
    • You have to collect Pokemon Candy for the Spotlight Hour Pokemon to evolve it.

The Bonus in the Pokemon Go Baltoy Spotlight Hour

In the Spotlight Hour which takes place on September 14th, 2021, you will get Double Catch XP as part of the event bonuses. This double Catch XP bonus can be applied to any Pokemon that you catch, not only Baltoy.

It is recommended to use an XP-boosting Lucky Egg during Spotlight Hours.

Evolving Baltoy in Pokemon Go

Do you want to evolve Baltoy in Pokemon Go? You may want to do that but you do not know the steps for evolving Baltoy. To evolve Baltoy into Claydol in Pokemon Go, you need to gather 50 Candy. So, you can think that the Spotlight Hour event is a good time for you to collect Candy because there are hundreds of Baltoy that you can catch. And even, you can get double XP for every catch.

About Baltoy

Baltoy is a Pokemon which is a Ground and Psychic type Pokemon where it has a max CP of 889, 77 attack, 124 defense and 120 stamina. Originally, this pokemon was found in the Hoenn region (Gen 3). This pokemon is vulnerable to several type moves such as Dark, Bug, Grass, Ghost, Water and Ice type moves. This pokemon is boosted by Windy and Sunny weather. The best moves which had by Baltoy are Confusion and Psybeam (4.46 DPS).

This pokemon is Generation 3 and it is non legendary. The base flee rate of Baltoy is 10% and the buddy distance is 3 km. The height of the pokedex is 0.5 m and the weight of the pokedex is 21.5 kg.