BTRoblox Firefox Extension

Using Roblox extensions like BTRoblox is almost like throwing sauce on your food. Yeah, your food might be delicious, but high-quality sauce is going to enhance the flavor while bringing out flavors that you did not know existed. The same goes for BTRoblox extension. Playing the game without BTRoblox extension may be a fun experience, but installing one will be able to make your gaming experience better.

What is BTRoblox Firefox Extension?

BTRoblox is a Firefox and Google Chrome extension for Roblox. It was created by AntiBoomz0r which modifies the style and adds some features to the Roblox website. Of course, BTRoblox Firefox Extension has many features. BTRoblox Firefox Extension changes lots of aspects of the Roblox website. It alters the layout of the Profile page. Aside from that, BTRoblox Firefox Extension swaps around several things in the sidebar (some menus on the left showing profile, home, avatar editor).

BTRoblox Firefox Extension

BTRoblox Firefox Extension comes with several different site themes that you are able to select from such as sky, dark as night, red, simply black, etc. Also, BTRoblox Firefox Extension comes with default theme for those who do not want a theme. BTRoblox Firefox Extension has a feature where the real life price of an item is listed next to the Robux price of it. Aside from that, BTRoblox Firefox Extension also fixes some problems where audios instantly stop after you hit the play button. It allows downloading of Roblox audio from the audio library and hides the advertisements. However, there are no in-game changes, because BTRoblox Firefox Extension can only change things on the site.

Additional information

    • Version: 2.18.2
    • Updated: April 4, 2021
    • Size: 461KiB
    • Language: English (United States)

BTRoblox Firefox Extension Features

Here are some features of BTRoblox Firefox Extension:

    • BTRoblox Extension introduces group shout features.
    • BTRoblox Extension shows who is online.
    • BTRoblox Extension redesign your Roblox profile.
    • BTRoblox Extension minimizes the chat button.
    • BTRoblox Extension allows the audio downloading.
    • BTRoblox Extension has a dark theme for Roblox website.
    • BTRoblox Extension is head texture preloading.
    • BTRoblox Extension hides or shows the item owner list.
    • BTRoblox Extension hides the ads if you want.
    • BTRoblox Extension has advanced accessory button.

BTRoblox VS Roblox Plus Extension

BTRoblox and Roblox Plus are both among the Chrome based browsers extensions which are easy to install and increase your Roblox gaming experience.

BTRoblox is an extension for Firefox and Chrome made by AntiBoomz0r. As we explained above that there are many features of BTRoblox including introduces group shout features, show who is online, redesign your Roblox profile, minimize the chat button, allows the audio downloading, has a dark theme for Roblox website, head texture preloading, hides or show the item owner list, hides the ads if you want and has advanced accessory button.

Roblox Plus is a Chrome extension made by WebGL3D. He works at Roblox as a QA tester. Also, he is one of the administrators for the Roblox site. This gives Roblox Plus a first-hand understanding of how Roblox works internally that similar extensions don’t. Roblox Plus has features such as the following:

    • Roblox Plus gives the ability to search through the game server for a player.
    • Roblox Plus converts current Robux amounts to USD dollars.
    • Roblox Plus can check whether a user is following you.
    • Roblox Plus can bring missing information about the items or games back to their homes.
    • Roblox Plus can estimate USD earnings with ease from any given asset on Roblox.
    • Roblox Plus adds an auto-bump button at the bottom of the forum page.
    • Roblox Plus allows you to delete friends easily.
    • Roblox Plus allows you to know the value of a trade quickly by clicking on the extension icon and searching.
    • Roblox Plus provides Roblox Plus Catalog Notifier to snipe the items at a lower price. Also, it will alert you when new limited items are available at your requested price.
    • You are able to use Roblox Twitter via the Roblox+ Notifier to get notification of changes. For your information, an alert is triggered for every change in the Roblox Library.

Aside from that, Roblox Plus is free and easy to set up. It also gives benefits to the players who trade regularly. Several quirks that the Roblox Plus provides such as:

    • A button to unfollow all users you are not friends with.
    • A button which follows all users you are friends with.
    • A choice to cancel all outbound trades.
    • They will notify you when your friends are online or have joined a game.

How to Install BTRoblox Firefox Extension?

Before you install BTRoblox Firefox Extension, let us talk about online safety. We highly discourage you to install BTRoblox Firefox Extension or any other Roblox extension since most of them are full of viruses and malware which will hack and take over your Roblox account. Your personal data can be at risk.

Actually, installing the BTRoblox Firefox extension is very easy. You are able to find it on Mozilla Firefox. Firstly, you have to go to the Chrome Web Store. Then, search for “BTRoblox” and look for the one with over one million users. Also, remember that BTRoblox extension created by AntiBoomz. Again, it is important to choose the correct one so you are able to enjoy all those awesome features of BTRoblox Firefox extension. After it has installed, simply you are able to click on it and your Roblox experience will be better.

Now that you know how to protect yourselves from copycats and install the correct BTRoblox Firefox extension, let us look at the benefits of BTRoblox Firefox extension.

What is a great benefit of BTRoblox Extension?

Each Roblox extension has benefits that the other does not. Let us start off with one of our favorite benefits.

BTRoblox extension allows you to hide Ads: Of course, everyone hates ads. They are annoying and nobody has 5 seconds to wait to skip it. However, BTRoblox extension comes to the rescue. Installing BTRoblox will be able to block all ads. This will allow you to play your favorite Roblox games uninterrupted. No more annoying ads, just play away.