Bloxy News Voice Chat

The topic of a Roblox Voice Chat feature that allows players to communicate with other players has become a hot topic among Roblox fans. But in fact, Roblox has not released the Voice Chat feature to the platform until now.

So, what is the relationship between Voice Chat and Bloxy News? Certainly, Bloxy News intensely posted any information about the release of Roblox Voice Chat on their Twitter. Even though there’s no official announcement when the Voice Chat will be released, Bloxy News seems to make fans curious about it.

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What Did Bloxy News Say about Roblox Voice Chat?

On February 26, 2021, Bloxy News tweeted that Roblox would confirm that Voice Chat is coming soon to the platform. In the following days, Bloxy News was back to post that Voice Chat was first discovered back in 2019. They also released some information about it back in July of 2020.

Apparently, the Blocky News Tweet has also attracted the attention of many bloggers to discuss the launch of the Voice Chat feature in the article.

A tweet from Blocky News recently appeared on some blogs which was posted on July 23, 2021 which revealed that people who use Roblox on Apple will see a new-pop-up which requires access to your microphone. They also said that it is in preparation for the upcoming Voice Chat Feature.

Bloxy News also revealed that Apple users are allowed to choose between turning on the microphone feature or also preventing the feature from operating. In other words, the use of the Voice Chat feature is optional.

Additionally, the Voice Chat feature notifies the user of when the games and apps implement voice chat.

Have Roblox Added a Voice Chat Feature?

Even though there are a lot of tweets, threads or also blogs which discuss the release of the Roblox Voice Chat feature, unfortunately Roblox has not added the Voice Chat feature to its platform yet. However, the recent leaks definitely show that the Voice Chat feature is more closed than before.

The leaks show that the Roblox developers are hard at work on applying this Roblox feature. At this time, some users have found a new notification which requires the player to access their mobile device’s microphone.

Moreover, all the pop-up about Voice Chat features found in Roblox is a finalization of the steps toward turning on the voice chat feature across the platform. In other words, there’s a big possibility that the Roblox Voice Chat feature will be released soon, even though the Roblox Corporation has not announced yet an official date.

How to Turn On the Roblox Voice Chat Feature?

Although Roblox Voice Chat is not released yet, but a pop-up asking players to activate the microphone on their mobile device, we’re sure that this feature will come soon. Therefore, we need to know how to enable the Voice Chat feature when you are playing Roblox games. So, when the Voice Chat is officially released, you already know how to work with it.

To turn on the ‘Voice Chat’ feature in Roblox, you need to go into the Settings section of the Roblox. You can find the settings by hovering over the Gear button located in the top-right corner.

In the Settings, you need to press the ‘Privacy’ tab to show a list of options. Certainly, this page should be a Voice Chat heading somewhere which allows you to toggle the feature off and on. After finding it, toggle the ‘Voice Chat’ feature to green to turn on.

Once turned on, back to the ‘Account Info’ tab in which most of the general account information is stored. Of course, when the Roblox Voice Chat feature launches, it will look like a ‘Verify Age’ button, becoming visible on the ‘Account Info’ page.

In this way, you need to click on the ‘Verify Age’ option with the user’s Photo ID ready to either upload your Photo ID or scan the identification with the user’s mobile device. Certainly, all identification must be processed via Veratad’s age/ ID software.

Once completing the ‘Verify Age’ step, you will have to wait for a successful email from Roblox or Veratad to confirm that the Voice Chat feature was 100% turned on. With the multiple steps completed, if the voice chat is enabled, you must be able to communicate with each other in most Roblox experiences.

How Does Roblox Voice Chat Work?

Roblox eventually announced that they would launch a ‘safe’ voice chat system  to reduce the level of ‘toxic’ in the game. A plan of releasing the Voice Chat feature is such a great way for Roblox to give a gorgeous feature for communicating.

Given that Roblox’s popularity among children is now very high, it’s certainly a very good way to release this safe feature. That’s because the Voice Chat feature can only be accessed by the users age 18+. Need to know that there are so many toxins found in Roblox, especially when players communicate with other players.

To use the Roblox Voice Chat feature, the users should provide photo ID verification through Veratad, a trusted age verification and global identity software. Of course, if you do not meet either of those requirements, the Voice Chat feature will be disabled and restricted from your account.

Although most are worried about the voice-chat feature that seems to be unsafe, there are also some players who believe that implementing the voice-chat feature is very helpful when playing. Still, a few pros haven’t been able to shake off Roblox Corporation’s concerns, as the majority of the reaction from the player community to the announcement has been negative.

From this, we can conclude that there are so many considerations, both positive and negative responses from various parties. Certainly, it makes Roblox  have to take the right moment for releasing this Voice Chat feature, otherwise the efforts made by Roblox developers will be in vain.

So, what we hope as a Roblox player is that Roblox hopefully will pick out its opportunity in the midst of its popularity by bringing a new, great feature to the platform.