Bloxburg Job Tier List

In Welcome to Bloxburg, there are 12 jobs available with different salaries. Of course, not all jobs will give you the highest paying, some of them may give you the lowest paying. Since working is one of the methods to earn higher money in Bloxburg, you definitely need to know which jobs with the highest paying and lowest paying.

To know which jobs are worth Welcome to Bloxburg, you can take advantage of the Job Tier List that has been made by the Roblox community. No worries! This post will show you some Bloxburg Job Tier Lists that we got from Let’s see our post to know the best job!

Bloxburg Job Tier List

Bloxburg Job

Depending on people’s experience, they may have their own opinion to determine which jobs are best in Welcome to Bloxburg. In other words, not everyone will say ‘good’ at one job, nor do they say ‘bad’ at one job. But here, but here, we are talking about the majority of the players who say ‘good’ at one job.

However, you will need a reference that will lead you to find the best job with the highest paying and the worst job with the lowest paying. Well, the Bloxburg job tier list will be needed to find out which jobs are best to choose.

In this post, we have some Bloxburg job tier lists created by other players at These tier lists actually give you some references, in hopes that they will help you to determine which is the best job to choose in Welcome to Bloxburg.

Here they are:

Job Tier List 1: Created by @YellowJuiceBox_

This account creates the Bloxburg job tier list, as follow:

    • S-Tier:  Janitor, Delivery Person (Pizza Delivery)
    • A-Tier: Seller
    • B-Tier: Pizza Baker, Mechanic, Cashier (Bloxy Burger), Cashier (BFF)
    • C-Tier: Stocker, Hairdresser
    • D-Tier: Miner, Woodcutter, Fisherman

Job Tier List 2: Created by @buddlo

This account creates the Bloxburg job tier list, as follow:

    • S-Tier: Stocker, Delivery Person (Pizza Delivery)
    • A-Tier: Seller, Mechanic
    • B-Tier: Miner, Hairdresser, Cashier (BFF)
    • C-Tier: Janitor, Cashier (Bloxy Burgers)
    • D-Tier: Pizza Baker, Woodcutter, Fisherman

Job Tier List 3: Created by @Agentktb

This account creates the Bloxburg job tier list, as follow:

    • S-Tier:  Delivery Person (Pizza Delivery)
    • A-Tier: Fisherman, Janitor
    • B-Tier: Pizza Baker, Cashier (Bloxy Burgers)
    • C-Tier:
    • D-Tier: Seller, Stocker, Cashier (BFF), Miner, Woodcutter, Mechanic, Hairdresser

Job Tier List 4: Created by @Jimmy_pridemon

This account creates the Bloxburg job tier list, as follow:

    • S-Tier:  Delivery Person (Pizza Delivery), Pizza Baker
    • A-Tier: Stocker
    • B-Tier: Seller, Miner, Mechanic
    • C-Tier: Hairdresser, Cashier (BFF), Cashier (Bloxy Burgers)
    • D-Tier: Woodcutter, Janitor, Fisherman

Job Tier List 5: Created by @

This account creates the Bloxburg job tier list, as follow:

    • S-Tier:  Stocker
    • A-Tier: Pizza Baker, Delivery Person (Pizza Delivery), Janitor, Seller
    • B-Tier: Cashier (BFF), Mechanic, Cashier (Bloxy Burgers), Fisherman
    • C-Tier: Hairdresser, Woodcutter
    • D-Tier: Miner

Okay, those are some Bloxburg job tier lists that have been created by other Roblox players at Based on all the job tier lists above, you may already determine which jobs are best, which jobs are good and which jobs are worst, may not you?

According to the Bloxburg job tier lists above, we can list the jobs from best to worst, as follow:

Best Jobs

    • Delivery Person (Pizza Delivery)’
    • Pizza Baker

Good Jobs

    • Stocker
    • Cashier (Bloxy Burgers)
    • Mechanic
    • Seller

Bad Jobs

    • Hairdresser
    • Cashier (BFF)
    • Janitor

Worst Jobs

    • Woodcutter
    • Fisherman
    • Miner

Well, we have sorted the Bloxburg jobs from best to worst. Certainly, you can now determine which best jobs you can choose to earn money in Welcome to Bloxburg.

Once again, we emphasize that the Bloxburg job tier lists above are not exact tier list, as every one will have different opinions to value which jobs are best and which jobs are worst. The point is, the Bloxburg job tier lists above made is only for your reference.

How to Create Your Own Bloxburg Job Tier List?

Bloxburg Job Tier List

If you also want to create your own Bloxburg job tier list, you just simply visit By clicking the link, you will be taken to the ‘Create Tier List’ page. At this page, you will see the template that you can fill with certain jobs.

You can also edit the tier name (S, A, B, C, and D) into the title you want, such as Best, Good, OK, Bad and Worst.  To start creating your own job tier list, you can drag the images available under the template into the order you would like. Make sure to place the images based on the reliability of the jobs.

If you’ve already taken all the images into the order, you can then click the ‘Save/Download’ button. Beforehand, make sure to add a title of your tier list and also description. Last, you can share your tier list to your community.

Congratulations! You successfully create your own Bloxburg tier list and you can now have a reference for you and your community to identify which jobs are best and which jobs are worst in Welcome to Bloxburg.

How Much Money Will You Earn as a Pizza Delivery Welcome to Bloxburg?

Categorized as the highest paying job in Welcome to Bloxburg, you may also wonder how much money you will earn if you choose a Pizza Delivery job. If you choose this job, your character will work to gather boxes of pizza and take them on runs to the home of other characters.

There are 50 levels available for a Pizza Delivery. If you are at the Excellent Employee level, you will earn up to $44/delivery at level 1. However, if you are at the higher level, the money you will earn is also higher. To understand how much money that you will earn as a Pizza Delivery, the following table will show you more:

Level CollapsePay Per Task
No Excellent Employee (Max moods) Excellent Employee
1 $25 $44
2 $36 $52
3 $48 $105
4 $90 $115
5 $110 $116
6 $183 – 6/25/21 $137
7 $151 $226
8 $120 $287
9 $268 – 7/7/21 $302
10 $296 – 7/7/21 $318
11 $325 – 7/12/21 $696
12 $505 $530 (as of 2021)
13 $272 $818
14 $293 $879
15 $625 $940
16 $658 $1000 (as of 3/10/21)
17 $707 $1061
18 $748 6/25/21 $1122
19 $788 $828
20 $829 $1246
21 $870 $1307
22 $910 as of 8/14/21 $1368
23 $951 8/22/21 $1428
24 $991 $1489
25 $1032 $1549
26 $1609
27 $1113 $1670
28 $1731
29 $1791
30 $1852
31 $1913
32 $1973
33 $2033
34 $2095
35 $2157
36 $2217
37 $2278
38 $2338
39 $1599 $2399
40 $1640 $2460
41 $2522
42 $2582
43 $2651
44 $2712
45 $2771
46 $2821
47 $2882
48 $2942
49 $3007
50 (MAX) $2500 $3062

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