Bloxburg Job Salary Chart

Welcome to Bloxburg, which is also more known as only Bloxburg in short, is the name of one of the most popular games in Roblox. This one is counted as a role-playing game. In this game, the players are able to do a lot of activities that are similar to real life, including building their own house, learning skills such as painting and cooking, and getting a job and earning money.

Just like in real life, money is important in Bloxburg. With money in their hand, the players will be able to build their house and buy furniture. Not only that, money can also be used to buy food to fulfill their needs.

In order to make money in Bloxburg, the players have to get a job. There are a number of different and interesting jobs in the game. For those who are new to the job in this game and are curious about the salary, check out the following charts so that you can decide which job is perfect for you to get a lot of money as soon as possible.

Bloxburg Job Salary Chart

Bloxburg Job Salary with Excellent Employee Game Pass

After checking out the Bloxburg job salary charts above, you may want to know the details about these

jobs in Bloxburg below:

    • Cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food
      The job as a cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food is to scan and bag the groceries of each customer. After
      putting all the groceries in the bag, click the done button to finish. Then, wait for them to make a
      payment. If you do your job well, you will be able to earn at least $15 per customer without the
      Excellent Employee game pass. If you use this game pass and you are at level 1, you will be able to earn
    • Cashier at Bloxy Burgers
      At Bloxy Burgers, your job as a cashier is to receive the order of the customer and click the items wanted
      by them. This job pays you at least $8 per order if you do not have the Excellent Employee game pass. If
      you are with this game pass, you will be able to earn twice the amount, which is $16.
    • Delivery Person
      Picking up pizzas from the conveyor belt in the back of the shop, hopping on your moped and following
      the yellow arrow to the customer who is waiting for you is your job as a delivery person. When everyone
      is done, you can get $25 at level 1. If you have an Excellent Employee game pass, you can get $44.
    • Fisherman
      If you love fishing in real life, you may want to consider the job as a fisherman in Bloxburg. In order to
      fish, go to the ocean and cast your line into the water. The bobber will be floating on the surface. When
      it goes underwater, make sure to push the spacebar to reel in your line and then catch a fish. Without
      the Excellent Employee game pass, you can get at least $13. If you are with it, you can get $44 at level 1.
    • Hairdresser
      The main job as a hairdresser at Stylez Hair Studio is to give the hairstyle and color that is wanted by the
      customers. If you do your job well, you can collect at least $10 per haircut with no Excellent Employee
      game pass. If there is this game pass, you can get $20 at level 1.
    • Janitor
      As a janitor at Green Clean, your job is to clean up spilled sodas and piles of trash on the ground and
      wipe graffiti off the walls of buildings close to your office. The earning of this job starts at $11 without
      Excellent Employee game pass and $22 with it at level 1.
    • Mechanic
      Being a mechanic at Mike’s Motors requires you to do your jobs such as painting, changing oil, and
      changing tires. The minimum salary of this job is $13 per vehicle. It is for the employee without an
      Excellent Employee game pass. If this game pass exists, it can start at $28.
    • Miner
      As a miner in Bloxburg Cave, you will have to click on blocks in the mine and your character will swing
      the pickaxe until the block is broken. Just like that, you can earn at least $7 per block with no game pass.
      If you have a game pass, you can get $15 at level 1. Actually, you can also earn more, depending on the
      types of the blocks.
    • Pizza Baker
      The work as a pizza baker can be started by making the dough. Then, add sauce and cheese. Do not
      forget to also add toppings. When it finishes, click done and the pizza will go into the oven. By working
      as a pizza baker, you can get a minimum of $9 per pizza. It is if there is no Excellent Employer game pass.
      If you have one, you can get $13 at level 1.
    • Ice Cream Seller
      As an ice cream seller at Ben’s Ice Cream, your jobs include getting the order from the customer and
      then giving it to them. By doing it right, you will be able to earn at least $12 without the Excellent
      Employment game pass. If you have this game pass, the money that you can get can reach $22.
    • Stocker
      The tasks as a stocker at Bloxburg Fresh Food include taking crates from the stockroom and then
      restocking shelves that are running empty on supplies. Actually, your job is easier as the crates have the
      ability to work on any shelf. You can just restock the shelf and it will instantly refill. Besides it is an easy
      job, it also pays a lot. Earnings begin at $15 per shelf for those without an Excellent Employee game
      pass. With this game pass, it can reach $21 at level 1.
    • Woodcutter
      All that you have to do to make money as a woodcutter is to walk around the area surrounding the
      lumber mill and chop down trees. You can do it by using an ax. The minimum earning of this job is $13. It
      is without an Excellent Employee game pass. If you have this game pass, you can earn $20.