Robux is Safe or Fake? (Answered Here)

In an effort to get free Robux, if you are a veteran Roblox player, you should be familiar with the term Robux generator, aren’t you? Yeah… Robux generator is known as an instant tool, which offers earning Robux for free, without any requirements.

With this offer, it does not wonder if many Roblox players are trying to get free Robux through Robux generators. In fact, there are numerous Robux generators you will find on the internet which offer Robux for free for every Roblox player.

One of the Robux generators which is much-sought after is Just like most Robux generators, this also allows anyone to earn free Robux by visiting the site. However, you may wonder whether is a true or fake Robux generator, considering  too many Robux generators are fake. To know the truth, let’s find out the real answer in our post below!

Blox.Surf Is a Fake Robux Generator, Why?

We should emphasize that Blox.Surf is not an official site which claims to offer users free Robux. In other words, Blox.Surf is a fake Robux generator which is similar to Blox.Green and Blox.Supply.

Many players are currently receiving in-game messages with links, asking them to visit Blox.Surf and get a chance to get free Robux. When they visit the Blox.Surf  link, they definitely will be taken into the Blox.Land site. Robux is Safe or Fake(Answered Here)1

Afterwards, the site will offer free Robux if the users install mobile games and also complete the surveys. Sure, it will also require your personal information. Certainly, if you give your personal information to this site, it means you’re at high risk now as they may steal your personal information.

Of course, you must not trust other sites with your personal and sensitive information, apart from the official sources from Roblox. This is an important note for every Roblox player, especially as the majority of the Roblox audience is young.

So, if you find or are already on a Robux generator site, make sure to protect yourself from scams by not giving away any personal information in any surveys or completing any tasks on the site.

In fact, there are a lot of such sites which are designed in a way to make you think they are legit and reliable to use. You may also find some Blox.Surf codes or Blox Surfers codes, however, if you remember that this kind of site is totally fake, please don’t give out your personal details.

Additionally, if you find Robux generator which provides the promotional codes, certainly that’s totally fake as there’s no real code for Robux provided in Robux Generator. well, the codes are scams or not working to use.

The Characteristics of Fake Robux Generator

Almost all Robux generators are reportedly fake. They really have the same characteristics which allows the players to do what they ask within the site. To make it more understanding, this post informs you of some characteristics of Robux generators which promise you free Robux. What are they? Let’s see them below!

Robux generators may ask you to:

    • Fill out  the surveys
    • Take the  quizzes
    • Open certain apps
    • Install some apps
    • Play  some games
    • Collect data from you

Well, those are the same characteristics that Robux generators have.

It’s important to note that anything legitimate associated with Roblox might come from the official sources only and any third-party source is not one of them. You can then use it to purchase stuff on Roblox like cosmetics, accessories and much more.

Is It Possible to Get Robux for Free?

The answer is YES. You really have a chance to get Robux for free through the Microsoft Rewards program. What is it? Microsoft Rewards or better previously known as Bing Rewards is a free program which was introduced in 2018,  allowing Windows 10 users to earn rewards points based on their activities on the Microsoft products.

Some  activities to earn points with Microsoft Rewards are to use Bing to search on the internet, use Microsoft Edge to browse the internet, make purchase apps and games on the Microsoft Store and use Windows 10 in their day to day life.

With the points, you can then redeem it for Robux. to get Robux for free, you have to join Microsoft Rewards first. Afterwards, you will earn points just for using Bing. Well, the points here can be redeemed for free games currency, gift cards, movies and more.

If you already have the point from Bing, you can redeem 100, 200, 400, 800 or even 1,000 Robux Digital Codes by saving enough points that you have earned through Microsoft Rewards. To note: Only U.S. players can earn free Robux with Microsoft Rewards system.

In redeeming the points, you’re able to choose between three tiers of Robux which depends on how many Microsoft Rewards points that you have earned. Here are the cost-per-points for Robux Digital codes:

    • 1,500 points = 100 Robux
    • 3,000 points = 200 Robux
    • 6,000 points = 400 Robux
    • 12,000 points = 800 Robux
    • 16,000 points = 1,000 Robux

Of course, those points are an expensive amount of points, however the reward looks well worth it.

Here are what you should do to get points in the Microsoft Rewards program:

    • Use Bing as the default search engine in Microsoft Edge
    • Set Microsoft Edge as your default browser
    • Use Cortana and Windows Search Integration
    • Log into your Microsoft Account on your Windows 10 Computer
    • Install and use Microsoft Edge and Cortana on your mobile device
    • Set goals in the Microsoft Rewards
    • Keep to check the rewards section

After you have earned Microsoft Rewards points, you can then redeem it on Redeem Page to earn Robux for free. At Redeem Page, you must click on the Roblox Digital Code option. After that, select the amount of Robux you want to redeem. Then, confirm the order when ready. If successful, Robux eGift Card will be sent into your email.

After you receive an email, you can go to Redeem Roblox cards. Then, enter the PIN that can be found in your email and complete the Verification. If a redemption is successfully completed, free Robux will appear in the top-right corner of the Roblox client.