Bing Mixed Education Quiz

If you are looking for a mixed Education quiz on Bing Fun, you are able to access the Homepage quiz, surprise me quiz, or geography quiz. However, for a practice, you are able to learn the examples of mixed education quizzes from the other websites.

Homepage Quiz on Bing

If you access the Homepage quiz, you are able to find a lot of quiz questions. However, you need to note that it is usually about a landmark, icon and everything about a country, not a subject like maths, chemistry or others. So here, you are able to choose which country for the topic of the quiz that you want to take.

Bing Mixed Education Quiz

Here are some questions and answers of the Homepage Quiz on Bing.

  • Welcome to Nuuk, the capital of which nation?

a. Lapland
b. Finland
c. Greenland

Answer: C. Greenland

  • Who were the first human inhabitants of Greenland?

a. Danish settlers
b. Paleo-Eskimo peoples
c. Vikings

Answer: b. Paleo-Eskimo peoples

  • In the autumn, Greenlanders may harvest Empetrum, a fruit known as …

a. Blueberries
b. Crowberries
c. Arctic apples

Answer: B. Crowberries

The quiz questions above are from Greenland topic.

If you choose the Finland topic, here are the questions and answers of the quiz.

  • There is a photo of a monument. The monument honors Jean Sibelius. Who was that?

a. Composer
b. Firefighter
c. Chef

Answer: A. Composer

  • The Sibelius Monument is found in the capital of Finland, which is …?

a. Copenhagen
b. Oslo
c. Helsinki

Answer: C. Helsinki

  • Members of what cello metal group studied at Sibelius Academy?

a. Apocalyptica
b. What’s cello metal?
C. Apollo

Answer: A. Apocalyptica

If you choose a topic about China, here are the questions of the quiz.

  • Part of the clouds to see the Huangshan Mountain range, which is in …

a. Brazil
b. China
c. Hong Kong

Answer: B. China

  • What notable feature distinguishes the Huangshan pine tree?

a. It appears to grow from rocks
b. It grows at high altitudes
c. Both are correct

Answer: C. Both are correct

  • What description is given to a type of tofu served in this region?

a. Haunted
b. Stinky
c. Jerked

Answer: b. Stinky

Surprise Me Quiz

In the Surprise Me quiz, you are provided with a lot of topics such as Star Wars, Modern Artists, Architecture, Tree, Ocean, and many more.

If you choose a Tree topic, here are the questions of the quiz.

  • Which of these types of tree keeps its leaves year-round?

a. Typha
b. Spodosol
c. Coniferous
d. Deciduous

Answer: C. Coniferous

  • What is the most poisonous tree in the world?

a. Bristlecone pine
b. Manchineel
c. Sequoia
d. Aspen

Answer: b. Manchineel

  • Can you mention what is the name for the scientific method of dating tree rings?

a. Geochronology
b. Biostratigraphy
c. Chronostratigraphy
d. Dendrochronology

Answer: d. Dendrochronology

If you choose a Geography quiz, there are a number of options including Australia, Agriculture Geology, Asia, United States, Landmarks, World Capital, General, Europe, Africa and North America.

Here are the quiz questions in the World Capital topic.

  • Belmopan is the capital of which country?

a. Nicaragua
b. El Salvador
c. Belize
d. Honduras

Answer: C. Belize

  • Bucharest is located in which part of Romania?

a. Northwest
b. Southwest
c. Southwest
d. Northwest

Answer: B. Southwest

  • Jakarta is the capital of …

a. Italy
b. Israel
c. India
d. Indonesia

Answer: DI. Indonesia

  • What is the capital and largest city of Estonia?

a. Maardu
b. Tapa
c. Tallinn
d. Tartu

Answer: C. Tallinn

  • What is the capital of Australia?

a. Perth
b. Hobart
c. Canberra
d. Sydney

Answer: C. Canberra

If you choose a Europe topic, here are the quiz questions.

  • Lufthansa is an airline based in …

a. Poland
b. Hungary
c. Germany
d. Austria

Answer: C. Germany

  • The Algarve is a region in …

a. France
b. Spain
c. Italy
d. Portugal

Answer: D. Portugal

  • Where does The Volvo Group have its headquarters?

a. Sweden
b. Germany
c. UK
d. France

Answer: A. Sweden

  • Where is the location of the headquarters of the European Union?

a. Portugal
b. Germany
c. Belgium d. UK

Answer: C. Belgium

  • Which mountain range lies between France and Spain?

a. Himalayas
b. Alps
c. Andes
d. Pyrenees

Answer: D. Pyrenees

Mixed Education Quiz Questions from Other Websites

In the Education Quizzes website, you are able to find some mixed subjects quizzes and here are some examples of the questions.

  • Data is often collected by carrying out what?

Answer: Survey

  • What is the highest court in the country?

Answer: House of Lords

  • The area around a magnet is called a what?

Answer: Magnetic field

  • Which two substances are used in photosynthesis?

Answer: Carbon dioxide and water

  • In IT, moving between pages using hyperlinks is called what?

Answer: Navigating

  • A plotter produces “Hardcopy”. What does this mean?

Answer: It prints a permanent copy

  • How many syllables are in the word “Capacity”?

Answer: 4

  • The General Strike in 1926 was called by the TUC – what does TUC stand for?

Answer: Trade Union Congress

  • Which river flows through six different European countries?

Answer: Danube

  • What are the lengthwise threads of a woven fabric called?

Answer: Warp

  • Pete’s hourly wage goes up from £7.20 to £7.56. What percentage increase is this?

Answer: 5%

  • Does an orange contain acid?

Answer: Yes

  • What is the largest newspaper format called?

Answer: Broadsheet

  • In Geography terms, what is a “Distributary”?

Answer: Small river branching off main river

  • What does the idiom ‘By the skin of your teeth’ mean?

Answer: Only just

  • A formula in a spreadsheet cell usually starts with which symbol?

Answer: An equals sign =

  • Can you mention the shortest ferry route across the English Channel?

Answer: Dover to Calais

  • The time of a magnet is suspended, it will line up in which direction?

Answer: North-South

  • What does the word ‘texture’ mean?

Answer: The feel, appearance or consistency of a surface

  • Which saw would you utilize to cut wood straight?

Answer: Tenon saw

  • What line on a map connects points of the similar height?

Answer: A contour line

  • What is twice the amount of 345?

Answer: 690

  • What are people who illegally see or change computer systems?

Answer: Hackers

  • Who is the largest religious minority in the UK?

Answer: Muslims

  • What is an “Anemometer” in geography terms?

Answer: A wind gauge

  • What are the adjectives in this sentence: The long transporter delivered the new car today”?

Answer: Long, new