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When you take a Bing quiz, the theme may vary. If then you find that the quiz is about language, it means that you need to have enough knowledge about language. However, since there are a lot of language, so the lesson may be broad. However, some examples of language quiz questions below may help you in increasing knowledge about language.

Examples of Quiz Questions About Language

  • How many languages do exist in the world?

a. around 700
b. around 3,000
c. around 7,000
d. around 18,000

Answer: c. around 7,000

  • Which language has the most speakers which include native and non-native?

a. Hindi
b. Mandarin Chinese
c. English
d. Spanish

Answer: c. English

  • Which language has the most speakers?

a. Hind
b. Mandar
b. Mutual intelligibility
c. Historical status
d. All of these are right

Answer: d. All of these are right

  • Which languages from the options below use the Latin alphabet?

a. Thai
b. Indonesian
c. Japanese
d. Ukrainian

Answer: Indonesian

  • Which languages from the groups below is the most mutually intelligible?

a. Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish
b. German, English, and Dutch
c. Spanish, Italian, and French
d. Mandarin, Hindi and Japanese

Answer: a. Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish

  • What is a tone language or a tonal language?

a. a language which uses vocal pitch in any way
b. a language which uses vocal pitch to change the meaning of word
c. a language which uses vocal pitch for emphasis
d. a language which does not use vocal pitch at all

Answer: b. a language which uses vocal pitch to change the meaning of word

  • English, Yiddish and Norwegian are belong to which language family?

a. Romance
b. Germanic
c. Dravidian
d. Semitic

Answer: b. Germanic

  • Which language is the common ancestor for all of the Romance languages?

a. Romanian
c. Vulgar Latin
b. Proto-Italian
d. Hellenic

Answer: c. Vulgar Latin

  • From the following option, which one is not an Indo-European language?

a. Afrikaans
b. German
c. Bengali
d. Korean

Answer: d. Korean

  • What is a language which did not naturally arise through linguistic evolution, but instead was manufactured?

a. Artificial language
b. Conlang
c. Jargon
d. Argot

Answer: b. Conlang

  • Historians believe the earliest writing comes from what country?

a. Mesopotamia
b. Egypt
c. India
d. Crete

Answer: a. Mesopotamia

  • What is the meaning of to be a dead language?

a. There are less than 100 speakers of the language
b. Living speakers of the language do not exist
c. Native speakers of the language do not exist
d. The language is indecipherable

Answer: c. Native speakers of the language do not exist

  • Which formerly said as dead language was successfully revived to be a popular living language?

a. Hebrew
b. Latin
c. Sanskrit
d. Old Norse

Answer: a. Hebrew

  • Which of these countries has at least one legally official language?

a. The United States
b. Australia
c. Mexico
d. Canada

Answer: d. Canada

  • Which country has the most official languages?

a. Switzerland
b. Zimbabwe
c. South Africa
d. Spain

Answer: b. Zimbabwe

  • The word order of English is subject-verb-object. Let’s take an example, “I (subject) love (verb) cats (object).” The most common word order across all languages is…

a. subject-verb-object
b. object-subject-verb
c. verb-subject-object
d. subject-object-verb

Answer: subject-object-verb

  • Grammatical gender is a way which languages classify nouns. Some languages do not have genders, but some languages have two and some have far more. Which list orders languages from least to most grammatical genders?

a. English, German, Spanish
b. English, Spanish, German
c. Spanish, English, German
d. German, Spanish, English

Answer: b. English, Spanish, German

  • If there are two groups of people who speak different languages meet, they will have to devise a way to talk each other. What is this newly formed language called?

a. a pidgin
b. an argot
c. a creole
d. a jargon

Answer: a pidgin

  • Which conlang or constructed language has the most speakers?

a. Dothraki
b. Klingon
c. Volapuk
d. Esperanto

Answer: d. Esperanto

  • In Europe, how many indigenous languages are there estimated?

a. less than 100
b. 100 to 200
c. 200 to 300
d. 300 to 400

Answer: c. 200 to 300

  • From the countries below, in which countries is German an official language?

a. Liechtenstein
b. Switzerland
c. Austria
d. Belgium
e. Luxembourg

Answer: All of them are right

  • What are two varieties of standard modern Norwegian?

a. Nynorsk
b. Norse
c. Faroese
d. Bokmal

Answer: Nynorsk and Bokmal

  • What is the official language of Azerbaijan?

a. Azerbaijan
b. Azerbaigianic
c. Azerban
d. Azeri

Answer: d. Azeri

  • Where is Aleut spoken?

a. Alaska
b. Siberia
c. Norway
d. Greenland

Answer: a. Alaska and b. Siberia

  • The language Cymraeg is spoken in…

a. Ireland
b. Scotland
c. Wales
d. Faroe Islands

Answer: c. Wales

  • The Albanian language in Albanian is called…

a. Albanski
b. Albani
c. Shqip

Answer: c. Shqip

What Is Language?

Bing Language Quiz1

According to Britannica website, language is defined as a system of conventional spoken, manual (signed) or written symbol by means of which humans beings as members of a social group and participants in its culture to express themselves. Language has some functions such as to communicate with others, to express identity, to play, to express imagination and to release emotional.

There are estimates of the number of human languages in the world. It is between 5,000 and 7,000. However, it is important for you to note that any precise estimate depends on the arbitrary distinction between dialect and languages. Natural languages are signed or spoken. However, any language is able to be encoded to secondary media using visual, auditory, or tactile stimuli. The examples are whistling, writing, braille, and signing.

If you have more functional language, you will be able to interact in more real life situations. You are able to study different expressions for different contexts. Some expressions are more appropriate for a formal situation than an informal one. However, some expressions can be used with close friends.

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