Best Sites to Answer Homework Questions for Money

If you think that you are good at studying and are good at one or more specific subjects, you have to know that there are some others that are struggling with these. When they have homework and find it hard to do, some of them are willing to pay for someone to do their job.

If you are considered smart and are willing to help people by answering their homework questions in exchange for money, you might want to consider some of the best sites, such as:

    1. Homework Market

  Homework Market

The Homework Market is the one that connects the students with the tutors. It will help the students to find the tutors that can help them with their homework. For those who are good at a school subject, you are able to make money by doing homework for others, proofreading homework assignments, and answering certain questions. To be able to do that, you will have to make a profit on the Homework Market. Once you are one making a profile, you can just set up your rate and add your skills. After that, the students can hire you on a project by project basis. If you are interested in becoming a verified tutor, it will be needed for you to make a profile with a short description and degrees that you hold. If you are wondering how much you can earn from this, it usually ranges between $5 and $20 per homework.

    1. School Solver

School Solver

School Solver is the name of a marketplace for school homework. It is also the one for school projects and assignments. When a student asks a question, they will also assign how much they are willing to spend money to get the answer. Every time a student gets access to your answers, you will get paid. As for the amount of money that you are able to get, it is about $15 per hour.

    1. 24houranswers


24hoursanswers is the name of a website that is specifically made to help college students with their homework. There are a number of services offered by this site, such as online tutoring, homework assistance, and a library of academic solutions. As one of the tutors, it will be needed for you to calculate how long it will take to complete the work submitted. As for the pricing, it can be discussed freely with the students. On average, you will be able to get $45 per hour. If you are interested in this job, you should hold at least a Master’s degree. Besides, another requirement is English proficiency, both written and spoken.

    1. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors

One of the most popular platforms with the ability to be a bridge that connects the students with the tutors is Chegg. The students are provided by the company a few services such as homework help, online tutoring, and test preparation. To be a tutor, you will have to hold a bachelor’s degree. In addition, you may also be required to complete a test depending on the subject you are teaching. The salary working as a tutor of Chegg starts from $20+ per hour to $1,000+ per month.

    1. has been around since forever. This one has hired tutors for 1:1 online tutoring jobs since early 2000. If you are interested in this job, you will have to live in the United States or Canada. Besides you also have to be enrolled in an accredited U.S or Canadian college. Not only these, it will also be needed for you to be available for at least 5 hours per week. By working as a tutor at, you will be able to earn between $5 and $20 per hour.

    1. Help with Assignment

Help with Assignment

Help with Assignment, which is also more known as HwA in short, is really helpful for the students who need help on assignments. This one will be in charge of bringing them with the experts from all around the world. It has a number of students who are waiting for help with assignments, online tutoring, and more answers in the solution library of Help with Assignment. If you want to be one of the experts, it is a must for you to meet a few criteria, such as having a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in the subject, having a teaching experience of more than two years, having a great communication skill, and having an English proficiency. By working as one of the experts, you will be able to gain $7 per page.

    1. Studypool


Studypool is considered as a micro tutoring platform. With this, you are allowed to bid on questions that are submitted by the students. Students will have a chance to choose a tutor. When choosing one, they can compare reviews, statistics, and profiles. For those who hold degrees such as bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D., it will be easier for you to land a job. If you want to know how much it offers you, it is between $5 and $20 per answer.

    1. Wyzant


Wyzant is the name of the place that makes it possible for the students to learn with 1 on 1 online lessons. Talking about the lessons, they take place in an interactive, digital classroom. This one provides real time video chat and an interactive whiteboard for uploading documents, plotting functions, or working out equations. It offers $30 per hour on average.

    1. TutorMe


TutorMe refers to an online website where every student is able to learn with online courses. Aside from that, tutors are hired to teach statistics, computer science, physics, chemistry, and so on. You can apply for this job if you are enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited university. The salary starts from $16 per hour. In addition to the main salary, you can also get bonuses.

If the list above is not enough, there are some other best sites to answer homework questions for money. Some of the others include OneClass, PaperCoach, HashLearn, Eduboard, Growing Stars, Freelancer, Upwork, WeeklyLab,, and TutorEye.

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