Best Artifacts for Klee Genshin Impact

Artifact in the Genshin Impact game can be used to make or break a character’s performance. In fact, every character has a certain weapon, build and also artifact which is very important to increase the character’s stats. Of course, each character in Genshim Impact will be equipped with the best artifact.

So as with Klee, a 5-star character who was just released on Genshin Impact a while ago. This Pyro elemental character is able to produce massive damage like Pyro characters in general. Klee also can increase her stats if she is equipped with the best-specific artifact.

Then, what are the best artifacts for Klee  to increase his stats?

Best Klee’s Artifacts in Genshim Impact

If you wonder what the best artifact is for Klee in Genshin Impact, at least you should pay attention to all of the Artifacts that you can find in Genshin Impact. Of course, there are plenty of Artifacts available in the Genshin Impact, but not all of them are suitable to use for certain characters. That means there are some best-suitable artifacts that can be used by Klee to build her stats.

Here’s a list of best Artifacts for Klee

  • Wanderer’s Troupe
Wanderer’s Troupe..

This artifact can increase Charged Attack DMG by 35% if a character uses a Catalyst or Bow. It also has Elemental Mastery +80.

  • Crimson Witch of Flames
Crimson Witch of Flames

This artifact can increase Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40%. It can also give Melt and Vaporize DMG by 15%. By using Elemental Skill, it can increase 2-piece set effect by 50% for 10s with max 3 stacks. Moreover, The Crimson Witch of Flames gives the Pyro DMG bonus +15%.

  • Gladiator’s Finale
Gladiator’s Finale

The Gladiator’s Finale can increase their Normal Attack Damage by 35% if the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Polearm or Claymore. It also has ATK +18%.

  • Martial Artist
Martial Artist..

This artifact will increase Normal Attack and also Charged Attack Damage by 15%. If the characters use this artifact, they also can increase Normal Attack and Charged Attack Damage by 25% of 8s after using the Elemental Skill.

  • Resolution of Sojourner
Resolution of Sojourner..

If the character use this artifact, it can really increase Charged Attack CRIT Rate by 30%. It also has ATK +18%.

Well, those are the best artifacts that Klee can use in Genshim Impact. Make sure to choose the best artifacts for Klee to increase her stats in the game.

Best Klee’s  Weapon in Genshin Impact

We think that to find the 4-stars or 5-stars weapons in Genshim Impact is pretty hard to do. Of course, it’s not strange anymore when the Genshin Impact characters use the 3-stars weapon in the game. So as with Klee, there are some 3-stars weapons which are suitable for her to use.

Aside from the 3-stars weapons, Klee also can use the 4-stars and 5-stars weapons which can be obtained from wish or find the materials to forge at the blacksmith. For the 5-stars weapon, it will randomly drop if the characters are doing wish.

Here’s a list of best weapons for Klee

The 3-Stars Weapons

  • Twin Nephrite
Twin Nephrite

This weapon is really gorgeous to defeat an enemy which can increase Movement SPD and ATK by 12% for 15s.

  • Amber Catalyst
Amber Catalyst

With the Normal Attack, Amber Catalyst will hit to increase all Elemental Damage by 6% for 6s with Maximum 2 stacks.

The 4-Stars Weapons

  • Mappa Mare
Mappa Mare

This weapon can be triggering an Elemental reaction which can grant an 8% Elemental Damage Bonus for 10s with Maximum 2 stacks.

  • Eye of Perception
Eye of Perception

With Normal and Charged Attacks, this weapon really has for about 50% chance to fire Bolt of Perception. This can also deal 240% ATK as DMG. Moreover, this bolt is able to bounce between enemies with a maximum of 4 times. Well, its effect will occur once every 12s.

  • Solar Pearl
Solar Pearl

With Normal Attack, this weapon can increase the Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 20% for 6s. Just like the Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill, it can also increase the Normal Attack Damage by 20% for 6s.

  • The Widsith
The Widsith

This weapon will increase all Elemental Damage by 48%. It can also make ATK which is increased by 60%. Besides, the Widsith can also increase the Elemental Mastery by 240. Additionally, if a character picks the field up, of course they will get a random theme song for 10s.

The 5-Stars Weapons

  • Skyward Atlas
Skyward Atlas..

This weapon definitely will increase the Elemental Damage Bonus by 12%. With the Normal Attack, it can have a 50% chance. It is really important to obtain the favor of the clouds. However, it actively looks for the nearby enemies to attack for 15s by dealing 160% ATK Damage. It can also occur once every 30s.

  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

This weapon can increase Movement SPD by 10%. If a character uses it in the battle, they also can obtain an 8% Elemental Damage Bonus every 4s with Maximum 4 Stacks until the characters go down or leave the combat.

How to Use Klee in the Game?

If you are a newcomer of Genshim Impact, you may not know how to use this character in the game. Considering Klee is a 5-Stars character in the game, of course we should use her as well as possible. Certainly, there are some clues that you can take to use Klee in the game. Here they are;

  • Klee with a wide damage range

Klee is not in doubt anymore with a wide-range attacker first and primary attack. When you use Klee and face your enemies, she will provide some option to take them out all at once. Moreover, her Elemental Skill named Jumpty Dumpty is an explosive that can bounce dealing fire damage before spreading to smaller mines which explode on impact.

  • Using dash or jump in canceling the long attack

When you use Klee, you’re able to use jump or dash to cancel the animation.

  • Switch between Elemental Skill

Klee is a character which is best used when she is switching back and forth between her Elemental Skill.

  • Having Passive Talent

The Passive Talent owned by Klee will allow the players to see Local Specialities on the mini-map which make them easier to collect.

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