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Do you want to get a lot of Robux for free? Even though it may not be possible to earn Robux for free, but many people are still attempting to look for an instant way to get Robux. One of them is by visiting the Robux Generator Site scattered on the internet.

One of the Robux Generators that you will find on the internet is This site claims that they will give you free Robux by doing some things within the site. So, is it true that will give you free Robux? Let’s learn the real facts through our post below!

What Does Offer?

Just like other Robux generators, also allows you to do some things within. By completing all things offered, promises giving you a certain amount of Robux that will be automatically sent to your Roblox account. Let’s prove it!

To prove that will give you Robux, all you have to do is to visit the Beast Bux site at After clicking the link, you will be taken into the homepage of Beastbux. You will see that Beastbux requires you to enter your Roblox username. To prove it, we try to enter a Roblox username and choose which platform you use to play Roblox. Here, we choose Windows.

go to website Beastbux

After entering your username and choosing the platform, click on the ‘Proceed’ button to continue. On the next page, provides several choices of the amount of Robux you want including 1000 Robux,  5000 Robux, 10000 Robux and 550000 Robux. Wow, those options are so fantastic, aren’t they?

click on the ‘Proceed’ button

You can try to choose a certain amount of Robux. Here, we try to select an option of 1000 Robux and click on the ‘Proceed’ button. After clicking the ‘Proceed’ button, you should wait, as seems to sync to your Roblox account.

Until the process is completed,  it brings notification that you’re almost done with synchronization of 1000 Robux. However, in order to get 1000 Robux free, requires you to complete the last step by clicking the ‘Verify Now’ button.

clicking the ‘Verify Now’ button

As we want to prove it, we try to click the ‘Verify Now’ button. What’s next? The site requires you to complete any 2 offers. Then, it promises that Robux will be unlocked. Here are what they offer:

any 2 offers

    • Take a FREE Survey to Become a Millionaire Now!
    • Enter for a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro!
    • Win gift vouchers worth up to IDR 5,000,000!
    • Protect your privacy on your phone!
    • Complete the survey to Win a Samsung Galaxy Z3 Fold!

We also try to choose 2 offers they provide and complete two offers until they inform us that Robux has been sent to our Roblox account. Do we receive Robux? NO, totally not! We do not receive free Robux as the Beast Bux site promises, even the offer site that we visit cannot be accessed.

Surprisingly! There are some offers that require us to enter our personal information including real name, email, birthday, gender, cell phone number, address, city and state.  What comes to your mind with this?

Yeah… The personal information that they need from you, it actually indicates that they will steal your personal information. Finally, we conclude that is a scam and you need to avoid it, don’t try to give your personal information when you complete their offers.

How to Identify A Robux Generator That It’s Fake?

As long as we carry out a small survey, there is no evidence that the Robux generator is real and gives you a certain amount of Robux. In fact, all Robux Generator Sites that we have visited and we also completed all things they offered didn’t give us Robux.

Many people who also have visited Robux Generator  reported that Robux Generators are totally fake. So that there are no more victims, we try to identify Robux Generators that are fake and you shouldn’t visit, even doing things that they offer within their site.

Well, identifying a Robux generator that it’s fake is pretty simple. Why? We have done some research by visiting and completing all things that the Robux Generator site offers. Almost all Robux Generators offer the same things in giving the users some offers.

From our little research, we have found that a fake Robux Generator has some characteristics that indicate it is fake. Here are they:

    • Robux Generators will require you to take a little survey by asking you to put your personal information. The surveys that they offer are commonly about the goods or specific brands.
    • Robux Generators will ask you to take some quizzes and complete them until it notifies that you get free Robux.
    • Robux Generator may ask you to open some certain apps on your mobile or also PC.
    • Robux Generator also requires you to install some apps either on PC or mobile.
    • Robux Generator asks you to play some games either PC games or mobile games.

Aside from those indicators, some Robux Generators may also require you to install some mobile games in order to get free Robux. Certainly, you will be required to fill out your personal information.

If you do this, there’s no doubt that you are at high risk, because they will steal your personal information. They then use your personal data for any purposes that will harm you a lot. So, make sure to avoid giving your personal information, aside from Roblox’s official site.

You also need to protect yourself from any scams by not providing your personal information in any surveys or any tasks on the Robux Generator sites. In fact, many people are desperate to do anything to get what they want including stealing your identity through sites that give robux for free.

As you can see today, there are a lot of sites that are designed to make people think that they are legit and real, as they officially promise to give you free Robux.

To note, if you also find Robux generators that provide the promotional codes, please leave them, as there is no real code provided in Robux generators. Of course, the codes they offer will not work. Keep in mind that everything legitimate associated with Roblox will be informed on the official Roblox platform.

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