Baizhu Genshin Impact Skills

You may be curious about one of the upcoming Genshin Impact characters named Baizhu. Many Genshin Impact fans also talk more about him and really wonder when he will come to the game, either sooner or later. Baizhu is a character in Genshim Impact which has a great skill.

Then, what is Baizhu’s skill in Genshin Impact?

Baizhu’s Skills in Genshin Impact

In fact, every character in Genshin Impact has a certain skill which is different from another. Each character is certainly featured with specific skill that he/she uses for any goals in the game. Either playable characters or upcoming characters, they are also leaked with their skills in Genshin Impact.

Baizhu Genshin Impact Skills

So as with Baizhu, even though he is an upcoming character in Genshin Impact but for his skill has been known to the public. Considering his skill so great, of course knowing about his skill is definitely a must for you.

Baizhu concerns a medical skill which is well-known as doctor and also herbalist. In the game, he is leaked as a herbalist who gives the medical prescription for anyone who needs it a lot. In some character’s view, Dr. Baizhu always gives a disgusting medicine taste, not only for kids, but also for adults.

Known as herbalist, Dr. Baizhu has a distinctive smell. When anyone smells Mist Flowers, they are directly reminded of Dr. Baizhu. When Dr. Baizhu is examining his patients, he will ask all complaints to the patient. Here’s a list of his questions in examining the patients:

  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Do you feel faint?”
  • “Is your stomach pain?”
  • “Is it a sore throat?”
  • “You’ll be fine after you drink some herbs medicine here.”
  • “Okay, I will make your drink some  traditional herbal medicine.”
  • “Your pain will be better if you drink some herbs medicine.”

From the list of his suggestions to the patients, we’ll think that Dr. Baizhu is an expert who specializes in herbal medicines. He’s also well-known as Bubu’s Pharmacy owner. But, not all characters in Genshin Impact really know him, including Zhongli.

Dr. Baizhu really concerns in his job as the herbalist in which he is very brave when he offers for about three Million More to exchange for Everlasting Incense, a higher amount here can force the party to ask Childe to pay for them.

There is a bad rumor among the Genshin Impact characters who talk about Dr. Baizhu’s medicine. They think that Baizhu’s herbs medicines are extremely bitter. According to Changsheng, Baizhu is a swindler who often gives the overprices to his patients. He also does not hesitate to warn the Traveler about him.

The point is, Baizu’s skill is in medicine which concerns herbalist medicine in curing the patients.

Baizhu’s Personality

it’s not enough if we do not talk about his personality. However, every character in Genshin Impact is provided with their own distinctive characters. Of course, we can really recognize one-by-one character’s personality in Genshin Impact. By knowing each character’s personality, we’re automatically able to know deeply for each character and how to handle them in the game.

Even though Baizu is an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact, knowing about his personality is what you should do. As we know, Baizhu has recently been a very popular character in Genshin Impact which was accompanied by the rumors circulating about him.

A leaked-information which talked about his personality is that he is a cool-piece character which is hidden by his specific goal in the game. In other words, he’s someone who hides his true character in secret to reach his mission in the game.

Among Genshin Impact characters, he is known as the characters with veiled goals without anyone knowing it. In the game, Baizhu is hit by rumors which reveal that he is an evil herbalist which always gives a disgusting-bitter herbal medicine to the patients.

Baizhu is an extremely scary character who works in secret goal. In the game, he is also taking care of Qiqi, despite being a zombie which has a bad memory for unknown personal reasons. Need to know, Baizhu has no element of sincerity which means that he just examines the patient with any certain goals.

Baizhu is one of the scary characters who easily caves whenever Qiqi demands something from him. Qiqi is one of the characters which is involved with him. She  is frequently lowering the price of the Everlasting Incense when Childe offers to supply them with coconut milk for Qiqi.

In other words, Baizhu is something of a swindler who always overprices his customers. He also is not reluctant to warn the Travelers if they talk about him. Because Qiqi  is always on her shoulders, it does not matter if  Baizhu minds her warnings.

Baizhu’s Appearance

When we talk about the appearance of Baizhu, we guess that you will be interested to know more about him in the game. Baizhu is represented as a tall man who has a light skin and also green hair reaching his shoulders. He also has catchy-golden eyes. In the game, he is always seen by wearing a pair of red oval-framed glasses.

All the time, Baizhu is always seen with his pet snake Changsheng which is draped around his neck just like a scarf. With the cropped short-sleeved shirt and indigo pants, he looks so charming. Baizhu also wears a pale blue jacket and a teal-blue sash which draped around his shoulders like a cape. Of course, this look of his outfit makes his appearance very attractive to not to be missed.

When Does He Appear in the Game?

Baizhu is well-known as an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact. He has appeared in the main story and he is speculated to be available in the future. Baizhu seems to possess a Vision in the game. Well, the facts and his complex design made a lot of fans trust that he will be a playable character in the future.

Baizhu character can be also seen in some character’s voiceless which reveal that Baizhu will be available  soon with his skill in medicine. So, wait for it!