AttaPoll – How to Get More Surveys

Do you use AttaPoll to get extra money? If so, you may wonder how you can get more surveys from AttaPoll. You are able to get the information about getting more surveys in AttaPoll here together with the other information related to AttaPoll.

Getting More Surveys in AttaPoll

According to the Household Money Saving, if you want to get more surveys from AttaPoll, it is the same as all survey sites where there is little that you can do to be able to attract more surveys. You just have to make sure that you keep your profile up to date and answer all the surveys you are sent honestly.

About AttaPoll

What is AttaPoll? It is a survey site which permits you to get extra money from your phone. As explained on the website of AttaPoll, with it, you just have to install the app, take surveys and then get rewards.

According to the website of AttaPoll, the surveys are easy and fun where they come from companies all over the world. You are able to do the survey on your coffee break or whenever you have some spare time. How about the cash out? On the website, it is also explained that their payment thresholds are low. What does it mean? It means that you are able to cash out pretty fast. You are able to choose between PayPal, gift cards or one of their other payment methods. You are also able to donate your cash to a charity.

AttaPoll - How to Get More Surveys

How Much Do Surveys Pay You?

According to the website of AttaPoll, it is explained that in the app, they show you how much you are paid for successfully completing a survey. The amounts will be higher for surveys which are looking for very specific demographics or qualifications. Let’s say that your responses are reviewed and accepted by the company that made the survey, then your balance in the app will be added with money. You are able to choose which surveys that you want to take.

How Do You Get Paid?

You may now wonder how you will be paid. You are able to cash out to PayPal, request a gift card or you are able to donate to a charity. The options are available and the amount needed for payment vary based on country and you are able to view which ones are available to you on the Balance screen in the app. Usually, payments are sent in a few minutes.

What Are The Surveys About in AttaPoll?

Before you start, you may wonder about the topics of the surveys. You may be afraid that you are not able to fill in the surveys because the topics may not be understandable by you. Well, as explained on the website of AttaPoll that AttaPoll connects you with a wide range of companies and organizations which are looking for your views and opinions. Let’s say that you take part in these surveys in AttaPoll. It means that you will help the companies or organizations develop new products and services or improve existing ones. So, the topics of the survey can vary where they can range from Automobiles to Zebras.

The Duration of the Surveys

How about the duration of the survey? Will it take long? The duration of the surveys vary. In the app, you can see an estimate of how long it should take to complete the survey. You do not have to be worried because you have the freedom to choose which survey that you want to take.

Rewards Which Are Available with AttaPoll

According to the Survey Police, if you have earned at least $3, you are able to request a cash payment to your PayPal account. There is also an alternative where if you have obtained at least 250 credits, you are able to convert it into Ethereum. Also, you are able to be paid to your bitcoin wallet, but you will need a much higher credit balance where it is about $100.

If you want to donate your earnings to charity, you can do that after you have earned at least $1.

Some Pros and Cons of Using AttaPoll

There are some pros and cons of using AttaPoll according to the Survey Police website as you are able to see below.


  • This AttaPoll app is simple to use.
  • AttaPoll is available anywhere in the world.
  • You are permitted to withdraw your earnings as charity payments, cryptocurrency or PayPal payments.
  • The withdrawal threshold is low.
  • You are able to filter what length of surveys are offered to you.


  • The AttaPoll survey does not pay well for time spent on surveys.
  • There are not many surveys available at any given time.
  • There are a lot of users who complain that they are disqualified after they spend long periods of time on a survey.

Whether or Not AttaPoll is Safe

When talking about apps which can make people earn money, of course, one of the important things to know is whether it is safe or not. It is because there are some other platforms which ask you to do a survey but they may be a scam. How about AttaPoll? Is it safe? According to the HouseHold Money Saving, AttaPoll is a legit app where it permits you to earn small amounts of money quickly.

It has a low payout of £2.50 or $5, so you need to do it easily in a few days. AttaPoll Ltd  which is a British company which is based in London and incorporated back in 2016 is the owner of the AttaPoll. In this app, you will be able to find a lot of reviews across the internet of the company.

Through the options in the app, you are able to choose the amount of surveys that you want to receive per day and also the length of surveys that you want to do. If you do not want to take a survey which will take 20 minutes, then you do not have to do the survey.

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