Animal Crossing New Horizons Fish Guide Printable

One of the fun activities in New Horizons that you can do is fishing. With fishing, you can donate your catches to Blathers museum and sell the fish at the shops for getting Bells, the main currency of Animal Crossing. Certainly, you can use Bells for purchasing furniture, clothing options and many more.

In order to be a Fishing expert, you should at least know the guides for fishing  including a variety of fish, time they spawn, sell price for each fish, and the location where you can find a certain fish. However, each fish will spawn in different times and locations, so make sure you know in advance these important clues.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fish Guide Printable

How to Get a Printable Fish Guide?

You may need the printable fish guide that will make it easy to understand. Unfortunately, not many provide printable fish guides. If available, you may have to save the file, then you can print it manually. We only found some sources which provide the printable fish guide.

But again, you need to ‘download’ the image first. Then, ‘save’ it into your computer. After you save the image, you can then ‘print’ the file through your ‘printer device’. Finally, you will get the printable fish guide that you can use to fish in Animal Crossing.

Some sources which provides the printable fish guide for Animal Crossing are:


You can get the printable fish guide on reddit. You can only join this forum and look for the Animal Crossing’s group or community. Generally, on reddit, you will find numerous threads and some groups will share certain links. So, you can try to discover the Animal Crossing community on Reddit,who knows you can get a link to download the fish guide for Animal Crossing.


Sometimes, if you want to get the download link for printable Animal Crossing fish guide, you can try to explore Pinterest, a fairly complete and interesting platform. Generally, Pinterest will show the content visually and you can type ‘printable Animal Crossing fish guide’ on the search bar. Then, see if there are many results for them.

If you find the results, you can try clicking on the image and click the link available on. If the page provides the link for printable Animal Crossing fish guide, you can then print it directly. Finally, you can have a printable fish guide to be a guide when you catch fish in Animal Crossing.

Some Blogs

You can also try to find the printable fish guide in some blogs or websites. Generally, there are some blogs which will show the link for printable Animal Crossing fish guide. We think that you will have a chance to get a printable fish guide if you try discovering numerous sites and blogs.

One of the blogs which provide the printable fish guide for Animal Crossing is 3D Animals that you can access here. Unfortunately, you cannot get it directly from the site, meaning you need to print it by following some instructions manually.

After you visit the site, you can find the image of the Animal Crossing fish guide. You can then save the image by right-clicking on the image, click on the ‘Save Image as’ and name your file. When you already save the file, you can then print the file. That’s it! You eventually have a printable Animal Crossing fish guide.

Okay, those are some sources that you can visit to find the printable Animal Crossing fish guide.

Tips to Increase Chances of Fishing in Animal Crossing

Tips to Increase Chances of Fishing in Animal Crossing

You may already know that catching fish in Animal Crossing is a bit hard to do. What you should do is diligently learn the fish guide to make it more understandable. With the help of the fish guide, it will at least give you the information where you can find the fish and what time the fish will spawn.

Well, we also give you some tips and tricks that you can do in order to increase your chances of catching fish in Animal Crossing, here are they:

    • Make sure to craft a fishing rod and equip it at the edge of a body of water and throw it near the outline of a fish. You need to wait until it begins nibbling and after it goes under, you can press the ‘A’ button to lure it in.
    • Discover all parts of the island. You can find the fish from the ocean shore to rivers, ponds, the mouths of rivers, waterfalls and even higher elevations. You will have a chance to find different fish.
    • Trying to catch fish all over the island including in ponds. Even though you cannot see what fish, you can catch it before you land it. however, both the location and the size will help narrow down any you may be looking for.
    • It’s highly recommended for you to aim for just in front of the fish, when casting. If it does not take notice straight away, you can pull the line up. Need to know, each fish has different visibilities, alternatively you can try casting it closer next time.
    • Ensure it has ignored your line, as if you cast too early, it will swim away. However, if you are struggling to reach it, you can then reposition yourself and try again.
    • It may be worth it for you to concentrate more on the sound and vibration when seeing the fish going in for a bite. This way can be performed if you are struggling to time pulling the lure. Some gamers recommend you try closing your eyes to assist you focus better. This method now becomes most favorite fish catching method.
    • You need to reel the fish in, as the fish will only nibble a total of five times before it goes under.
    • Make sure to learn the guide for catching fish including the location, time, weather and more. In fact, not only location and weather influence fish spawns, but also the time of day and the time of year will also impact for fish to spawn, as each fish will spawn at different times.

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