Animal Crossing Collectors Box Target Review

An Animal Crossing Collector’s Box has arrived at Target and other retailers. It will likely sell out very fast. This Animal Crossing Collector’s box has a bunch of themed content inside at a reasonable price, creating it the perfect prize for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans.

This Animal Crossing Collectors Box has already appeared at Target retailers across the United States and selected retailers in other countries. Actually, similar boxes have been sold for other Nintendo games, however Animal Crossing has proven to be extremely famous. So, you have to act fast if you want to get one.

Animal Crossing Collectors Box Target Review

Animal Crossing Collectors Box Review at Target

Yaya_Ro – 11 days ago

The only issue is the calendar numbers do not provide for all the dates. I could not make 30 because the blocks are misnumbered. I am happy with everything else. This is a super cute item.

Chris221 – 12 days ago

The socks, squishy peach, and organizer are amazing. The socks are super cute. The peach is your typical squishy toy. Next, the organizer is adorable. I do not want to use it! Unfortunately the bag is cheap and I could not imagine actually wanting to use it because I am sure it would rip. The block calendar was not made with the correct numbers. So you cannot use it for the 30th or 31st. Lastly, the blanket looks so cute. But later you will feel it and it feels like the worst cheapest scratch fabric ever. As if that is not bad enough the smell, it smells like a dead rotting animal. Now, it is in the wash so fingers crossed the smell comes out, and the fabric will feel better after being washed.

Angel – 20 days ago

The bell blanket you get is a good size for this little bundle box. Everything is semi useful in my lifestyle however at least this is all good quality for $30.

lynamed – 24 days ago

The calendar blocks are indeed misprinted, however I think it is more funny than it is inconvenient. I have started making up random dates on the few days it occurs, and it has been such a bright spot on my desk that I cannot be mad at it. The blanket is very thin, but I think it is still cute. Terrific gift idea, for the collectors, casual fans, or anyone who likes Animal Crossing.

Daniela – 24 days ago

This is really cute. But, the blocks in the calendar are wrong. You cannot make a 3rd, 4th or 5th. However, the stress ball is amazing

pandesal – 26 days ago

This is the Great items but the calendar does not meet certain days (like 30th) that was disappointing. Still made me laugh.

embly – 27 days ago

Probably give it more stars if they did not screw up the block calendar. There is no option to create the 30th or 31st.

Theresa C – 28 days ago

Everything is very fun and good quality. The only problem that I have is that one of the blocks is misprinted on the wooden calendar. It means that you will not be able to make a 30. The block has a 6 and a 9 which are the same, so I have seen people paint one and change it to a 0, however if you do not have the materials, you are out of luck. The peach scented squishy is amazing. It smells great.

Animalcrossingfan – 1 month ago

I read the reviews before buying this and for the most part the reviews are nice and accurate. The box has several flaws but still good. The Soft socks, scented squishy, pretty posted notes, very colorful and well made notebook, made out of a thin material. The calendar does not create some dates which is disappointing but it is still a good item though.

amissamente – 1 month ago

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the peach stress ball smells like peaches. I am knocking off a point as the calendar is misprinted, however I know that going in and I will fix it myself. Of course, I am happy with my purchase at Target.

What is in the Animal Crossing Collector’s Box?

What is in the Animal Crossing Collector’s Box

The Animal Crossing Collector’s box is filled with seven items, all of which are packed in an iconic Nook Inc. box. Here is what you get:

  • A Timmy and Tommy Nook desk calendar
  • An Animal Crossing notebook
  • Turnip sticky notes pad
  • Isabelle socks
  • Bell bag blanket measuring approximately 63″ (160cm) x 40″ (101cm)
  • Peach stress ball
  • A drawstring bag
  • A Nook Inc. box

Where to buy the Animal Crossing Collector’s Box?

Where to buy the Animal Crossing Collector’s Box

The Animal Crossing Collector’s Box has a price of $29.99. It makes for a good value for all the items which come in the box. Unfortunately, getting one of these coveted collector’s boxes may prove to be a challenge. This item has a listing on Target’s website, but it appears to only be available for in-store purchase. At least one person has reported making an in-store purchase on Twitter, so one of the best choices to get this may be to head to your local Target and hope that they have one in stock. Australian players are able to pre-order this collection for AUD$68.00 (with an AUD$10.00 deposit) at EB Games.

However, an eBay listing for the Animal Crossing Collector’s Box is selling it for the higher price of $35. Scalpers are already selling this item at higher prices elsewhere, so this may be the best method to get one without going to a store. Also, this eBay listing ships to lots of other countries for an additional shipping cost.

Apparently, this Animal Crossing Collector’s Box will be able to sell out very quickly. Even, this will be an amazing gift for the Animal Crossing fans if you cannot buy one of those special edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch consoles.

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