Among Us Drip Roblox ID Loud

Do you want to play the new Among US Drip loud song in Roblox? If so, you must have the ID code of Among Us Drip ID first that can be usually found on the URL on the user page. It is known that Among Us Drip Theme has a unique ID that you can use to listen to the song while playing a Roblox game.

Currently, Among Us Drip theme song has been remixed by the creators to be louder or bass boosted. The loud or bass boosted works to get boost and max-bass with the similarity of the bass boosted in the low frequency. So, let’s find out the Roblox IDs of Among Us Drip Theme Loud through our post below!

Among Us Drip Roblox ID Loud

Here’s a List of Among Us Drip Roblox IDs!

There are several internet sources that provide a number of Among Us Drip song IDs. In Roblox library, you can also find a huge number of Among Us Drip songs, so you can choose the best version you want.

If you want Among Us Drip Loud or Trap Remix, but the bass is boosted, you can choose the following Among Us Drip IDs:

    • 6266928537
    • 6293016126

But if you want Among Us Drip Theme in common version, you can choose the following Among Us Drip Theme IDs:

    • 6132224076 (This one is the most popular Among Us Drip audio in Roblox)
    • 6594501743
    • 6119798028
    • 6486359635
    • 7843975195
    • 6842839606
    • 6153396177
    • 7508706098

After finding out Among Us Drip Loud ID, you can then use its ID to play the audio in the game. However, you will need the gear called Golden Boombox that you can find in the catalogue of Roblox. The Golden Boombox also allows other players near you to listen to the songs that you are hearing.

To find the Golden Boombox gear, you just simply go to the Roblox catalogue and then type ‘Gear’. Here, you need to type ‘Boombox’ or ‘Golden Boombox’ on the search bar. After you find it, you can then click a new blue button that says ‘Add to Game’. By clicking it, the Golden Boombox gear will appear on the game you’re playing as well.

To play Among Us Drip Loud audios, you can click the ‘Golden Boombox’ and it will bring you a GUI Window where you need to paste the ID of Among Us Drip Loud. After pasting the ID onto the GUI window, you can listen to the song.

There’s also an alternative you can choose to play the Among Us Drip Loud song in Roblox. However, it can only apply for the admin of the game. If you’re accidentally an admin of the game, you can use admin commands. To do it, you need to hit ‘CTRL + V’ keys on your keyboard to paste the command in your Roblox music ID. Then, you can enjoy listening to Among US Drip Loud songs.

More Among Us Roblox IDs

The library of Roblox provides dozens of Among Us audios within a variety of genres. If you want more Among Us IDs, you can use the following ID codes to play these songs while playing a game. You can just copy the Among Us IDs below and paste them on the Golden Boombox gear that appears in your game.

Here are they:

    • 6065418936: Among Us Trap Remix
    • 6486359635: Among Us Drip
    • 5711590979: Show Yourself – Among Us
    • 6568314462:  3AM Among Us Happy Meal
    • 7072200177:  Among Us Happy Meal (full version)
    • 7035146553: Among Us Happy Meal at 3AM
    • 6534554744: Among Us Eurobeat Remix
    • 6847599532: Among Us Drip Theme with Reverb Fart
    • 6645116263: Among Us Theme – Eurobeat Remix
    • 6399320928: Among Us Sabotage Soun
    • 6904259091: Among Us Trap Song
    • 6897756625: Among Us Eurobeat Remix / Notoriety April 1st
    • 6880536160: Hello? Is This Among Us?
    • 6787511506: Among Us in Real Life
    • 6769893441: Among Us in Real Life!
    • 6528804244:  Among Us Remix

Can You Use Among US Drip Loud Audio as a Sound Effect?

Of course, yes! You definitely can use the Among Us Drip Loud song as a sound effect for your own game. If you are a game developer, using a sound effect in your game is very important, as it will attract a lot of players to play your game.

To use Among Us Drip Loud songs, you may have to use the audio model for interactive GUI Objects. To play this song, you may need to hook it up to the ‘Activated’ event listener for the GUI button.

To add GUO sounds, you will need to add a new ‘ScreenGui’ in StarterGui. Afterward, you can make a new ‘TextButton’ within it. You can then choose a new button and attach a ‘LocalScript’ and clear out all the contents on the script bar.

Then, you need to start paste the following scripts:

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”)

 — Require audio player module 

local AudioPlayer = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“AudioPlayer”))

— Set up sounds 


            [“SimpleClick”] = 3061551819 


 — Reference the button

local textButton = script.Parent  

— Function activated when button is pressed

 local function onButtonActivated()




After the script is inserted, you can start playing and testing the game. If you perform the step-by-step correctly and procedurally, the sound can be played specified in the bold line of the following script:

— Function activated when button is pressed

local function onButtonActivated()




How to Randomly Shuffle Your Background Music?

To shuffle your background music randomly, you may need to use a certain script, preventing back-to-back repeats. To do it, you can make a new ‘LocalScript’ inside ‘StarterPlayer à StarterPlayerScripts’ in the Explore window to shuffle the Roblox songs randomly.

Afterwards, you will have to clear out all the existing lines. Then, paste the following scripts:

local SoundService = game:GetService(“SoundService”)

 — Number of other songs required to play before the same song can play again


 local DEFAULT_VOLUME = 0.5

 local random =

 local recentlyPlayedSoundObjects = {}

 — Array of song asset IDs to play randomly

 local songs = {




} …… (The script is still continuing, find more at internet source)