All New Harriet Hair Styles ACNH

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will find Harriet who is known as a hairstylist who runs the Shampoodle barber shop. In the case of running her barber shop, Harriet will change the player’s hairstyles depending on the answers of a series of questions.

Of course, there are a number of hairstyles that the players can choose to express themselves. In the beginning, there are at least eight styles available and 16 more can be unlocked later on in the game. Sure, other additional hairstyles can be unlocked by talking to Harriet on Harv’s Island. Then, what are hairstyles that can be unlocked from Harriet?

All New Harriet Hair Styles ACNH

Here’s a List of New Harriet Hairstyles!

In the new update, there are at least 11 new hairstyles in total.

    1. Top Fab 4 Pack

The Top Fab 4 Pack includes four new hairstyles including a loose braid which will be perfect for any potential farmers looking to harvest Animal Crossing’s new crops.

Harriet Hair Styles Top Fab 4 Pack 1

Within the Top Fab 4 Pack, there is also a short middle-parted hairstyle available. Among the players, this hairstyle is a great choice for any fashion-forward players looking to spice up their character’s fall look.

Harriet Hair Styles Top Fab 4 Pack 2

This pack also includes a textured high bun. This is a welcome move which was given just last fall Nintendo introduced another pack of hairstyles to add more inclusive choices to the game.

Harriet Hair Styles Top Fab 4 Pack 3

Top Fab 4 also features another hairstyle that shows short buzz cuts for players to use it. Moreover, this hairstyle must prove to be versatile as it comes to wearing hats and also other accessories for the head.

Harriet Hair Styles Top Fab 4 Pack 4

    1. Sampoodle’s Hairstyle

Harriet definitely introduces a hairstyles set that adds seven more hairdos to the game as the first elegant hairstyle above the ears cut. This hairstyle by Harriet that is even shorter is the tousled look which is added alongside the other new hairstyles.

 which is an elegant above-the-ears cuttouseled look that's added alongside

Another hairstyle option by Harriet also includes the different layers and also bangs that must be a fun and versatile hairstyle for Animal Crossing fans to try out.

option includes different layers as well as bangs

Another short look is quite familiar to the middle part. The short hairstyle is introduced in the Top Fab 4 set, although this hairstyle actually sweeps more to one side.

Sampoodle’s Hairstyle sweeps more to one side

Moreover, Harriet’s hairstyles actually adds a cute bob cut that only covers the player character’s ears. The hairstyles will look great if it is paired with a scarf or autumn jacket.

Hairstyles by Harriet adds a cute bob cut

Additionally, one longer option of Harriet’s hairstyle introduces hair which is half up and half down including a bun on the top of the head.

 Harriet’s hairstyle introduces hair which is half up and half down

Okay, those are a number of Harriet’s hairstyles that you can get from Harriet. So, make sure to choose the best one that you can apply for your characters.

Who Is Harriet?

Who Is Harriet

In Animal Crossing, Harriet is described as a pink poodle that is known as the queen of hairdressing within the game of Animal Crossing. Harriet runs a Shampoodle barber shop where she can change the hairstyle of each player depending on the answers of the questions’ series.

In the game, Harriet is described to wear a red, blue and white striped apron that resembles the French flag. The Apron can also represent an old fashioned barber pole that introduces the same red, blue and also white stripes.

To change your hairstyle, it may cost 2,000 Bells to use her service. Harriet is first added to Animal Crossing Wild World that works in a store in Nookington’s. She also appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing City Folk.

Harriet is known as a cheerful woman who really enjoys the style. Harriet also has an enabler attitude that praises people of their style on the outside no matter how bad it looks.

Talking about her appearance, Harriet came to the game as a poodle with poofy pink hair as her own hairstyle. He also has pink ears that flop down on her head. In the game, Harriet wears a purple dress that features a three-striped aprod colored blue, red, and white like a barber pole. She has black eyes where each has a single eyelash and turquoise eye shadow.

How to Unlock Harriet’s Salon?

The players could first meet her during Wild World. Now, she is back and has set up shop on Harv’s Island. She is very talented with a pair of scissors that is also a long time friend of Harv. If you see them, they both look a little like hipsters.

To find Harriet, you will need to upgrade the Harv’s Island first, as the island has expanded with New Horizons version 2.0 update massively. Upgrading Harv’s island is pretty easy, but you need to own a 3 star island beforehand.

Need to know, Harv will not send you the letter to invite you to his island. Sure, you will not locate Harv on his usual spot on his island there. For more information, Harv’s usual spot is his photography studio, but around back, in a whole new area of the island.

Harv will be seen standing there with Harriet. In this case, they will tell you all about their plans for Harv’s island. In the game, they really desire to turn that area into a shopping plaza. In the case of turning the place into a shopping plaza, they will need your help to complete this.

Well, you should donate to have shops built there. For each shop, it costs 100,000 Bells. In this case, Harriet’s salon is the exception to the rule, because you do not need to pay for her shop as well.

To help them, you have to construct at least one shop before she will also set up her Hair Salon in the Plaza. Once you donate the 100,000 Bells, you need to wait for one day. Then, Harriet is going to appear in the Plaza. Now, you can walk with her to gain a new hairdo each day.

Okay, that’s everything you should know about Harriet, her salon and also her new hairstyles that you can apply for your characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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