All Minecraft Mobs and Their Weaknesses

In Minecraft, you may already know about Mobs. They are a living, moving game entity within the game. Well, the term of mob is short for mobile which can be attacked by the player. Of course, there are many kinds of mobs which spawn in the Minecraft world.

Then, you may get a bit hard to attack them. However, that’s a normal problem if you’re really hard to attack them in the game. Well, to ease you attacking the mobs, you surely should know about their weakness. If you already understand and know their weakness for each mob, we guarantee that you will successfully attack mobs in Minecraft.

As not many posts which show you the weakness of each mob, in this post, we’ll help you to find the mods and also their weaknesses to ease you defeating each Minecraft mob.

Here’s a list of All Minecraft Mobs and Their Weakness!

Passive Mobs

Mobs Weakness
Bat Bats are flying passive mobs spawning in Caves. They does not drop any items or experience upon death
Cat Cats are passive tameable mobs which do not remain still for long and explore around the players.
Chicken Chicken cannot breed for 1 minute after two adult chickens are fed beetroot seeds, wheat seeds, pumpkin seeds or melon seeds.
Cod As a common passive fish mob which can be found in Oceans, a cod cannot survive outside of the water.
Cow Cows are anti-water, avoid hazards and walk off cliffs high enough to cause fall damage.
Donkey As a smaller animal than the normal horse, their manes surely don’t protrude.
Fox Foxes cannot attack the wolf and also do not flee if the player approaches them while sneaking.
Horse Horses generate health slowly. The adult horse cannot ride in boats.
Mooshroom The Mooshroom cannot grow back.
Mule Mules cannot be equipped with armor and have no foals much like mules in real life.
Ocelot The adult cannot breed again for 5 minutes after they have completed breeding
Parrot Parrots cannot be bred and have no baby form.
Pig Pig starts slow in movement speed.
Piglin Baby piglins are too passive and do not give anything in return when they are granted the gold.
Polar Bear Polar bears cannot breed and their growth cannot be sped up.
Rabbit Rabbit do not hop and the baby rabbit also follows adult rabbits.
Salmon Salmon cannot swim and also breathe in cauldron water.
Sheep Adult sheep  cannot match through the gap of the 90intersection of two fences.
Skeleton Horse Skeleton horses have no inventory and cannot be equipped with a saddle or given armor.
Snow Golem Snow Golem cannot deal damage except to wolves and blazes.
Squid Squids are not attracted to light and don’t interact with the players. They also cannot move and stay stationary
Strider Baby striders cannot walk on an adult, just following the closest adult strider.
Tropical Fish Tropical Fish cannot survive out of the water and they also have a weakness to weapons which have the Impaling enchantment.
Turtle Turtle does not have data attributes for gender.
Villagers The Villagers cannot claim a bed when they stay indoors until morning.
Wandering Trader Wandering Trader cannot have an experience bar and do not modify their offers or prices.

Neutral Mobs

Mobs Weakness
Bee Bees are not successful mob attackers. They cannot attack further and will die one minute later.
Cave Spider Cave Spiders cannot spawn spider jockeys.
Dolphin Dolphins cannot ride boats just like the squids and other types of fish.
Enderman Enderman cannot teleport while it’s in Minecart or boat. It also cannot put their blocks onto Bedrock and on entities.
Iron Golem Iron Golem cannot survive on the water, fire, lava, and also cacti.
Llama Trader Llama have no carpet so they use a blue rug design.
Piglin Adult Piglins cannot have a chance to dance unless their target was a hoglin.
Panda Panda do not attack on Peaceful difficulty. They have no unique personality.
Adult Polar Bear Adult polar bears cannot breed and their growth cannot be sped up.
Pufferfish All types of fish cannot survive outside of the water.
Spider Spiders can’t climb magma  blocks.
Wolf Wolves cannot attack the foxes.
Zombified Piglin Zombified Piglin just has a 5% chance to become a chicken jockey.

Hostile Mobs

Blaze They cannot immediately pick the damage up from the powder snow.
Chicken Jockey Chicken Jockey does not lay eggs and cannot take fall damage like the normal chickens.
Creeper Creepers cannot drop their own head when they explode.
Drowned Drowned do not naturally despawn unless the world is set to the Peaceful difficulty.
Elder Guardian Elder Guardian cannot respawn after their initial spawn. They cannot swim around as much as the normal guardians.
Endermite Endermite have a weakneed to against weapons.
Evoker Evokers are passive mobs of peaceful difficulty.
Ghast Ghasts cannot spawn if other ghasts are within 16 blocks of spherical distance to the intended spawning location.
Guadian Guardians cannot suffocate in air and live out of the water.
Hoglin Hoglin is passive mobs which has no effect on Zoglin’s behaviour
Phantom Phantom cannot get in touch with ocelots in the same manner.
Husk They cannot burn in sunlight.
Magma Cube Magma cube cannot go around walls and cannot survive from water.
Piglin Brute Piglin Brute cannot swim and they just sink in the water.
Pillager Pillagers spawn at below a particular location in the outpost.
Witch Witch cannot despawn, or they will be back into the villagers.
Vindicator Vindicators cannot naturally despawn and do not respawn after initially spawning.

Of course, there are still many types of mobs that you can find in Minecraft. Here they are:

  • Boss Mobs are the special hostile mobs which are more dangerous.
  • Upcoming Mobs are new kinds of mobs which are presented in the development version for the upcoming version.
  • Unused Mobs contain a few mobs which never naturally spawn in the game.
  • Removed Mobs  are no longer exist in the version of the game.
  • Joke Mobs are added as a joke in Java Edition.
  • Mentioned Mobs were part of the biome chooser which took place in MINECON Earth 2018.

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