ACNH Toy Day Guide for Beginners

Do you want to join a Toy Day event in Animal Crossing? If you want to join it, you may be late since the event occured on December 24th, 2020. However, if you want to know the guide for Toy Day in ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizon), you can read the explanation below.

Toy Day Guide in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

There were several things that you had to do in this event, and you are able to check below.

  • The first thing that you had to do was to talk to Jingle in front of Resident Services.

to Jingle in front of Resident Services

  • There, you had to get the Festive Wrapping Paper recipe from Jingle. You were able to find the materials for this recipe by checking decorated trees outside. The materials included 3 Blue Ornaments, 3 Red Ornaments and 3 Gold Ornaments.
  • Now, you had to create 3 Festive Wrapping Papers and if you had made them, you had to go back to Jingle and give the papers to him.

Craft Festive Wrapping Paper For Jingle

  • There, after you gave the 3 Festive Wrapping Papers, you would be given a Magic Bag and Toy Day Stockings and then you needed to put Toy Day Stockings in your house. The Magic Bag which was full of presents must be handed out to villagers.

Deliver Presents To Villagers

  • Here, you needed to equip the bag and sent presents to villagers. You could head around your island to be able to give out the presents to all villagers. If you were good friends with villagers, you would get a present back. The present is usually a color variation of a Toy Day item. What did we have to do if we are not able to find the villagers in the game? It is important for you to know that villagers might be in their houses or somewhere on the island. If you could not find villagers outside, you could try to search inside of their house. Also, you needed to realize that villagers might be sleeping at midnight and early morning. So, you were able to try to find them until Jingle left at 4:59 am in the next morning.
  • When you gave a present to more than 50% of villagers, you would get a reward from Jingle. The reward that you get from giving out presents to more than¬† half of all villagers in your island was a Gift Pile. You may wonder whether there was a certain order to give a present to the villagers. Well, the answer was no. When you talked to a villager in the game, a present would be given to them automatically from your bag. So, there was no specific order about giving them the right present. You were able to check the amount of presents left in your bag by checking it in your inventory.
  • When you gave presents to all villagers, Jingle would give you another reward. The reward was Toy Day Sleigh.
  • If you had given the presents, now you would be able to exchange presents with villagers. It is important for you to note that you were able to obtain red wrapping paper from residents when exchanging presents. After you exchanged the present, you would get special toy furniture from them.
  • Then, on December 25th, you had to check the Stockings that you put up to get the Jingle’s Photo.

The Rewards in Toy Day Event

As explained above that there you are able to get some rewards after you give the presents to the villagers or after you talk to Jingle. So, what are the rewards from this event? You are able to check them below.

  • Festive Wrapping Paper

Festive Wrapping Paper

It could be gained by talking to Jingle for the first time. It included blue ornament, red ornament and gold ornament.

  • Toy Day Stockings

Toy Day Stockings

You were able to get it by creating Festive Wrapping Paper 3 times.

  • Gift Pile

Gift Pile

You had to give the gifts to more than 50% of villagers on your island and then you had to talk to Jingle. So, you would be given this item by Jingle. In the Gift Pile, you got Red Wrapping Paper x3, Wooden-block toy and Cardboard Box x1.

  • Toy Day Sleigh

Toy Day Sleigh

If you had given presents to all villagers and then talked to Jingle, he would give another gift. Toy Day Sleigh was the gift.

  • Photo of Jingle

Photo of Jingle

To get this reward, you had to hang up Toy Day Stockings in your house on December 24th, and then you had to check them on December 25th.

The Toy Day Gifts to Buy at Nook’s Cranny

Nook’s Cranny sold fun toys from December 1st to December 25th, 2020. In this period, you were able to buy the gifts and gave them to your favorite Animal Crossing characters on December 24th, 2020. You needed to check the items daily to see the new items which could be found in-store because the items changed daily. You need to know that the toys came in different colors. However, you would have to trade with friends if you wanted to get all variants.

  • Dinosaur Toy

The variations of this toy are gray, red, blue, green and brown.

  • Dollhouse

The variations of this toy are red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown and orange.

  • Kids’ Tent

The variations of this toy are blue, stripes, black, floral, colorful, pink, brown and white.

  • Mini Circuit

The variations of this toy are pink & purple, black & silver, blue & yellow and red & white.

  • Pop Up Book

The variations of this toy are flowers, the ocean blue, savannah, and the Mesozoic world.

  • Puppy Plushie

The variations of this toy are spotted, beige, black, tricolored, pink, red, gray & white and lemon & white.

  • RC Helicopter

The variations of this toy are red, pink, light blue, yellow, purple, blue and green.

  • Set of Stockings

The variations of this toy are colorful, cool, cute, chic, natural and elegant.

  • Tin Robot

The variations of this toy are green, red, silver, pink, yellow, orange, blue and black.