ACNH Restaurant Name Ideas

When you build a restaurant in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you may be confused to name the restaurant. So, you need some ideas for the restaurant. Here, you can get a way to get name ideas for your restaurant in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Finding Name Ideas for Restaurant in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Naming a restaurant and any other things seems easy. In fact, it is not as easy as you think. When you have to name something, you may have to think for a long time and even you have some considerations in naming something such as the meaning of the name, the element that you want to include in the name and many more things.

If you are confused to name your restaurant in Animal Crossing New Horizons and until now you do not have any idea for that, one of the ways that you can do to get name ideas is to use a name generator. There are a number of online name generators and you can choose to use one of them.

Some online name generators are listed below.

    • Business Name Generator which can be accessed at here.
    • Fantasy Name Generators which can be accessed at here.
    • Behind the Name which can be accessed at here.
    • Spinxo which can be accessed at here.
    • and many more.

By using the name generators above, usually you have to enter the element that you want to include in the name. For example, let’s say that you use Business Name Generator to find restaurant name ideas in ACNH. In the website of Business Name Generator, there is a search box where you can enter words that you want. Let’s say you enter “Yummy” and then click on the Generate button. So, the generator will generate the names related to yummy as you can see below.

    • Yummy Wave
    • Yummy Bit
    • Yummy Toss
    • Yummy HotSpot
    • Yummy Tasty
    • Yummy Story
    • Yummyscape
    • Yummy Sensation

If you use Spinxo, there are more fields that you can fill in such as Name or Nickname field, What are you like field, hobbies field, things you like field, important word field and numbers or letters field. I tried to find a restaurant name in SpinXo by entering “pink” in the What Are You Like field, “pudding” in the Things You Like field and “Yummy” in the Important Words field. Then, the results are listed below.

    • Smart Yummy
    • 4meYummy
    • BeltingFrosting
    • CustardYummy
    • HottPudding
    • CakePudding
    • PieFly
    • PuddingSaying
    • PurplePink
    • PuddingTwit
    • PurpleRule
    • SupplyPie

So, you can access one or more name generators above or other name generators to find restaurant name ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to Create Restaurant in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you want to create a restaurant in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you are required to decorate 12 homes and the school facility. After that, there will be Lottie who will ask you whether you want to decorate a new restaurant or cafe. If you agree, you will be taken to the restaurant location by Lottie.

Restaurant will be your first facility which has two rooms to decorate and each of them has its own requirements. If you want to start to decorate, you have to enter the decorating mode by hitting the down button on the left Joy-Con. After that, you have to press the right button on the left Joy-Con so that the furniture menu is opened. At the top, you can see the number of pieces of furniture required.

For creating the restaurant, there are some items that must be included. In the Dining Hall, the required furniture are Cash Register x1, Table x1 and Chairs x4. In the Kitchen, the required furniture is Stovetops x2.

After you finish decorating the restaurant, then you are able to name your restaurant and then choose the facility staff.

Some Restaurant Design Ideas

When you decorate the restaurant, you may also be confused about how to decorate the restaurant. If so, there are some restaurant design ideas according to the Fandom Spot website. Here they are.

    • Classic Italian Restaurant

      Classic Italian Restaurant
      To make a Classic Italian Restaurant, you can start with some tables with cloth, and then you can customize them to have that classic red checker pattern. Then, you can create a stall and customize it to have a red, green and white pattern so that it can represent the Italian flag. Also, make a custom sign to announce your daily special menu. You can then craft a brick oven and a clay furnace. Then, start cooking some chicken cacciatore, spaghetti or pizza.

    • City View Restaurant

      City View Restaurant
      To make a city view restaurant, you have to get some cityscape wallpaper to look out on the city. In the dining area, you can put some tables with cloth and rattan chairs. After they are placed neatly, then you can set up each person’s seat with a table setting. A small counter can also be created by you with some den desks and diner low stools. It is also good if there are various plants pictured here such as the bonsai tree and monstera. It can be an awesome decoration for this skyscraper eatery.

    • Oceanside Benihana

      Oceanside Benihana
      You can create some shell tables for seaside dining for this restaurant. Also, you can create iron garden chairs for sitting. After that, a stall and ironwood kitchenette can be created by you. It will be better if you put a soup kettle on the counter. Some unglazed pottery sets can be customized by you and then they can be put on the tables as dinnerware for your patrons. At last, you can put the anchor statue so that it brings the seafaring dining experience.

Those are three ideas for your restaurant design. If you want to know more designs from the Fandom Spot site, you are able to access Fandom Spot site and read the article entitled 25 ACNH Restaurant Design Ideas (Indoor + Outdoor). By reading this, you may get some ideas for decorating the restaurant in ACNH so that you are able to create a unique restaurant.

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