ACNH Museum Ideas Outside

Are you looking for some ACNH Museum ideas? If so, you come to the right site because here I have some information about it who knows that you can get some ideas for your ANCH Museum.

Some ACNH Museum Ideas From Youtube

You are able to get ACNH Museum ideas from Youtube. There are some videos that you are able to watch about it as you can see from the list below.

ACNH Museum Ideas Outside

    • A video from Lex Play entitled 15 Museum Ideas for Your Island // Animal Crossing: New Horizons which was uploaded on April 5th, 2021. The length of this video is 15 minutes 31 seconds and it has been watched more than 63k times. According to that video, here are the 15 museum ideas for your island in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
      • Laguna – DA-5961-5251-6964
      • Ponderosa – DA-6564-9260-2410
      • Macchiato
      • ¬†Britopia by Brittany – DA-2254-3528-0532
      • Everese – DA-4227-0234-4731
      • Olive Land – DA-5736-7683-1533
      • Avalon – DA-7740-4503-9889
      • Milk – DA-6218-3426-4400
      • Eldniw
      • Cascadia – DA-7307-8833-2247
      • TinyMo – DA-2903-9559-5860
      • Serenity – DA-7442-1303-6677
      • Bellbados
      • Flat Earth
      • Hollowick – DA-1219-6927-8929
    • A video from Tiger entitled 10 Ideas || For Your Museum // Animal Crossing New Horizons which was uploaded on September 3rd, 2020. The length of this video is 15 minutes 51 seconds and it has been watched more than 202k times. You can access the instagram accounts of the creators of these museums.¬† Those creators are listed below.
      • Wayblossom
      • Varuna.Crossing
      • Macadamia_ACNH
      • Blossomcrossing_
      • Katie.ACNH
      • Redleafpile
      • Flowerlie.island
      • Mallow.ACNH
      • Eyeland_Life
      • Clovercrossing_ACNH
    • A video from Sophie Charlotte Gaming entitled 10 Museum Entrance Ideas!! Entrance Ideas For Your Animal Crossing Island / ACNH Island Tours which was uploaded on September 18th, 2020. The length of the video is 5 minutes 52 seconds and it has been watched more than 33k times. Those are:
      • Stardew
      • Antohallan
      • Moon’s ego
      • Anna island
      • Ohana
      • Neverland
      • Lolliville
      • Sunnyvale
      • Kame place
      • Meowtain

Explanation of Each Museum Ideas from Tiger Youtube Channel

According to the Tiger Youtube channel mentioned above on the video entitled 10 Ideas || For Your Museum // Animal Crossing New Horizons which was uploaded on September 3rd, 2020, you can see 10 museum ideas for your Animal Crossing New Horizons. Below, you can see the explanation of each museum idea according to Game Specifications.

    • Cliff Style Museum
      Dream Address: DA-0077-7285-3179
      By: Way Blossom
      In the beginning of the museum, you are able to see a study space. On the ground, there is also a carpet and there are fossils and a little bookshelf. There are also some other study spaces with a microscope and some bugs. There is the staircase which leads up to the museum where the staircase is located behind the first study space.
    • Greenery Museum
      Dream Address: DA-7477-5171-3499
      By: Varuna.Crossing
      This museum has pretty greenery and also a symmetrical view. It is designed based on city-style. It can give a sophisticated feel to you. There is a staircase at the entrance of the museum and it will lead to the museum. At the top, you will see a grand park area. You can also see the wedding-designed arch pathway which is like a crown to this museum. There are also statues on the sides of the museum. In the front and one side of the museum, you can also find a waterfall.
    • Cottage Style Museum
      By: Macadamia_ACNH
      This museum design is very natural and it has an earthy feel. Some pink flowers can be found in the middle of the pathway and there are some study areas in front of the museum. There is also a cute little painting area on the other side. A pond is also available.
    • Rainy Museum
      By: Blossom Crossing_
      This museum design gives a peaceful look. There are a lot of players who like visiting this place. As you can see that the pathway is decorated with white color flowers. There are also some fossils and signs in front of the museum.
    • Gloomy Museum
      Dream Address: DA-8494-7105-3479
      By: Katie.ACNH
      This museum is colourful and dreamy. On each side of the pathway, there is a stream of water and also ink-blue flowers. Natural staircase is also available there.
    • Stone Age Museum
      By: RedLeafPile
      On the cliffs at the entrance, there are paintings. You can also find a study space in front of the museum with some trophies and a little record player with some fossils. On the beach, there is a study space and a school observation center. On the rock, you can see a bookshelf.
    • Simple and Cute Museum
      Dream Address: DA-9899-2816-2487
      By: Flowerlie.Island
      There is an orchard and a small flower garden which you can see in front of the museum. There is a seating area with some fossils where you can find them over on the right side of the museum. You can also find a Starbucks cafe on the left side and the furniture is green where it fits the Starbucks theme.
    • Ufo Museum
      Dream Address: DA-2752-7765-5332
      By: Mallow.ACNH
      In front of the museum, you can see a ufo. There is also a small rocket and an astronaut which can be found on the side of the museum. On the right side of the museum, you can see a music area where you can find a guitar, piano, and other instruments. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the museum, there is a small pizza restaurant.
    • Historical Museum
      By: Eyeland_Life
      It can be seen as a jungle-themed museum where it is inspired by the World War II stories and saltwater crocodiles. You can see a land bridge which is surrounded by swamp areas. In front of the museum, there are also some of the critters left on the ground.
    • Botanical Museum
      By: Clovercrossing_ACNH
      In this museum, you can see that there is a small entrance area with some fossils and there is also a little picnic area. You can also see that there is a butterfly model, painting and a sign which indicates the way of the museum. You can find a vending machine and a bench on top of it as well. On the left side of the museum, you can see a water field and also blue and white flowers.