ACNH Katrina Fortunes Meaning

In the world of the series called Animal Crossing, including in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH, there is a character named Katrina. She is a big navy blue cat. She usually wears a robe, headdress, and gold bangles. She was born on October 28.

Katrina is known as the fortune teller. As a fortune teller, she has a lot of fortune. For those who are not familiar with her and are curious about all her fortunes and the meanings of them, this post has the information for you.

ACNH Katrina Fortunes Meaning

There are a total of six Katrina’s fortunes. All of them have the same impact on the gameplay in a minor way whether you believe it or not. It is important to know each of them and what they change. Here is the full list of each of these fortunes and their meaning:

    1. Popular/Fortune upon love: This one means villagers of the opposite gender will take a liking to the player.
    2. Support/Fortune upon friendship: This one means villagers of the same gender will be supportive.
    3. Unpopular/Disaster upon love: This one means villagers will avoid the player.
    4. Lucky Finances/Fortune upon wealth: This one means the player will gain and find more Bells than normal.
    5. Lucky Materials/Fortune upon items: This one means it will become easier to get rare items.
    6. Unlucky/Disaster upon health: This one means the player will fall down and trip a lot.

As mentioned before, there is a direct effect of Katrina’s fortunes on the hidden luck mechanic of Animal Crossing New Horizons, which has a subtle effect on the gameplay. Basically, you may find yourself getting more Bells from hitting the money rock if your luck is good. On the other hand, if your luck is bad, it is possible for you to spend the whole day falling over.

For anyone who wants to meet Katrina the fortune teller in the Animal Crossing New Horizons, it is needed for you to unlock her spot on Harv’s Island. In order to do this, the first thing that you need to do is to visit Harv’s Island after downloading the Ver.2.0 patch to learn about the plan for the co-op planned by him and Harriet.

Then, you will have to gather 100,000 Bells. Do not forget to donate it to one of the Lloid Gyroids that is located in the bottom left hand corner of the field, the one that is collecting funds for a mysteriously fortune teller. For the specific, you are recommended to choose and donate to the one sent up from the left. In case you have already unlocked a vendor or two or even all of them, it is possible for someone to have already donated a small amount of Bells. After reaching the donation goal, please wait for the next day for Katrina to arrive.

Getting Animal Crossing New Horizons Katrina on Harv’s Island

Feel free to visit Katrina every time you want her to read your fortune when she has set up camp. She apparently offers three services in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Keep in mind that one may not be available to you and everything depends on your friendship levels with your villagers. You can ask her to tell you about your luck and the friendship between you and a certain villager. To ask for her favor, you will need to give her 1,000 Bells each. Actually, the price ranges from 50-500 Bells for a fortune, depending on the game.

Getting Your Fortune Told in Animal Crossing New Horizons

For your information, the services about luck and friendship are only available once a day, meaning it is possible for you to take some time to uncover the friendship levels for all of your villagers. After reading your friendship level with a certain villager, you might be offered by her to bless you for 10,000 Bells. This one is able to increase the friendship level with a villager and it is available as long as you are not currently best friends with that certain villager. Having a strong level of friendship with a villager is important and is useful if you want to keep them on your island for a long time. When she says that there is a strong bond between you and that one villager, it means you can tell that you are already best friends.

In addition, Katrina will also offer some other spooky services, such as charms or removing curses. If you are interested in these services offered by her, you will have to pay for a fee that is not so small. The price should be no problem to you knowing the effect of her fortunes. With these, certain villagers might be closer to you or may avoid you altogether. Sometimes, you find yourself really lucky by getting unexpected Bells and rare items. Some other times, you might be very unlucky one and fall flat on your face. Not only that, there is also a chance that nothing will happen. Take note that your mileage is determined by the prediction given by Katrina. There is a chance for you to determine the thing that she says during the prediction.

If you are a fan of Katrina and want to get her poster, you are able to also use her amiibo card if you manage to find it. On her amiibo car, it is written that she is number 303. Aside from the number, some other information that are written include:

    • Type: Special
    • Star sign: Scorpio
    • Birthday: 10/28
    • Roll value: 2
    • Hand sign: Scissors
    • Request: I’ll leave it up to you!

In the past, the amiibo cards were sold in packs of six. Now, they are available to be purchased individually from eBay. Please go to eBay if you want to get an amiibo card of Katrina or the other ones. Each card costs differently and the most popular villagers are pricey.

Apart from the amiibo card, there is also Katrina’s e-card. On the card, it is written that she is number 123. The information about her gender, type, star sign, and password is also included.

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