ACNH: How to Catch Dungeness Crab

For those who want to complete Turkey Day and assist Franklin might be wondering on how to catch and get a Dungeness Crab in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This Dungeness Crab will be elusive. Therefore, you will need to know several things before going to hunt one. Even with having all the knowledge about Dungeness Crab, you will still need to rely a bit on luck. Here is how to catch Dungeness Crab in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How To Catch A Dungeness Crab In ACNH?

Here is everything you need to know about how to catch a Dungeness Crab in ACNH:

Dungeness Crab In ACNH

    • Creature: Dungeness Crab
    • Shadow Size: Large
    • Speed: Slow
    • Seasonality: November through May (Northern Hemisphere)
    • Seasonality: May through November (Southern Hemisphere)
    • Active Hours: All Day
    • Selling Price: 1900 Bells

The Dungeness Crab is a large-shadowed sea creature that moves a bit slower than the others. Easily, you are able to catch up to one by following it cautiously. Then, you are able to catch it by pressing A on your controller. When you get to the location, you have to dive down and swim towards it.

For the players in the Northern Hemisphere, seasonality of Dungeness Crab is November through May (in time for Turkey Day). While The players in the Southern Hemisphere are able to spot one at the opposite time of year. Fortunately, there is no specific time of day you need to worry about, as the Dungeness Crab is going to spawn at any time.

Keep in mind that Dungeness Crab is relatively rare. You may get unlucky and cannot not find one for a few hours, so do not get frustrated if that occurs to you. Just look out for a large slow moving shadow. You might discover yourself a Dungeness Crab.

Once again, to make you  understand more about catching a Dungeness Crab in ACNH, in the text below, we are going to explain it step by step.

    • Equip Your Wet Suit
      To catch a Dungeness Crab, you have to equip your diving suit. Please press the A Button to go dive into the ocean and go near the Bubbles.
    • Approach Dungeness Crab
      Need to know that the Dungeness Crab casts a Large Shadow Size. Thus, you are able to swim above the shadow by moving the Right Stick.
    • Dive Into the Deep by Pressing Y
      After you are near or right on top of the Dungeness Crab, simply press the Y Button to dive into the ocean. Finally, you have caught the Dungeness Crab in ACNH.

Diving Is The Only Way To Obtain Dungeness Crab

How To Catch A Dungeness Crab In ACNH

According to research, diving was revealed to be a feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the June 22nd, 2020 Summer Update Wave 1 Trailer.

Wet Suits

Equipping a Wet Suit is needed to be able to dive. Keep in mind that the snorkel clothing accessory introduced by the Wave 1 Summer Update is only cosmetic, it is not needed for diving. Also, it has no bonus effects. Wet Suits are able to be bought from Nook’s Cranny or the Special Items tab of the Nook Shopping app in the Nook Stop for 3,000 Bells each. For your information, Wet Suits from Nook’s Cranny or Nook Shopping have 4 variations. Also, a unique Nook-themed Wet Suit with long sleeves, can be bought with 800 Nook Miles from the Nook Stop.

You do not need to remove your base outfit to put on it. Wet Suits have unlimited functions and cannot be registered in the Tool Ring or a Wand. While you are wearing a Wet Suit, you cannot put on any other clothing or use the dressing room at Able Sisters. If the Wet Suit is your base outfit, then you are able to equip a wand outfit over it.

Swimming and Diving

On any island, the players have the ability to dive into the ocean from the beach, the cliffs, the rocks, and also do a flip off the Pier to retrieve deep-sea creatures. The players are able to dive into the ocean off any level of their island so long as it’s near the ocean. Also, the players are able to move at a slightly increased speed in the water by tapping the A button. Remember that diving is done by pressing the Y button. The players are able to stay under water for a few seconds before being forced to come up to the surface. The water is going to bubble when this is about to happen. Aside from that, the players are able to flip off of the Pier by running with the B button and pressing the A button.

As a player, you are able to swim in the ocean indefinitely. Also, you are able to swim and dive during multiplayer. In another change from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, deep-sea creatures cannot be scared away or escape from the players by moving outside the map boundary, because the netting now extends below the surface of water. Besides deep-sea creatures, now you are able to catch pearls that can be used to craft the Mermaid set.

While swimming, but not while diving, you are still able to access your NookPhone, inventory, and reactions. While inventory is able to be accessed, you cannot use any of the items or tools in your inventory until you return to shore. To eliminate any unwanted sea creatures you have to swim to shore. If a Scallop is discovered with a full inventory, then an interaction with Pascal will not happen. So, having two slots open in your inventory will give you enough room for potential DIYs or Pearls. Also, you are able to dive while the Island Designer mode is active. However, there are no landscaping tools that can be utilized while in the water. Snorkel masks are not needed and do not change the speed in which you are swimming.