ACNH HHP Unlocks

In Animal Crossing New Horizons update 2.0 there are a lot of new contents. In addition, there are also some new skills which are hidden in the Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC. For your information, Animal Crossing paid DLC is a purchase from the Nintendo eShop and it unlocks an archipelago of islands which can be accessed by you via the airport.

Happy Home Paradise Unlocks

As explained on the Polygon website, the complete list of Happy Home Paradise Unlocks can be seen below.

    • Unlock: Polishing
      Required clients: 4
      Requirements: On your fourth renovation, you will meet Niko and you will be taught by Niko how to polish furniture at the end.
    • Unlock: Crafting table in the office, DIYs on the island
      Required clients: 5
      Requirements: If you have finished your fifth remodel, a random vine or glowing moss DIY will be given by Niko for you. Then, Lottie will speak about adding a workbench to the office. After your sixth remodel, there will be the bench which will be added. The next day, DIY bottles will be seen by you on the beach.
    • Unlock: School facility
      Required clients: 6
      Requirements: After you have finished your fourth renovation, you will see Lottie and Lottie will stand in front of the empty school and talk about it. After you have finished your sixth remodel, you will be encouraged by Lottie to redecorate it.
    • Unlock: Changing room sizes
      Required clients: 6
      Requirements: When the school facility is remodeled by you, this technique will be learnt by you.
    • Unlock: Amiibo scanner
      Required clients: 7
      Requirements: You will see that the amiibo scanner comes up on Lottie’s desk for you to use. It occurs after your seventh remodel.
    • Unlock: Wall partitions
      Required clients: 8
      Requirements: If you have finished your eight remodel, you will learn something namely how to make wall partitions through a DIY recipe.
    • Unlock: Cafe facility
      Required clients: 12
      Requirements: You are able to decide which facility to upgrade between the restaurant and cafe. The facility that you do not choose will unlock later.
    • Unlock: Restaurant facility
      Required clients: 12
      Requirements: You are able to decide which facility to upgrade between the restaurant and cafe.
    • Unlock: Customized polishing
      Required clients: 12
      Requirements: When the cafe or restaurant is remodeled by you, you will learn this technique.
    • Unlock: Lightning
      Required clients: 12
      Requirements: When you remodel the cafe or restaurant, this technique is studied by you.
    • Unlock: Visiting other player’ designs
      Required clients: 13
      Requirements: If you have finished 13 remodel, then you are allowed to see other player’s designs online.
    • Unlock: DIY furnishings in remodels
      Required clients: 15
      Requirements: DIY items that you have made in the past during your remodels are able to be started to use.
    • Unlock: Counter tops and pillars
      Required clients: 15
      Requirements: If you have finished 15 remodel, DIYs for pillars and counters will be given by Niko for you.
    • Unlock: Roommates for vacationers
      Required clients: 16
      Requirements: After your 16th client, you are permitted to set up villagers to live together as roommates.
    • Unlock: Soundscapes
      Required clients: 17
      Requirements: Natural and ambient noise is unlocked by Wardell to play in the buildings.
    • Unlock: Second floors
      Required clients: 18
      Requirements: After you have finished your 18 remodels, you are able to begin adding a second floor to your designs.
    • Unlock: Hospital facility
      Required clients: 22
      Requirements: After you have finished 22 remodels, you are able to begin designing the hospital building.
    • Unlock: Full access to your catalog
      Required clients: 25
      Requirements: If 25 houses have been remodeled by you, you are permitted to use all furniture that you have access to through your Nook Shopping catalog.
    • Unlock: Apparel shop facility
      Required clients: 30
      Requirements: After 30 clients, you will be able to design a clothing store.
    • Unlock: Decorating homes on your base island
      Required clients: 30
      Requirements: After this, you are permitted to redesign homes back on your base island.

ACNH HHP Unlocks

What is Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise is a paid content expansion and the release was done one day after the 2.0 update. Here, designing homes and gardens for villagers and special characters will be able to be done by you. Here, you are also able to go to an archipelago to work for Paradise Planning.

Have you downloaded the DLC and the Resident Services has been upgraded to a building? If so, you will get a phone call from Tom Nook. Tom Nook will order you to visit him and a visitor at the airport. At the airport, Tom Nook will introduce you to Lottie and you will be asked if you want to help her design homes. After you agree, there will be the “I want to go to work” option when you speak to Orville. If it is chosen, it will take you to a resort archipelago where characters go to discover vacation homes. You will be needed to work for Paradise Planning, a resort developer alongside Lottie and new characters namely Niko and Wardell. Not only that, you will also gain a package from Nintendo where there is a Paradise Planning Photo.

The thing that you have to do at Paradise Planning is to design vacation homes for villagers and special characters. First, you will work for Eloise. Let’s say that Eloise is living on the player’s island or staying at the island’s campsite. If so, the game will take the next villager from the internal list in order until there is a villager which is not on the player’s island. The internal list of villagers includes Olivia, Julia, Willow, Friga, Blanche, Cleo, Vivian, Purrl, Bree, Blaire, and Tasha.

If you have decided to design a home for a character, the option will be given to you to select which island that you want to build the home on. It is important for you to know that each island has different features. Also, some of them have different seasons. After you decide to choose the island, you will place furniture items which are chosen by the character. From there, you are allowed to decorate the interior and exterior of the home.

Have you designed more homes? If so, there will be more furniture which is available to use. Homes that you have designed are able to be remodeled. Besides, you are also able to support existing clients which have a completed home to include roommates.

After designing a home, Lottie will give you reward in the form of Poki. Poki is a currency that you can use at the Paradise Planning Shop.