ACNH Don Resetti

Don Resetti is one of the characters in the Animal Crossing New Horizons. Have you met Don Resetti in the game? Do you want to know more about Don Resetti? Now, you are able to read everything you need to know about this character here.

About Don Resetti

According to research, with his younger brother, Sonny Resetti, Don Resetti works for the Reset Intervention Bureau. Then, it was called the Reset Surveillance Center. Like his brother, he is going to give the player a small lecture regarding the importance of saving the game after each play. Actually, he is not as strong as his younger brother, and will only advise the player regarding saving, rather than threatening them or having the player repeat sentences after him.

ACNH Don Resetti
Don Resetti

He has a mole with stubble on his face. Also, he wears blue overalls and a white long-sleeved shirt. It makes him appear older and mature compared to his brother. Aside from that, he holds a pickaxe that relates to his species, the mole, recognized for digging underground. For your information, his name is a play on “Don’t Reset.”

Sonny Resetti
Sonny Resetti

Now, you may also want to know about Don Resetti’s brother, Sonny Resetti. In fact, Sonny Resetti is widely recognized as Mr. Resetti. He is a cranky mole who appears in all Animal Crossing series. His job is to ensure that all players save continuously throughout the gameplay. The more the player reset in the Animal Crossing games, then the stronger he gets, thus people have to ensure that they save their game.

In the first generation of Animal Crossing games, he is going to force a first-person perspective and also shout at the player during his most angry response. In City Folk, occasionally he is going to pretend to sound kind in order to sound intimidating. But, in New Leaf, his angry response is limited to becoming irritable towards the number of taps the player does while he creates a lengthy lecture.

Don Resetti’s Appearance

In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, Don Resetti replaces his own brother, Sonny Resetti for the fifth time the player does resets. He seems mellow, in comparison to his own brother, by not shouting and screaming at the player to reset. When Don Resetti leaves, he does not return again. Mr. Resetti does not mention him.

In City Folk

Don Resetti was absent from Wild World. But, Don Resetti reappears in City Folk. He comes after the player resets 5 times, and also after the player logs on once they first move in. Don Resetti is polite. He tells the player that his brother, who he refers to as “Sonny” is a good guy. Unlike Resetti, he does not yell “SCRAM!” once he ends his talk. Also, Don Resetti sometimes is present in the Reset Surveillance Center. This is only able to be accessed after 8:00 PM on random nights and if one of the two traffic cones blocking the entrance are removed. After the player enters and talks to Don Resetti or his brother, they are going to give the player a silver shovel to leave.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, Don Resetti operates the Reset Surveillance Center with his own brother, Mr. Resetti. Once a few visits to the center, Don Resetti will be able to give his picture to the player. Also, he will be able to be seen visiting the cafe after it is built. Same with previous installments, he comes after the player resets 5 times. Thus, he tells them that his brother, Sonny Resetti is a good guy. The player will be able to tap on three different choices, like for his younger brother, each of which give a different response from Don Resetti.

In Happy Home Designer

Don Resetti is able to come into Resetti’s room if the player calls Don Resetti via Amiibo phone. He is going to come during his home’s inspection that occurs after the player and his brother Sonny Resetti agree on finishing off redesigning Don Resetti’s home.

In New Horizons

In New Horizons, Don Resetti is shown to be assisting Resetti with the Rescue Service, covering for him when he is on his break. Also, he speaks to himself for a boost of confidence before he transfers the player to their destination.

Don Resetti’s e-Card

Don Resetti's e-Card

#256 Don

    • Gender: Male
    • Type: Special
    • Star sign: Taurus
    • Clothes: N/A
    • Petphrase: N/A
    • Password: 7aZC%fLmJbrgNq


Don Resetti’s Amiibo Card


Don Resetti's Amiibo Card Regular

#112 Don

    • Type: Special
    • Star sign: Taurus
    • Birthday: 5/1
    • Roll value: 2
    • Hand sign: Rock
    • Request: I will leave it up to you!




Don Resetti's Amiibo Card Hatless

#214 Don

    • Type: Special
    • Star sign: Taurus
    • Birthday: 5/1
    • Roll value: 1
    • Hand sign: Paper
    • Request: I will leave it up to you!



More Information About Don Resetti

There is still much other information about Don Resetti. Please continue this text below.

Here are some other information regarding Don Resetti:

    • When Don Resetti comes to reset the lecture, the theme which plays is a down-tempo variation of the normal Don Resetti theme. In addition, the theme of Don Resetti will replace a baritone saxophone with a trombone.
    • In fact, this pairing of the two brothers is comparable to that of the Mario Bros.
    • In City Folk, Don Resetti may tell the player that Resetti has been talking regarding Celeste frequently. However, he rarely says it to anyone.
    • It is a big possibility that his name is a pun on “don’t reset”. For your information, Don Resetti’s Spanish name is a pun on the word formateado. It means “formatted”, and refers to organizing data.
    • In City Folk, Don Resetti has the voice of Jock villager. However, in New Leaf Don Resetti has the voice of a smug villager. Also, His voice is higher than Resetti’s voice in City Folk, but lower in New Leaf.
    • Don Resetti always shares his birthday with Clyde. In fact, Don Resetti and Clyde have a birthday on May 1st.