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You may be playing Animal Crossing New Horizons and now you want to create and share your custom patterns in the game. It means that you need a design maker for creating it. So, what design maker can we use for this? Here, you can get some recommendations from the ACNH design maker.

Design Maker for ACNH

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you are able to create custom clothes. After that, you are permitted to share them with others. Where to create the designs and how to share them? To create the design, you are able to access and use ACPatterns which can be accessed at On this editor website, you are able to create patterns through your browser. It can convert into an Animal Crossing pattern.

access ACPatterns Design Maker for ACNH

When you access the Editor page of this design maker, you will see that the color of this page is pink and brown and it looks very sweet. At the top of the page, there are the options of colors ranging from black, red, orange, blue, green and many more. In the center part, there is a working area. In the right side of the working area, there are some tools such as brush, change color, fill, eye dropper, undo, redo, pattern settings, and preview. Under these options, there is an Import button and also Save button.

homepage of this design maker

However, if you access the homepage of this design maker, you will see that there are some menus including Updates, Browse, Editor, FAQ and Discord. If you click on the Browse menu, it will show you the information about updates. The last update of this design maker was on March 28th, 2021 where the Browser page is improved to be faster than before and has more control over where your search terms apply to and also permit searches by pattern style and type. If you click on the Browse menu, it will show you a number of designs such as Apple, Plaid Anime Dress, Bells, Sakura Flower, Pebble Path and many more. If you choose the Editor page, you will have a page for you to create or edit a design there with some tools available there. In the FAQ menu, you can find some FAQs about this design maker. And if you click on the Discord menu, it will bring you to a Discord Invitation of Animal Crossing Pattern Tool. If you want to join it, just click on it. Until now, there are more than 26k members of the Discord server.

How does this design maker work? You are able to upload your image and it is an easy process where you will be given a QR code. After that, you will have to use the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smartphone or tablet. After that, you have to turn on NookLink by going into the main menu of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is important for you to note that before you scan the QR codes by using your phone, you have to make sure that you have the Custom Pro designer unlocked.

Besides, you are also able to create patterns in the game. In the game, clothes can be created immediately using the simple pattern tool. If your tent has become a home, you are able to buy the Custom Design Pro Editor for 800 Nook Miles from the Nook Shop. With it, you can create designs which are fancier for all sorts of clothes such as beanies and hoodies.

How to Share With QR Codes and Share from The Able Sisters Shop

Let’s say that you are importing a code from the pattern maker that is mentioned above or from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If so, the Nintendo Switch Online app is needed for Android or iOS. After you login by using your Nintendo account, then you are able to access Nook Link. After that, you are able to press the Plus button on the New Horizons titles screen. It is done to link your character with your Nintendi account. And then, you can use the app to scan the QR code.

If you have scanned it, then you are able to open your designs on your Nook Phone and press the Plus button to download the design.

How about sharing from the Able Sisters Shop? If you choose this method, you need a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription. As explained in Polygon, if Nook’s Cranny has been built, then you will see that Mabel will visit your town. She will ask you to put a plot to open her store on your island. She asks for it after she visits a couple of times.

In the back of the Able Sisters shop, there will be a Custom Designs Kiosks. In this area, you are able to upload and download designs. If you have uploaded a design, you will be given a long string of numbers and letters. The thing that you have to do is to input the string of numbers and letters to be able to download designs from other people.

Some FAQs About ACPatterns

    • What do we have to do if the thing does not work in ACPatterns?

This tool is written in Vue by using modern CSS and JavaScript features. So, it needs a decently standards-compliant browser. If you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Android or iOS, it should work. However, if you use Internet Explorer, it may choke on the whole page and if you use Edge and Safari, it will run into issues with certain features.

    • How to use ACPatterns?

You have to click a color on the 3×5 palette and then you can draw on one of the pattern representations. If you want to import to ACNL, you can do it by scanning the QR code by clicking the preview button.

    • What is the reason that my QR code cannot be read?

The version of the tool utilizes a TypeScript port of the ZXing QR library. Even though this library is good enough, there are some problems with QR codes in a single image. Also it has problems with blurry or zoomed QR codes. It is important to note that the QR must have an enough size and quality so that it can be read properly.

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