ACNH Cedar Tree Growth Stages

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will be able to find lots of trees. One of them is Cedar tree. Here we are going to talk about Cedar tree growth stages. If you want to know that information, keep staying on this page.

Cedar tree growth stages in ACNH

Cedar tree is an item in the game of Animal Crossing New Horizons. This is able to be sold for 240 bells.

Cedar tree grows in several stages:

    • Purchased sapling:  Cedar sapling Cedar sapling1
    • Initial stage:  Nursery cedar
    • First growth stage:  Small young cedar
    • Second growth stage:  Medium young cedar
    • Third growth stage:  Large young cedar
    • Mature stage:  Cedar tree

For note: Cedar sapling is an item in ACNH. Sold by Nook’s Cranny for 640 bells. This is able to be sold for 160 bells. When planted, this will grow into a  Cedar tree.

Cedar Tree in ACNH

Cedar tree

These unique evergreen Cedar trees prefer the top half of the town, mostly in higher altitudes, thus they do not grow well near the beach. Cedar trees produce no fruit, however their saplings are able to be purchased from the applicable store in a player’s town. In almost all games, the Cedar Trees are only able to be grown in the northern sections of the town, visually noticeable as any location on the higher elevation of the town’s Cliff. Any strive to plant them on the lower elevations are going to cause the Cedar tree to wither and then die.

In the Wild World, there are no cliffs. So, there is no real visual distinction which is able to be made about where exactly the Cedar Trees are going to grow, and also where they are going to wither. Of course, this presents similar problems as when trying to get a Perfect Town, however similar solutions are possible as well, if required. Basically, the Cedar trees will only grow in the northern half of the town, and they are going to wither south of the halfway point.

In New Horizons, the cliffs return once again. They are the only place where the Cedar trees are going to be by default so that blocking the access of the player to them. The Cedar trees that are fully grown can be relocated freely around the town, like any other trees in the game of Animal Crossing. During the fall season, The Cedar trees will be able to drop pinecones or acorns when shaken, a material utilized in seasonal recipes. During Festive Season, decorated cedar trees are going to drop ornaments needed for festive DIY recipes. For note: Cedar trees are going to change color very little during the course of the year, however they are decorated with Christmas lights around late December, New Year’s Eve and Toy Day.

Do you need Cedar trees in ACNH?

The short answer is yes, you do. Although fruit is crucial, and it definitely adds several piece to your island, but you will need to keep some cedar, and also other non-fruit trees on your island for many different items that they are able to reward you with.

You will be able to discover some of the non-fruit trees on your own island that look like normal trees are softwood or hardwood trees. It will reward you with specific wood. This is benefit if you are having to build up many items which require wood, because you are able to more aptly determine where to get the items which you need. Also, these particular trees are the trees that are going to change during special events, like the Cherry Blossom event that happened earlier in April.

While cedar trees will not necessarily change during events, they provide a nice additional look for your island and also a nice resource for wood, wasp hives, and furniture. Those are the items which tend to drop from non-fruit trees more frequently than not. Thus, it very worth to hold onto those trees if you can. Of course, you are always able to make do without those specific trees if you want. The decision all comes down to how much you wish to miss out on special event changes. Now that you know what the aim of cedar trees are, you may want to have Cedar trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What are trees in ACNH?

What are trees in ACNH

Trees are a town feature which prominent in Animal Crossing series game. Although lots of trees are generated at the time of town creation, the saplings are able to be bought, or fruit are able to be planted to make some additional trees. All trees have leaves (Except perfect fruit trees which have expired. The leaves and fruit trees change according to the season, with the former displaying a cherry pink form during early April. Keep in mind that Cedar trees do not change color during the year, however they become decorated with lights during snowy portions of December leading up to Toy Day. All trees are going to be covered with the snow during Winter.

Uses of the Tree in ACNH

Trees are able to be shaken to dislodge objects. Fruit trees are going to drop fruit when they have any available to harvest. Any Cedar tree will drop one 100 bell coin, a piece furniture (2 per day) or a wasp nest with wasps (5 per day). Also, Bagworms and spiders will appear when shaking trees, hanging from the branches when disturbed. During the fall, Acorns will be found beneath trees in the village.

Lots of bugs are only discovered on the trees, or their stumps. Beetles, Cicadas, and some other insects are only discovered hanging from the front of the trees. In the game of Animal Crossing, purple and birdwing butterflies are only going to appear at the canopy of a tree. They are not restricted in this method in the next games. The Animal Forest e+ exclusive coconut crab is only discovered inside coconut tree branches.

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