ACNH Campsite Ideas for Beach

Do you want to create a campsite? When you create it, you may have no idea how your campsite will look like. So, you need some ideas especially for creating beach campsite. Here, there are some campsite ideas including beach campsite ideas for you.

Beach Campsite Ideas

According to the Fandom Spot website, one of the clever ideas to build a campsite is where you create a seclusion of the camp which is surrounded by the cliff with a private beach. If you want to create this kind of campsite, you are able to give a truly natural feeling by adding the mixture of log and rattan furniture. In addition, you can use the different designs for the flooring. You can also add in some mushroom furniture to keep the vibe going. It will be perfect if you also scatter some mushroom lamps and logs wherever you want. As you can see from the picture from a Twitter account @emu_am below which was also posted on the Fandom Spot site, the beach campsite looks good and you can use it as your inspiration.

You can also find beach campsite ideas from watching some Youtube videos below.

    • A video from Tania – Heath Horizons entitled Major Beach Campsite Inspo: #ACNHDEsignOff challenge summary video – Animal Crossing New Horizons which was uploaded on September 11th, 2020. The length of the video is 17 minutes and 25 seconds and it has been watched more than 9k times.
    • A video from consolecaito entitled Beach Campsite | Speed Build| Animal Crossing New Horizons which was uploaded on February 5th, 2021. The length of the video is 8 minutes 5 seconds and it has been watched more than 6k times.

The Other Ideas for Campsite in ACNH

Besides beach campsite, there are other ideas for creating campsites. Here are some ideas for a campsite in ACNH according to the Fandom Spot website.

    • Riverside Campsite
      Riverside Campsite
      This riverside campsite has a stone bridge and also a custom path and these things look beautiful. There are also the log fire and mushroom lamps which make the campsite gorgeous. If you want to give the camp a fruity feeling, you can add a fruit basket and fruit water dispenser. You can also add an orchard nearby.
    • Cozy Campsite
      Cozy Campsite
      In this campsite, the creator adds a blanket on the ground and then put the teapot and mug on it and it makes you feel at home. In this campsite, the creator also adds the cherry blossom furniture and décor from spring 2020 so that the campsite looks lovely. If you want, you can also add some cherry blossoms, three branches and a pile of cherry blossoms to give this space a makeover ready for spring.
    • Hidden Campsite
      Hidden Campsite
      In this campsite, the creator uses stones, campfires, and flowers so that they give a mystic theme to the campsite. This campsite can be expanded by adding some different colored leaf piles dotted around the trees. You can also add an artisanal bug cage near your tent to show what you have caught. To give it a more Asian-inspired theme, you can also add some bamboo pieces to the campsite.
    • Clifftop Campsite
      Clifftop Campsite
      There is secluded gateway in this clifftop campsite and it looks serene and calming. There are also the trees, winding river and clifftop design which can be your favorite from this campsite idea. You can add a swinging bench and some tall lanterns. By adding a swinging bench and some tall lanterns, you can create a charming seating area. Next to the river, you can drop in a water pump to give a rustic feeling to the area. Also, adding some wild log benches with some flowers dotted around can also be a good idea to give off a woodland vibe.
    • Waterfall Campsite
      Waterfall Campsite
      If you see the picture of this campsite, the scenery is all lit up in the dark and it looks amazing. There are double waterfalls with the mushroom lamps. Some fruit trees can be added here to carry on the mystical woodland vibe. You can also put a simple DIY bench between the trees for the mysterious designer. You are able to add a simple well to echo the deep noises coming from the forest. Even you can add a spinning wheel hidden away in a dark corner.
    • Greenery Campsite
      Greenery Campsite
      This is a small and simple campsite and it is good for keeping a natural aesthetic. There are different types of trees, flowers, and bushes and they give nature feeling. Besides, there is also the stone path and view of the sea. To this area, you can add a theme by using the similar type of furniture and décor. You can complete it with log furniture or the garden items. You can also add a natural garden chair with the garden faucet as well.
    • Log Campsite
      Log Campsite
      If you like log furniture, this log campsite can be a good idea for you. In this log campsite, you can put the dark colors of the log furniture that are a bit dull and add a light-cultured stone to cover the floor. Then, you are able to plant some white or yellow flowers all around or you can mix some rattan furniture to brighten up the place.
    • Homey Campsite
      Homey Campsite
      In this campsite, you can add the mixture of flowers with the watering can and there is also the boardgame which is set up on the table. Some garden lanterns can be added to light your way around the camp. If you put a handcart beside the watering can, it can show everyone how pro gardener you are.
    • Oceanview Campsite
      Oceanview Campsite
      Previously, you have read about the beach campsite. And now, if you love everything about the sea, you can create an oceanview campsite. In an oceanview campsite, you are able to plant a flower garden with different types of flowers. After that, you are also able to add an elaborate kimono stand so that it stands out from the crowd. If you want to give a more relaxed theme, you are able to add some hammocks and cushions with a fluffy blanket design. By adding hammocks and cushions, it shows that you prioritize comfort.

Well, that’s all some ideas for campsite that you can create in ACNH where the ideas above are taken from the Fandom Spot website. You can read and see more campsite ideas from Fandom Spot site by accessing the site directly.