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In Animal Crossing, you will find a number of bear villagers that come in different characters and appearances. One of the bear villagers you will find in the game is Beardo that has been added in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Beardo is a smug villager that is known to get along easily with other villagers.

Before you invite Beardo to your own island, it would be better for you to know more facts about him first, including who Beardo is, how his character and appearance are, and many more. To know more about him, let’s see our post below!

Who Is Beardo?

ACNH Beardo Wiki

According to Animal Crossing Wiki, Beardo is described as a smug bear villager. It is known that his name is a combination of the words ‘Bear’ describing his species and beard (as he has beard). For his Japanese name, it is called Baird that sounds similar to both words. Moreover, his catchphrase ‘whiskers’ may refer to his smug personality.

In New Horizons, Beardo’s hobby is education that will be seen to always wear Rimmed Glasses. He is often found to read a novel-type book while outside. Aside from that, Beardo is also seen using a magnifying glass when near certain objects,

Here’s a list of additional information about Beardo:

    • Birthday: September 27 Libra
    • Personality: Smug (A)
    • Catchphrase: ‘whiskers’
    • Default clothing:  Tweed Jacket (Brown)
    • Default umbrella: Tartan-Check Umbrella
    • Default phone:  Beige
    • Final phone: Checkered 2 – Fabric 17
    • Favorite style: Elegant
    • Favorite colors: Brown and Blue
    • Hobby: Education
    • Carried bag: Veggie
    • Book: Education
    • Food: Donut
    • Drink: Tea can or yellow mug
    • Popsicle: Orange

Beardo’s Appearance

Beardo’s Appearance

Beardo came to Animal Crossing as a turquoise bear with a brown mustache. He has dark pink inner eyes and a yellow nose. Beardo also has white paws with fully brown fur on his belly. His eyes are small and oval-shaped. He also has three brown eyelashes underneath each eye.

On the side of his face, he has brown mutton crops that swirl. If we see deeply, he wears the Detective’s Outfit shirt that was changed to the Tweet Jacket in New Horizons. For the tips of his hands and feet, they are totally white.

Beardo’s Personality

In the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Beardo is described as a very kind, polite and gentleman bear. Since he is a smug villager, he will get along with other villagers as easily as possible.

You may already know that all smug villagers will get along with most villagers. Why? That’s because their personality appears to be a mix of the other personality types. More interesting fact shows that smug villagers are going to stroke their egos from time to time, telling other villagers how cool they are.

In this case, Beardo will commonly get along with normal, lazy, peppy and snooty villagers. Otherwise, he may conflict with cranky villagers.

Beardo’s Favorite

You may know that Beardo is enthusiastic about education where he wears Rimmed Glasses and reads a novel-type book while he is outside. In addition to always wearing the glasses, he also uses a magnifying glass as he is near certain furniture items including fossils, arts, flowers, placed outside as furniture.

According to Animal Crossing Wiki, the villagers who are interested in education will always be seen to use the magnifying glass with insects flying around. They will then place those insects outside as furniture. The fish will also be placed outside as furniture, and also other plants such as weeds, pumpkin, trees and flowers.

Talking about Beardo’s favorite style, he is interested in elegance, where he wears a blue shirt with a brown tweed jacket. Many players also know that he wears his favorite clothes with his favorite colors; blue and brown. You totally find him wearing a brown jacket and blue shirt.

As Shep loves blue and brown color, he applies his favorite color on his house’s exterior where he chooses brown and blue to beautify his house.

Beardo’s House

You actually find that Beardo has a very simple and elegant home with a variety of items within such as a coat hanger, rococo table, rococo sofa, rococo wardrobe and rococo shelf. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Beardo K.K. Sonata playing on his stereo shelf.

Beardo’s House New Horizons (interior)
New Horizons (interior) 
Beardo’s House New Horizons (exterior)
New Horizons (exterior)

In New Horizons, Beardo’s house features white with brown trim, a purple tile roof and a blue basic door. For interior, Beardo’s house is decorated with a variety of gorgeous furniture items, including:

    • A brown double sofa
    • A brown antique mini table
    • A brown antique clock
    • A brown antique console table
    • A red wood den desk
    • A black den chair
    • A document stack
    • A black iron hanger stand
    • A black cordless phone
    • A phonograph

For the exterior, Beardo’s house looks so elegant, with a combination of blue and brown color.  Additionally, Beardo applies a blue-crown wall with simple purple flooring. He also has K.K. Milonga playing on his stereo.

Beardo’s House New Leaf (interior)
New Leaf (interior)

In New Leaf, Beardo also has numerous amazing items that decorate his house interior, including:

    • Rococo Sofa
    • Retro Stereo
    • Editor’s Chair
    • Rococo Wardrobe
    • Coat Hanger
    • Homework Set
    • Editor’s Desk
    • Rococo Table
    • Rococo Shelf
    • Trunk
    • Typewriter

Beardo on Pocket Camp

Beardo was also added to the Animal Crossing:  Pocket Camp on September 11, 2019. In this Animal Crossing series, Beardo will have friendship rewards from level 7 to level 50. Here’s for details:

    • Level 7 friendship: Beardo will give players with a tee and sparkle stone.
    • Level 9 friendship: Beardo will give players with a Sparkle Stone.
    • Level 15 friendship: Beardo will give players with crafting request, that’s a luxury car.
    • Level 20 friendship: Beardo will give players with a Beardo’s picture and Sparkle Stone
    • Level 20 – 50 friendship: Beardo will give players with Sparkle Stone.

Well, that’s what you have to know about Beardo, a smug bear villager that you can invite to come to your own island. But if you want to invite Beardo, it is highly recommended for you to learn more deeply about his personality, appearance and also hobby to make it easier for you to play him in the game.

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