ACNH Ancient Statue Real vs Fake

Let us check out explanation about the ACNH Ancient statue. Here you are going to find out information if the Ancient statue is real or fake. Make sure that you are going to read this entire article to spot real vs fake Ancient statue in ACNH.


Spotting real vs fake in ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) is one of the more difficult challenges unless you majored in the subject. This is very crucial f you want to walk away from Redd with the real deal, letting you to complete the Museum. In some cases, fake art is attractive in its own way, with several amusing differences in each knock off you want to show on your island, as well as rare haunted art to freak out your friends with. Before that, you have to ensure that you have already unlocked the Redd and the gallery on your island, let him to show up so you are able to start exploring his wares.

ACNH Ancient Statue Real vs Fake

ACNH Ancient Statue Real vs Fake

Now, you are able to see the real and fake versions of the Ancient Statue in ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) for the Nintendo Switch. Also, you are able to see all the information available at the Museum after you donate it. Please continue to read the following text.

So, how to spot real vs fake Ancient statue in ACNH? You have to know that the fake Ancient statue in ACNH has antennae, whereas the real Ancient statue in ACNH does not. Aside from that, the eyes on the fake Ancient statue in ACNH glow blue during the evening and will be able to float for a short duration once interacted with.

About The Ancient Statue

The ancient statue is a statue which appears in the Animal Crossing series. The ancient statue makes its debut in New Leaf, and it is available to be purchased at Crazy Redd’s. Also, it is able to be collected by Happy Home Handbook in Happy Home Designer.

Dogu are small animal figurines which were only manufactured during the Jomon period in prehistoric Japan. Those were believed to crush and other misfortunes. The majority of examples of Dogu are modeled after female goddesses, having small waists, big eyes, and large hips which suggest an association with fertility and shamanistic rites. In addition, the difference in the details of each Dogu depended on the area it was created.

Many of Dogu ranging from 10 – 30 cm tall were not entirely intact. They were missing legs, arms, or other body parts, which in some cases are believed to be cut off in fertility rituals. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the sculpture is able to be donated to the museum and also be added to the art gallery. The Ancient statue is able to be purchased from Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler, meaning that it is likely that they buy a fake Ancient statue. Remember that the fake statue is one of the haunted art pieces. When interacted with at night, will start to float.

Basic Information:

    • Real name: Shakoki dogu
    • Artist: Unknown
    • Appearances: NL, HHD
    • Regional names: Statue antique (France), yuangudediaosu (China), Uraltstatue (Germany),  estatua primitiva (Spain), statua antica (Italy)

The Ancient Statue information

Item Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Ancient statue (New Leaf) 3,920 490 Crazy Redd
Ancient statue (New Horizons) 4,980 1,245 Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler

Donation to the museum

After donating the Ancient Statue to the museum, a museum label is going to give a description of the sculpture. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the museum label reads:

Jomon Period “Dogu” Figurine Shakoki-dogu

Artist Unknown, 1000-400 BCE

Fired pottery

A mysterious doll created from kneaded unglazed dirt during the Jomon period. Its big round eyes resemble the goggles which intercept light, so its name come as no surprise. For your information, Shakoki means light intercepting goggles, and a dogu is a small animal figurine.

So, what do you do with the ACNH art? The art is able to be donated to the Museum, provided that it is real. Also, it is able to be utilized as a normal furniture item to be displayed in your home. If it is a statue like an Ancient statue, then it is able to be placed anywhere on the island. If you buy a fake statue/art, Timmy and Tommy will want to buy it. For this case, you need to dispose of it using a Trash Can furnishing item if you do not want it anymore. Or you are only able to display it and also fool your friends.

Fake Statues vs Real Statues in ACNH

Here are the differences between fake and real statues in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Ancient Statue

Ancient Statue1

The fake Ancient statue has antennae, but the real Ancient statue does not. Also, the eyes on the fake Ancient statue is going to glow blue during the evening. And it can float for a short duration once interacted with.

Beautiful Statue

Beautiful Statue1

The fake Statue has a set of necklaces.

Familiar Statue

Familiar Statue1

This statue is always real. So, you will not find a fake familiar statue.

Gallant Statue

Gallant Statue1

The fake statue will hold a book in its right hand.

Great Statue

Great Statue1

This statue is always real. Do not worry, you will not find one fake.

Informative Statue

Informative Statue1

The fake informative statue is blue, but the real informative statue is grey. Aside from that, the fake informative statue will glow during the evening.

Motherly Statue

Motherly Statue2

This fake statue has its tongue sticking out.

Mystic Statue

Mystic Statue2

On the the fake Mystic statue, it has an earring.

Robust Statue

Robust Statue1

On the fake Robust statue, it is wearing a watch on its right arm.

Rock-head statue

Rock-head statue1

On the fake Rock-head statue, it is smiling.

Tremendous statue

Tremendous statue1

The real statue has the handles on the side, but the fake statue has the handles in the middle.

Valiant Statue

Valiant Statue1

The fake Statue has the left leg in front. But, the real Statue has the right leg in front.

Warrior Statue

Warrior Statue1

The fake statue is holding a shovel.