About CallMeCarson Subreddit

There is bad news coming from one of Minecraft YouTubers and Streamers which was allegedly involved in chatting inappropriately with underage fans. However, the fan base either on Youtuber and also Discord is filled with kids. Then, who is the Minecraft YouTuber and an influential on Discord?

About CallMeCarson on Subreddit

The name of CallMeCarson has recently been popular on some headline-news and some gaming forums. He is recently arising after a recent interview by Keemstar regarding his problem with the fans. Considering a lot of CallMeCarson’s fans are mostly underage. So, it leads him to reveal a weird case with kids fans.

Not only on headline-news, the name of CallMeCarson also became popular rapidly on one gaming forum, that’s Reddit. Many people are going to talk more about him within the forum. They are really curious what really happened to him. Most of them think that he is just drama, while some of them lashed out for inappropriate behavior that he did to his kid fans.

About CallMeCarson Subreddit

When you are accessing one of the popular forums named Reddit and search for CallMeCarson topic, you definitely will see plenty of list subreddit threads talking about him. A lot of people on Reddit are talking about him going to jail. We see that not all members on Reddit really know about his case deeply.

Some of them argue that Carson really deserved going to jail as he was doing some bad things to his kid fans which gave the bad impact to minors. For further details, he has sent a nude pictures to his kid fans, Charlie Slimecicle which has reported it to the authorities. The report emphasizes that it is grooming which has become a growing cause for concern.

However, the Carson’s case has not been established as a sexual harassment case. Unfortunately, many people judge him as pedophilia even though the age of the girl who was sent the picture by him is around 17 years old, she becomes adult, doesn’t she?

If you’re a fan of CallMeCarson, you may be disappointed that a lot of people are just making a big fuss over things, considering he does not necessarily do it.

Additionally, if you are a veteran Minecraft player, you may already know about him, considering he is a very popular Minecraft YouTubers and Streamers. Otherwise, if you are not a Minecraft player but you just wonder related to the headline-news showing him up, of course it may be better for you to search out about him a lot.

Thankfully, you are here as this post will inform you of the personal information about CallMeCarson in detail with his serious case. Let’s check it out!

Who Is CallMeCarson?

Carson King is better known online as CallMeCarson which was born on May 10, 1999, he’s now at 21 age. CallMeCarson is a popular American YouTuber, Twitch Streamers, pro-gamer and also comedian. He actually creates a number of videos with his friends which are recorded on Discord or in a video game, that’s Minecraft.

Once he was recording his gameplay of Minecraft either solo or with his team, he then shared them on his official social video platforms including YouTube. Known, he made his official YouTube channel on May 10, 2012 to coincide with his birthday. Initially, he started creating his first videos for Invading Discord Servers and DeviantArt is Not Safe.

Personal Information of CallMeCarson

Here’s a list of CallMeCrason personal information:

  • Real Name: Carson King
  • Online Name: CallMeCarson
  • Born: May 10, 1999
  • Nationality: America
  • Residence: San Diego, California, United States

Social Media:

  • Twitter @CallMeCarsonYT and @carsonkingyt
  • Twitch @callmecarsonlive
  • Instagram @callmecarsonyt

CallMeCarson’s YouTube Career

As we know, CallMeCarson is initially popular for his YouTube channel. He created his first video in 2011 with the username bluecreepers1 with the video Minecraft multiplayer Adventures-Episode 1: Awesome. At the beginning of making the videos on YouTube, he collaborated with some friends to run the channel with a number of videos. There are a total of 26 videos that he has created on November 25, 2011.

He finally uploaded his first video to the GameCraft157 channel on November 29, 2011. It totally did to replace the previous channel as we have explained. On his new YouTube channel, he totally created about 69 videos including Terraria, Minecraft, Skyrim, Happy Wheels, and also Portal. Moreover, his last video uploaded on his new channel was on May 7, 2012.

On July 8, 2012, he uploaded his first video on another channel named icebox carson which was the start of Carson’s new singleplayer series. He actually made about 40 videos with the last one on March 16, 2013. At this point, all of his videos were made on his main channel named TheBlueCrewPros.

On his first channel named TheBlueCrewPros, he mostly posts videos with his friends reviewing videos, images, and also games with commentary. In making  the videos, he is using Discord, as the voice chat software.

The detail of TheBlueCrewPros channel

On his second channel named CallMeCarsonLIVE, he consistently uploads his gameplay that he is playing with his friends for a variety of games including UNO, Portal, Roblox, Minecraft, Gang Beast, Human: Fall Flat and many more.

The detail of CallMeCarsonLIVE channel

  • Profile: CallMeCarsonLIVE
  • Style: Gaming & Comedy
  • Date Joined: November 17, 2014
  • Videos: 158+
  • Schedule: Unscheduled
  • Status: Active
  • Subscribe: More than 1 million
  • Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/C4rs0nCS

On his third channel named CallMeCarson VODS, he fills with unedited archives of past livestreams from his Twitch Channel.

The detail of CallMeCarson Vods channel

While, on his fourth channel named CallMeCarson Plus, he consistently posts a short of videos, TikTok and also bits.

The detail of CallMeCarson Plus channel