5 Ways to Fix Android WiFi Keeps Disconnecting (Won’t Turn On)

Are you currently facing an issue when your Android Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting or does not want to turn on? If the answer to the question is yes, you do not have to worry. Here are 5 ways to fix the issue and get back online.

Fix 1: Reconnect to the network

In some cases, simply reinitiating connection to the Wi-Fi network that keeps disconnecting could fix the problem. Here are all the things that should be done on your Android device.

The first thing that you will need to do is to open the Settings menu of your phone. Then, select Network & Internet option. When you see your device is connected to a network, please tap on the Wi-Fi option.

You can look for a gear icon in order to check more details of the connected network and then choose Forget. The step will disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network and delete the network from the memory of your phone.

For those who are not connected to the network with the reconnecting and disconnecting issue, please tap Saved networks in the Wi-Fi Settings menu. After that, choose the network with the connection issue by tapping on the name. Lastly, tap the Forget icon.

Reconnect to the network

By following these steps, you will be able to delete the network from the memory of the device. Now, it is time for you to reconnect to the network by entering the credentials of the network and then type in a password if there is any. If the disconnection and reconnection issues still exist, then try any of the troubleshooting methods below.

Fix 2: Forget previously connected network

Normally, the Android OS tries to connect to the network with the best signal strength when there are a couple of available networks in the range of your phone. This one is an amazing feature. The disadvantage is that in the process of finding and switching to the best network, the Wi-Fi of your device keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

Forget previously connected network

This kind of issue is able to be fixed by forgetting available networks that you have previously connected to (follow all the instructions above) or use a Wi-Fi Prioritizer app that lets your device know which network to connect to when there are some available networks.

Fix 3: Disable interfering apps

A few apps are good to help you get the best out of Wi-Fi networks on your Android devices. The weakness is that sometimes they affect its functionality. VPNs and Wi-Fi Prioritizing apps are several examples of these kinds of apps.

If any of them could cause the network interface on your device, temporary disabling or turning it of them off could be the best option.

For those who have an antivirus app installed and active on your device, disabling it or turning it off is a must. In the end, you can check if it fixes the Wi-Fi disconnection and reconnection issues. For some Android users, this method worked.

Please try this and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. If the issue is still there and your phone is unable to stay connected to your Android device, you can try the next troubleshooting solution below.

Fix 4: Reset the network settings

Resetting the network settings of your Android phone could also solve the problem. All the network reset does is to refresh the Wi-Fi settings, cellular network settings, VPN configurations, and Bluetooth settings of your phone.

This one helps to solve the network and connectivity issues on your device. You can follow these following steps to reset the network settings of your phone.

Reset the network settings

First of all, you should open the Settings menu of your phone. When it is opened, scroll down to the bottom and choose System. The next thing that you will have to do is to tap the Advanced drop-down option. After that, choose Reset options.

Then, tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, & Bluetooth. The sixth step is to tap the Reset Settings button located at the bottom of the page. When everything is done, please reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

Fix 5: Restart your phone

It has been known that restarting your phone or any devices helps you to fix some issues it could be facing. In this era, the long troubleshooting technique could also solve the issues with Android Wi-Fi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

In order to restart your phone, you can just simply tap and hold your phone Power button and choose Restart. Please reconnect your phone to the network when it comes back on and check whether your phone stays connected to the network.

Restart your phone

In case no one of the five fixes are working for you, the good news is that there are some other methods that you can try. Those include checking the router settings, restarting the Wi-Fi router, and updating the router firmware.

Alternative 1: Check router settings

You may also want to make sure that your Android is not blocked from accessing the network. Because if it is blocked, it could be the main reason why your device cannot stay connected to the network.

If you have the access to the admin panel or dashboard of the router, please unblock the device if it has been blacklisted or blocked. For those who do not have the access to the admin panel of the router, then contact someone who does.

Alternative 2: Restart the Wi-Fi router

If the device is not either blocked or blacklisted from the router, you will have to check that is functioning well. Usually, restarting a router solves some connectivity problems and you may want to try that.

After restarting, you should reconnect your phone to the network and see if it disconnects. If the issue is still there, you are encouraged to move on to the next troubleshooting suggestion below.

Alternative 3: Update the router firmware

Are you aware how OS updates bring new features to your Android and solve some bugs and issues? That’s what the thing called firmware updates does to your router. If you are confident that the Wi-Fi disconnecting and reconnecting issue on your Android phone is as a result of some issues with your router, upgrading the firmware could solve the issue.

Upgrading it is really easy. All that you have to do is to visit the official website of your router manufacturer or read the instructions manual of the router on how to get it done. Aside from that, you are also able to follow some other methods to upgrade the firmware of the router.

It does not matter the cause of the Wi-Fi disconnection and reconnection issue is on your Android device, at least one of the above listed methods should help you to get it fixed. Feel free to try them out.

Some people must have faced a situation where the Android Wi-Fi keeps dropping Wi-Fi connection. It must be really annoying when Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting to wireless networks on its own. You may be in this case very frequently on Android phones and you must have restarted your phone countless times in order to fix the issue.

A lot of people must have tried the factory data reset option on the phone to solve the Wi-Fi connection problem. Unfortunately, dropping the Wi-Fi connection will not go away just by trying those options.

You will need to know that your Android Wi-Fi tests the Internet connection while reconnecting to a wireless network or Hotspot. If the Internet connection is not good then it will keep disconnecting, reconnecting or switching between some different Wi-Fi networks.

The issue about the Android Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting usually occurs due to the poor Internet connection. However, there might be a case when Android incorrectly detects a poor Internet connection of the network. In order to fix the issue, you will need to change the settings in Wi-Fi Advanced settings on your Android phone or tablet.

The issue will be easily fixed by doing a little troubleshooting on some different versions of Android. You can follow these methods below if you want to switch off settings that allow Android to switch between Wi-Fi networks.

Switch off Keep WI-FI On during sleep

If you want to switch off Keep Wi-Fi On during sleep option, the first thing that you will need to do is to go to Settings in your Android device. Then, tap on the Wi-Fi option. The next thing that should be done is to tap on the Advanced Settings option.

In case it is not there directly then you should tap on the three dots located at the top right corner to get the Advanced Settings. In there, tap on Keep W–Fi On during sleep. Please find the similar options in your Android phone as it may be different from device to device. There are two or three options when you tap on it.

After that, choose Always from the list. When everything is done, your Wi-Fi will not go to sleep if you do not use it to fix the disconnecting issue.

Switch off Wi-Fi Assistance option, Smart Network Switch, or Auto Network Switch

In order to Switch off Wi-Fi Assistance option, Smart Network Switch, or Auto Network Switch, you will need to go to Settings in your Android phone. Then, tap on the Wi-Fi option. Next, look out for options such as Wi-Fi Assistant, or Smart Network Switch, or Auto Network Switch.

If the advanced settings can be seen, please tap on it and search for these options. All of them must be in ON mode. Please switch these options OFF. Doing so will fix your Android issue of switching between cell phone data and Wi-Fi networks. Apart from that, it will also fix frequent disconnection of Wi-Fi networks.

For your information, Smart Network Switch is able to be found in a lot of Samsung Android phones, while Wi-Fi Assistance is able to be found in Redmi and MI phones.

Switch off Scanning Always Available option

To be able to switch off Scanning Always Available option, please follow these following instructions. First, go to Settings of your Android mobile. Second, tap on the Wi-Fi option given. Third, find the option Scanning Always Available if it has an advanced Wi-Fi Settings option.

Please tap on it. Fourth, the option Scanning always Available will be ON. Fifth, switch it OFF. Sixth, doing so will fix the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting issue. it will keep scanning the Wi-Fi Network for a better Internet connection. If the better one is found, it will switch automatically to that network.

There are a lot of Android devices with Reset Network Settings. However, this one is not available in all Android phones. In this case, you will need to check out for Reset Network Settings that may be found under the reset option on your device.

Performing the reset network settings on your Android will reset the Wi-Fi settings, Bluetooth settings, cellular settings, as well as VPN settings which can help you in fixing the Wi-Fi issues on Android devices.

Are you in the situation when your Android phone gets disconnected from a Wi-Fi network a second after initiating a connection? Does it happen often or occasionally? It does not matter what the situation is. This article provides you some methods to get it fixed. Feel free to try any method explained above.

Actually, it is better for you to try the first one and move to another if the first one is not helping. If no one of the methods above can help you in fixing the Android Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting issue, you are recommended to visit the community of Android and try to seek help from the users of the community.

They may help you if they know the method to fix the issue that you are currently facing. In addition, you can also try to reach out the customer support of your Android device. You can just go to the official website of the Android device that you have and look for the customer support.