4 Ways to Accurately Check Android Phone Touchscreen

One of the most important components in a smartphone is the touchscreen. In fact, almost every phone uses a touchscreen. Talking about touchscreens, if you encounter errors such as the screen cannot be touched partially or the phone screen moves on its own, then there is a possibility that your phone screen is damaged.

In order to make sure of the condition of the phone screen, you will need to check whether it is really damaged or not. Everything will be discussed on this page, so please keep reading.

1. Way to Check an Android Phone Touchscreen with a Secret Code

Way to Check an Android Phone Touchscreen with a Secret Code

There are several secret codes that you can use on Android. Some of them include IMEI, cellphone type information, and cell phone reset. Among these codes, there is one code that you can use to check phone functions, such as checking the vibration function, voice call, phone screen and so on. Here is the guide to checking the touchscreen of your phone using a secret code:

    • First of all, get your phone and open the Dial Pad on your phone.
    • Then, enter *0*#* or #*#0*#*#*.
    • By doing so, the Touchscreen Test will show up on the screen.
    • Now, you can check the Touchscreen to find out if the screen is still normal or not.

Talking about the secret code, take note that some of them are working while some others are not. Everything depends on the system. Just try this method and if you fail, feel free to try the others.

2. Way to Check an Android Phone Touchscreen with an Additional Application

In the Play Store, there are a decent number of apps that can be downloaded to check the touchscreen if it is still normal or not. These apps are free. The instructions are as follows:

    • Firstly, install any touchscreen checking app that you like.
    • After installing the app, open it.
    • In the next step, check the touchscreen through the app.

Basically, the method to check an Android phone touchscreen with an additional app is similar to the method of doing it with a secret code. All that you have to do is to press all over the screen. If you see the green section, it means the touchscreen is still normal. On the other hand, if there is a white part when pressed, it is a sign that the touchscreen may be damaged.

3. Way to Check an Android Phone Touchscreen with an Image Application

Not everyone knows that drawing apps on Android can also be used to check the condition of the touchscreen. If you are interested in it, below are the steps to doing that:

    • First and foremost, install the image app that you like on the Play Store.
    • After that, open it.
    • Now, swipe your finger all over the screen.
    • Check the condition of the touchscreen to see whether it responds or not.

If the screen responds to everything, it means the touchscreen is still normal. In contrast, the touchscreen is not normal if there are some parts of the screen that do not respond.

For anyone who is wondering why an image app can be used to check the touchscreen on Android, the reason is because the way it works is similar to when we want to check a touchscreen, which is by touching the screen and then swiping over it to make an image. It is better for you to look for an app that supports the full screen feature when creating images so that the inspection can be carried out thoroughly.

4. Way to Check Physical Screen

Way to Check Physical Screen

Keep in mind that these first three methods to check Android phone touchscreens only apply to checking in terms of software. Aside from the software, you can also check it from a hardware perspective or directly on the physics. For instance:

    • Check the condition of the screen, whether there are lines on the LCD
    • Check the physical parts, there might be cracks on the screen
    • Know what the touchscreen response looks like

Make sure to check all these issues because they may not have an effect, but within a certain period of time, it may cause the screen to experience other errors.

It is worth noting that this method is more specifically for those who want to buy a used phone. However, if you want to sell your phone, you probably know your own phone.

Bottom Line

These are the ways to accurately check the Android phone touchscreen. Actually, there are more than that. Every single one of them can be done easily. They are considered universal, meaning they can be used for various types of cellphones, including Samsung, Lenovo, Vivo, Sony, Advan, ASUS, and Xiaomi.

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