Games with Kernel-level Anti Cheat

Today, some PC’s games have applied anti-cheat programs to drive aways the cheaters that will potentially damage fair play. Each game developer uses a certain software to run the anti-cheat program on the computer.

One of the softwares mostly used by game developers is the PC kernel-level anti-cheat drive. This driver works to monitor and check if there’s potential risk for cheaters to break down the game. It will also block all applications or programs that can manipulate the game.

Considering the kernel-level anti-cheat drive seems to work well to stop the cheaters, the drive is finally applied in some prominent games. So, what games use the kernel-level anti-cheat program? So, let’s see our post below!

Some Games That Use the Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat

According to some sources, some popular games have applied the anti-cheat program to protect their game from cheaters’ attack. In fact, cheating has been getting worse for a long time, especially in matches.

Well, to crack down the cheating issue, some game developers attempt to use a certain anti-cheat program to block all cheating efforts. They make a serious effort to stop cheating on their own games by applying the kernel-level anti-cheat drive.

So, here are some games that use the kernel-level anti-cheat program:

    1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty Games with Kernel-level Anti Cheat

Call of Duty is known as one of the games that finally uses the kernel-level drive. This drive works to monitor and block all potential cheating programs. It also gives overall security in identifying any cheating effort when you play Warzone.

The kernel-level drive in Call of Duty is applied on the Ricochet anti-cheat program. Ricochet seems to bring extensive security improvements to Call of Duty. This anti-cheat program in Call of Duty is also running, along with the machine learning algorithms to examine the player’s behaviour.

If there are some cheating efforts in Call of Duty, the Ricochet anti-cheat program will identify and check to find out who is attempting to input the code or manipulate the game. The kernel-level drive of the Ricochet anti-cheat program will be automatically turned off, if you close the game of Call of Duty.

    1. Valorant

valorant Games with Kernel-level Anti Cheat

Apart from Call of Duty, Riot Games also has announced that the game of Valorant also uses the kernel-level anti-cheat program called Vanguard. The Vanguard anti-cheat program will let the players disable or enable the kernel-level drive through a system tray icon.

Furthermore, the Vanguard anti-cheat still has to be installed and performed to actually play Valorant. If you disable the anti-cheat program from the system tray, you should restart your entire system before you launch Valorant.

Then, the Vanguard will be reinstalled automatically if you uninstall Vanguard altogether when you load the game of Valorant that requires another restart. The system tray tool will then inform you when Vanguard anti-cheat program blocks some apps from running on your systems. So, you can turn the Vanguard program off at that point and then run the suspect app normally.

The Vanguard anti-cheat program applied by Riot Games, the developer of Valorant aims to make hard for all potential cheating efforts and also to detect the cheats that do work. It cannot be separated that there are a number of cheats working out in the wild. That’s the reason why Riot Games finally applied the Vanguard anti-cheat program with kernel-level drive.

    1. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Games with Kernel-level Anti Cheat

The third game that uses the kernel-level drive is Genshin Impact. However, the kernel-level anti-cheat applied on both BattleEye and Easy Anti-Cheat reap protests among Genshin Impact players. That’s because many players complain that the kernel-level anti-cheat program is still running, even though you have already closed the game.

As a result, the players will not be able to run certain third apps on their computer. The kernel-level anti-cheat program that Genshin Impact has applied naturally led to a lot of concerns about the user data and privacy.

A lot of players worry that the program will steal their personal information. Since the anti-cheat is being a controversy, miHoYo finally disables the kernel-level anti-cheat program. To convince the players, miHoYo then explained that the kernel-level anti-cheat program will only read the system information, not the player’s data or the privacy.

They also emphasized that the Genshin Impact’s anti-cheat will still run in order to prevent the use of certain external plug-ins that run after you close the game. So, it will help the players to protect the fairness of Genshin Impact.

Well, there may be other games that use the kernel-level anti-cheat program. However, we only share three games that have been known using the kernel-level anti-cheat program on their game. So, let’s explore another source to find out other games that use this anti-cheat program.

Learn More about  Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat

The kernel-level anti-cheat program will work to identify when potential cheating efforts attack your game. The term ‘kernel’ here refers to the main part of an operating system which will load up immediately after the boot sequence. Moreover, it has total control of everything that happens in your computer.

If the kernel is used to prevent the cheats, it will be able to detect and block any apps to run on your computer. So, it is very useful to prevent the cheaters from using any programs or inputting some cheating codes to cheat while playing a game.

The kernel-level anti-cheat program will not run, if the players close their games. It means that this anti-cheat will not work in the background when the game is closed. Therefore, there are still a lot of players who worry about it.

Even though the kernel-level anti-cheat program seems to give any benefits for players from cheaters’ attack, but this anti-cheat is still getting controversial. Why?

When used in the regular gaming day, the kernel-level anti-cheat may break your computer system when a cheater gets access to your game. Moreover, the most potential that probably occurs on the high privilege software is to lose one’s whole computer. The kernel’s code that has its area in memory will also change how your operating system works altogether.